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The Western Lands

"Inuko, INUKO…" I shouted looking outside for my brother.

"Wh-hat?" he replied, from a tree. I looked up and glared at him.

"Dinners ready, you don't want father to become angry now do you?" I crossed my arms looking up at him. He swirled a twig in his mouth and sighed deeply.

"Alright, alright I'm coming…" he hissed and wrapped his legs against the tree's branch and swung his upper body down, so that he was facing me. "Don't be such an idiot. I'm still mad at you for 'accidently' cutting my hair… do you know how long it took me to grow it out?" I hissed at him, keeping my arms crossed.

"Look I apologized didn't I, now lay off my back…" he replied; his voice became agitated. "Dad's mad as it is because you're out here instead of being grounded in doors, so better hurry up…." I turned around and was just about to walk away when I heard a thump to the ground and two arms wrap around my neck.

"Sis, I'm really sorry about your hair, it looks really good short though. It'll grow back…" he said softly. I pulled his arms from around my neck and didn't say a word.

"Wow, moody…" he said following behind me. Our house was rather noisy; Sango and Miroku's children had filled the entire house with chatter. His two oldest twins had turned into beautiful women, just a little older than me, and his youngest… well let's just say there still brats.

"About time you two show up, I was just about to go get you myself," father crossed his arms and glared at both of us. I hated when he did that, he was mad enough already over the fight Inuko and I had a few days ago. Yet to have him chase after us, would definitely mean we'd be sleeping outside for the rest of our lives.

I sighed deeply and sat next to mother without questioning. Inuko didn't question either and slide in between Haku and Kira as they chatted over Inuko.

Sango and Miroku chatted with mother, father didn't say anything during dinner, and I sat without words watching as Inuko was used as a pin cushion by Kira and Haku's gossip.

Shippou had gone off for sometime training to become a fox demon, and Kohaku had come to the village with Rin every so often to visit. Rin and Kohaku wed two years ago and live travelling from village to village, helping the poor, and teaching the young to fight.

I looked over at father and sighed; he looked at me from the corner of his eye then turned his gaze to Inuko, who sat across from him with the girls. Our house became quit as Sango took her kids home, and Miroku and father helped mother clean up. I slide outside quietly and pulled the white sheets off the rope, and started folding them.

I reached over to pull another sheet off the rope, and as I slide it off, a strange man stood behind it. I screamed, and then placed my hand over my mouth quickly. "Sorry miss, I didn't mean to startle you, but is this the home of Lady Kagome and Master InuYasha?" the man asked. I knew better then to talk to strange people I had not seen around the village, so I nodded keeping my hands to my mouth. "Excellent, please excuse me," he said humbly bowing down. I slightly bowed not moving my gaze from him. He walked around me and towards the house. I held the sheets to my chest and took in a deep breath, then followed behind the man.

I leaned in to the doorway to see if I could hear any conversation. I couldn't hear anything, so I peered in a little future, falling to my knees. Father looked over at me and narrowed his eyes. "Kikyko? Don't you have chores to do? You and your brother…" he glared over to Inuko who had firewood in his arms.

I picked myself up and sighed, "sorry…" I said, and picked up the sheets. Inuko sighed and followed out behind me. "Who's that guy?" I whispered to Inuko. Inuko leaned in towards me, "I'm not sure but what I heard so far was he was from the mountains and a very powerful demon was attacking the western lands, with large numbers…" he whispered.

"The western lands, that's where Uncle Sesshomaru lives," I told Inuko, my voice almost a loud half-whisper. "Shh…. I know, but Uncle Sesshomaru is stronger than you'd think, I'm sure he's okay…" he told me taking the sheets from my arms.

"Where's mother?" I asked Inuko. "She's spending the evening at Sango's, you know giving her a helping hand…" he shrugged his shoulders and folded the sheets.

"I see… do you think father's going to have to go fight in the western lands?" I asked Inuko. He eyed me down. "Probably, but dad's powerful and no one can beat his Tetsusaiga I'm sure he'll deal with the problem…" Inuko helped me fold the rest of the sheets. Next was the fire wood.

"I'm so tired…" I panted taking in a deep breath, I laid on my back and looked up to the dark sky. Night was slowly filling the sky above us. "You okay?" Inuko asked, leaning over me. "I'm fine, I'm just tired… I hate chores," I mumbled sighing. Inuko looked over to the house as the man left, father followed behind him. The man nodded towards us and walked off; I sat up and looked over to father. Inuko's face was pained with worry, as if he was able to read father's mind. Father looked to him, then to me, and walked back in to the house.

I looked up at Inuko, "what's wrong?" I asked him pulling myself off the ground. I dusted myself off. "I'm not sure… but I have a bad feeling," Inuko said, he extended his hand to me. I took his hand, he pulled me next to him, and I followed him back to the house.

"Well… seems like you two did all your chores, your punishment is over…" father bellowed. "Father… is something wrong?" Inuko asked, pulling me behind him. Why was Inuko being so protective? Father wasn't going to hurt either one of us, so why was Inuko acting so strangely?

"The western mountains are being attacked by a powerful demon, it has soldiers and an army far greater then what we've encountered… the man that was just here, he'd visited Miroku's home already. Your mother knows of this and all of us… we'll…" father stared at us and then sat down, "we will be going to the mountains to fight this demon." Father added crossing his arms.

"So when you mean 'us', you mean you, mother, Sango and Miroku right?" Inuko replied, hesitantly. "Yeah…" father replied quietly.

"So did you bother asking us about this before making your decision?" Inuko bellowed. Father glared at him, "look… it's our job to protect you kids, and the people of this village… those demons are making their way here. We need to stop them before they do," father was just about to finish his words when Inuko dropped my hand and took a step towards father.

"So if you go out there and you die, what happens to us… didn't you think about that?" Inuko hissed angrily. Father crossed his arms in to his sleeves and narrowed his eyes at Inuko. "Who said we were going to die, sit down Inuko…" father retorted.

"Father…" I said quietly, stopping Inuko from arguing any future. I kneeled down to my knees and slide over towards him. Father looked at me and didn't reply. "Father if you must go fight then do so, but please make sure you and mother come home safely and Sango and Miroku too…" I told him clenching my hands against my kimono.

"Look Kikyko, Inuko's strong enough to protect everyone in this village, including you… which... should be his top priority. So you have nothing to worry about," Father said looking over at him; Inuko sat down next to me and didn't say a word.

"You two get some rest, your mother will be home soon, we'll leave at dawn…" father protested. I sighed and nodded. Inuko hissed and clenched his hands into fists, and said nothing.

Night had fallen over our small home. Mother and father hadn't slept the night. I could feel mother's hands touch me every so often pulling the sheets over me. Inuko hadn't slept either, I could tell because he kept shifting around in his sleep. He slept close to me at nights, but tonight his sleep seemed disrupted.

I curled myself into the sheets and kept my mind blank, hoping I'd sleep. I did.