There is only one left, Aro. We leave him to wallow in his well-deserved loneliness for a few weeks while Jen slowly recovers. She wants to be there for the final death of this Hunt. I can understand that. There is something about an ending, especially for this Hunt. There has been so much that has happened. I mean, I run into the Cullen family a good fifty years after they walked out of my life. We worked everything out though, so that is good. Edward and I have a shaky agreement about our feelings. He takes me on a couple of picnics that don't end in disaster while we wait for the final strike. There are a few things that we are working on, but what relationship is ever completely issue-free?

Nathaniel unloaded his very extensive medical knowledge on Carlisle the first two weeks. Yeah, that didn't take long because Carlisle does not need sleep and Nathaniel apparently gets to the point where he is so driven that he can go for a few days. Well, that and Carlisle used one of his wished to gain instant medical knowledge of a species the first time he sees it. Good wish, but it was completely unintentional. It's funny how well that worked out for him this time. Carlisle used all twelve of his wishes completely by accident.

Sarah and Rosalie have some sort of weird truce thing going on. No one is really sure how it works, but it does. They have not had a second outburst. Whatever it takes I guess. Actually, Sarah and Jamie are hitting it off really well. They are even planning to record an album of duets. That banshee sure can sing. I'm just glad that Sarah found someone that was not Emmett. Anyway, Jamie followed her back to her tour.

Esme has really bonded with Bethany. That is a little surprising. Bethany does not really take to a lot of people. They bake up a storm and keep us fully supplied with their experiments, most of which are delicious. There was that one kind of cookie though. I gag just thinking about it.

Leah and Eli headed out to the Rez to visit the descendants of their family lines through relatives. Jake and Nestalia went with them. Actually, right before the two couples left, Leah and Nestalia found out that they are pregnant. I think Leah wants to experience her first pregnancy in the place that is most familiar to her. Nestalia wants to be with her family for the majority of her pregnancy with her own mother so that she can ask about any issues that arise. Jake wants to see Leah to the Rez first as she is a part of his pack.

Besides Nathaniel, it's down to just us witches and the Cullen family. Even though our number has diminished, the house still seems full. That must be because for years at a time it is just Jen, Dakota, myself, and the occasional witch in training.

The fateful night finally arrives. Jen, Dakota and I are the only ones going to take care of the Aro problem. Edward promised met that he would stay at the safe house and I believe him. The three of us go back to the residence that Aro built for his government, for lack of a better word. The residence is eerie. If we didn't know he was holed up in his quarters, it would look like the place was abandoned long ago.

After what seems like endless hallways, we make it to the door we are looking for. Jen wanted to take this one differently than Hunts we have done before, so she knocks on the door before we enter the room and see the defiant form of Aro standing by the window, looking down on his grounds.

"It seems that you finally came to finish off the Volturi," he snidely greets us.

"We have come to end a tyrannical reign. The Volturi grew reckless and now are paying the price for that arrogance," Jen calmly corrects him.

"You will not kill me. I am meant to rule," he continues with his delusion.

"You will not survive this night," I inform him. He turns to look at us.

"You are mistaken about that my dear. I will raise a new, more powerful vampire army," he has that crazy look in his eyes.

"No vampire will follow you," Jen tries to get his fate through to him.

"I misspoke, apologies. I now have grander designs. Immortals of all kinds will flock to be a part of my new regime. I don't know why I never thought of it before. Nothing is more powerful than a united, immortal force," Aro rants. Jen and I look at each other and then back at him.

"He's not going to get it," Dakota sighs.

"You are right there. We should just get on with it," Jen says.

We all draw our magical swords. Jen takes one leg while I take the other. Aor falls on the ground, giggling like a fool.

"This will make a great start for my triumphal second rise. The tale will regale all immortals alike for generations," he shouts out. I think he cracked under the pressure.

Dakota starts a pink blaze for us to put the pieces in before she lunges for an arm. The deranged vampire only laughs harder at the separation of another limb. For someone who plans on 'rising again to power,' he sure does not want to actually do any fighting to get there. He is just taking our punishment. There is no active attempt on his part to get out of this situation, not that there is a way out, but still. I go for his other arm. All four appendages are sizzling when he speaks up again.

"You are all powerful witches. Perhaps you should join me," he comments.

"What world are you living in?" I ask, not really expecting an answer.

"We are all in the world that I will one day soon rule," he answers me. For some reason, I am just not surprised by his insane answer.

Jen sighs as she takes his head off and tosses it in the fire. I grab the torso and throw it in too. We just didn't have the heart to torture him too much. Even though he caused a lot of pain to a lot of people and vampires, he was just so unhinged tonight. Putting that vampire in as much pain as he deserved, while he was in that condition, would have been like shoving a rabid puppy into traffic because it bit someone. There is just no way that we could justify that kind of action on our part.

We vacate the residence before it goes up in purple, blue, and pink flames. While we watch the last remnants of the Volturi turn to ash, this Hunt comes to its end. For all the twists and turns we encountered and experienced, the end came mere months from the day we were approached to do it.

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