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Chapter 4

It's been about three months since Graham left as you can see I didn't hit the road after my next paycheck. I miscalculated and actually needed to work for a couple more months. A couple days after he left, I got a message from him telling me if I ever was in his neck of the woods to give him a call. We would talk on the phone almost every day for a while but about a month after he left me got no explanation but a really weird text telling me to never speak to him again. It didn't read like how he would normally text but it freaked me out. I tried to call him but some dude on the other end told me I had the wrong number. And let me tell you that was a really weird conversation.

On a happier note Darla finally had her baby. It turned out to be a girl. She named her Beverly. It may be an old fashioned name but it really does suit her.

Anyways I've been talking to Darla lately about just heading out east to see the rest of the country I'm tired of living in Arizona I'd like some new scenery. I was in the middle of having this conversation with her when I smelled the coffee I was pouring for a customer and just like that I was in the bathroom throwing up my guts. Darla chased me into the bathroom and held back my hair. It wasn't long after I'd rinsed my mouth out for the fifth time during my shift at the diner that she asked me…

It is none of my business whether you did or not but you know that guy that was here in town three months ago? She asked me


"Did by any chance sleep with him?"

"Well… maybe?"

"Sweetie I think you're going to need this." She handed me a pregnancy test.

"Oh no I don't Darla there is no way I could be Pregnant."

"Sweetheart I was the same way when I was pregnant with Beverly and you know it just with the look on your face."

"You are right Darla do you mind if I take the rest of the day off? I don't think I'll be able to make it through the rest of the day like this."

"You go ahead sweetheart it will do you some good to get some rest."

"Thank you." I said with a smile.

Walking home with that pregnancy test was one of the hardest things I've done in a long time. It was like carrying a 150lbs barbell in my purse. I'm really worried I'm going to be a bad mother. I been worried about from the moment Darla asked me if I slept with Graham. I mean I haven't taken the test yet but I'm pretty sure I am now that I think about it. The past few months my boobs have been hurting, I missed a few periods (how did I not notice that), and to top it all off the huge amount of morning sickness I had today in the diner and over coffee?

Just to make sure the test was right I dropped by the drug store to buy a few tests to make sure it was correct. One said in words you were pregnant, one turned blue, and two lines showed up on one. Those symbols were the ones they chose to tell me my life would be different forever; they really went crazy when deciding those didn't they. The guy at checkout just had to give me a dirty look too. I just wanted to yell "Yes I'm buying pregnancy tests you got a problem with that?!" I decided not to after I remembered where I was. As I walked up the steps to my apartment building I made sure to chug the entire water bottle I bought along with the tests. It was the moment of truth. After trying to figure out how to pee on the sticks I gave up and went in a cup. After dipping the sticks in the cup those 5 minutes seemed to last a lifetime. I went to check the test after the timer went off on my phone and…

The first one said…

Two Lines = Pregnant

The second one…

Blue = Pregnant

And the last one in all capital letters…


Jeez it just had to have a smiley face in there too. I guess Graham Hunter left behind a lot more than memories.

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