Obsidian Darke's Crossing Story

Obsidian looked out the window into the dull, England sky. Thoughts and emotions ran through him like a horse that has been set free. That's what I need. Obsidian thought, to be set free. His father, if Obsidian was correct, would come home drunk off his ass, cursing and beating him and his sister. He could take it, sometimes. It would get bad sometimes, his father, Victor, would take Obsidian's sister and pull her into a room. He didn't even want to know what Victor forced her to do inside. Poor, helpless Annabelle, if only I could do something about it. Obsidian's mother, Amy, died giving birth to Annabelle. I guess that's why Victor is so pissed all the time. Way to hold a grudge against your own flesh and blood.

Obsidian didn't realize how long he had been watching out the window, but at least it took his mind off of what might happen tonight. He heard the front door open and the high-pitched voice of Annabelle seeing if anyone else but they were in the house.

"Obsidian! Are you here?" Annabelle shouted. He heard the light footsteps of the soft hearted girl come up the stairs. He didn't answer her, but she had found him anyway.

"How was your day Annabelle?" Obsidians asked. He no longer went to school, due to his father who told him he needed to grow up and be a man. Obsidian sighed waiting for the reply.

"It was good," Annabelle said, trying to fake a smile. Victor always was there in the morning to make sure she went off to school. To make sure she knew what was to come in the afternoon. Obsidian shuddered, thinking that same damned thought. He saw Annabelle reach for the cat, Harry, and gently pet him. The cat was missing half an ear and looked like it hadn't bathed in 10 years.

"You know I don't believe you when you say that." Obsidian hugged his sister. It may be the last time I will ever hug her. He knew it wasn't good to think that way, but one day it might come true.

"When is he coming home?" Annabelle asked. Obsidian shrugged, refusing to let go of her. She had always been afraid of Victor and tried to avoid him the best she could. Most of the times she did not succeed.

Just before midnight:

Obsidian lay in his bed, unable to sleep. Nothing else that's new. Soon he would hear the door open, and his "father" come stumbling up the stairs, cursing and looking for Annabelle and him. He didn't know why, but today he felt that may be Victor would break and kill both of them. That might not be such a bad idea. The sooner both of us our out of his hands, the better. May be they could run, far away and make it on their own. If I could just… Obsidian was distracted by the sound he predicted would come. The door, the stumbling, and the cursing. He slowly got out of his bed, ready for whatever punishment his father would come up with next.

"Obsidian you useless excuse of a son. Get the hell over here!" Victor screamed. Obsidian did as he was told and came out of his room, cautious not to anger Victor further. Victor was a tall, muscular man, with grey eyes and black greasy hair. Spit was running down his mouth as he threw an empty bottle of whiskey into the wall. Annabelle then came out of her room, terrified.

"Annabelle, get back in your room!" Obsidian yelled. Victor came closer to him, a now visible knife in his hand.

"Stupid useless boy. It's your entire fault, you and your sister made me this way." Victor waved the knife at the two of them. Obsidian backed away leading Annabelle back to her room. He has snapped! Finally snapped! Now he is going to kill all of us. Victor then took Annabelle by the hair and forcefully cut her hair with the knife, pulling some of her hair out. He then threw her against the wall, and she fell unconscious. Victor then turned to Obsidian and grinned a devilishly grin.

"It's your turn now boy, but I'm not gonna take it easy on you. I am going to kill you, just like you killed your mother." Victor rasped.

"I didn't kill her! Neither did Annabelle! You've lost your fucking mind!" Obsidian screamed back at him. Victor grabbed the back of his hair and put the knife to his throat.

"Now that's no way to talk to your father. Apologize NOW!" Victor started to cut Obsidians throat. Obsidian couldn't say anything. He felt numb and he knew he was starting to let go. Victor then let go of the knife and let it fall on the floor.

"I….I am sorry father. Please for...forgive me." Obsidian seemed to choke out. He tried to catch his breath, but not before Victor grabbed the collar of his shirt and drug him out into the back of the house. Obsidian knew where he was going. He knew he was about to die. He took one last look at the still unconscious Annabelle. What will she do without me? What will I do without me? What does it feel like to die? Oh God please someone see this. Someone please see what this monster is capable of. Please…please…please.

Victor drug out Obsidian, who had given up thrashing and fighting him. Victor was too strong, and there was no hope for him anyway. If Obsidian tried to run, Victor would catch him in no time. There was a lake near the back of their house that Obsidian and Annabelle always would play in as kids. Before their father went crazy, and before Amy ever died. Obsidian felt the cold water hit his legs, and he shivered. There was no way anyone would see him, for it was early in the morning. Victor now stopped, knee deep in the water. He took Obsidian by the shoulders and slowly put him underwater, drowning him slowly. Obsidian felt his head go under as he took his last breath of the cold, England air. It didn't take long for the lack of oxygen to kick in. He started to thrash, as a strange burst of energy went through him. It was too good to last though. Through the surface, Obsidian could hear his father laugh and yell at him. After about a minute of holding his breath, Obsidian let go. He stopped thrashing and relaxed. Letting the cold, heartless water drag him down to face the abyss.

My luck has run out.