Look at those redhead twins

Each sporting identical grins

They're all alone

Their hearts are encased in stone

They have stolen many girls' hearts

And they break each one into parts

With one test

At which they're always the best

She had confessed to one, her heart hanging by a thread

The other said, "Why not go out with me instead?"

The girl says yes and thinks, "They are the same,"

The first twin comes out and says, "You should be in shame"

They taunt and tease

Twisting the girl's heart as they please

They didn't even know her name

Yet they had a great fun game

A new girl comes

She's smart and good with sums

She looks like a boy

The twins smile and think they've found their new toy

They decide to play another favorite game

The outcome is always the same

"Which one am I?" They would ask

As someone got it wrong they would bask

In the momentary sadness that really does smart

Maybe no one will ever tell them apart

Then the girl walks by

They decide to give her a try

"Wrong!" The two force smiles

She turns on the floor of tiles

"I know I won the game

You two aren't the same"

They felt their gate open to let her in

She wasn't supposed to win

She entered their world

The stone on their hearts unfurled.