Adam and Barbra Maitland had lived in Winter River their whole lives from what I've gathered. They were the epitome of normal, meeting in high school, falling irreversibly in love and getting married. Barbra told me their early years were the best of their lives. They had come to inherit an old Victorian styled house, shortly after graduation, from her great aunt who had recently passed away.

Adam and her had loved the place, and had fixed the place up with the help of Barbra's cousin, Margret. And there they stayed for a few years, happily. Adam worked, and as cliché as it sounds Barbra took care of the house. Until that fate full summer day, the day they crashed off Winter River Bridge into the river and died. They never filled me in on what happened in the few weeks between them dying and us moving in but, it wasn't that very long before me and my rather dysfunctional family moved into the house so I guess I don't really need to know. It was my dad's doing really, maybe if he hadn't taken that offer we would still be in our apartment complex back in New York. You see, Margret, Barbra's cousin, was a real-estate agent and had promised my dad that the house would be the answer to all his worrying problems. So like a sap he falls for it, uproots our already miserable family and takes us out to the sticks. The only upside for me other than the house looking like it could win the haunted house contest would be how miserable Delia was when she saw it. It really wasn't bad a little peeling paint here some bad shingling there. I remember taking out my camera to take a picture of the beautiful monstrosity before Delia got a hold of it, she had brought Otho of all people to help. I took aim at one of the attic windows, the curtains looking very ominous as they hung there lank faces gazing out behind them- yes you heard me correctly faces gazing out behind them, that was the first time I saw Adam and Barbra but it wouldn't be the last.