Alex would have chuckled, if it wasn't for the hopeless situation he was in. "yeah, I know."

Not even five seconds ago, he was pacing back and forth across his office, desperate to hear her voice. Desperate to hear Gigi's beautiful, reassuring, bubbly voice. He can't get her out of his mind. This is actually his first attempt, all the other calls he hung up before the phone even rung. For the first time in Alex's life, he felt scared.

Yes, he will finally admit it: he is terrified that he has lost Gigi. A girl he didn't look twice at, a girl who is so romantic that his whole being shuddered when she talked about love. But he found himself buying into every word she said. Every. Single. Word. Now thinking back at their argument, she was right.

She was right about the signs. She was right that he helped her because he wanted to be around her. To be with her. He was into her, he was captivated by her. She was everything that he was not, and he needed that. He needed her.

She saw signs because there were signs. Signs that he didn't even know that he was doing. He didn't notice the jealousy before because he lived to her her gratitude filled voice. He didn't notice the longing, because she came back to him for comfort and advice. He didn't notice the love, because he refused to acknowledge that he even believed in love.

Reality was slapping him in the face. He was strung out. He was paranoid. And he had fallen for the girl that stood for all the stuff he thought he didn't need. The truth was, he wanted them with his whole being. And he wanted her, by his side, to constantly give those things to him.

Shit. Who knew that he could be so clueless.