Day 1: Kurosaiga Stolen

That night the entire house was quit, Nina had spent the entire afternoon outside in the tree in front of our house, and even slept in it. Kira curled up next to her brothers, while Haku shifted her sheets next to Inuko. I glared at him, as I picked up some sheets and took them outside.

"Hey," I shouted to her. "Here's some blankets its cold outside, it'll rain soon…" I told her placing the blankets at the foot of the tree. "Teh, I don't care let it rain." Nina hissed, placing her hands behind her head.

"Whatever," I said and headed back to the house. "You're wasting your breath with her Kiki, she's as stubborn as an ox," Inuko said pulling the sheets over Haku.

"I know but she's our responsibility Inuko," I told him kneeling on the sheets. Haku had fallen asleep next to Inuko; I leaned over him and looked at her as she slept.

"Sis, look Nina isn't like us okay, she hates humans and half demons... leave her be, she'll come inside when she wants too okay… now get some sleep," he told me touching a hand to my hair. "Inuko… I wish mom and dad where here," I told him and shifted under the sheets turning my back to him.

"I know Kiki, I know…" he whispered at me touching a hand to my hair.

"Stupid idiots, I hate her smell… yuck," Nina said crawling over me. "Why does she have to have such a stupid sent, where is that sword." Nina shifted her feet quietly, so she wouldn't be heard. "I'm going to steal his stupid sword, that stupid girl's going to get blamed, and that stupid Inuko will end up falling for it…. He's so gullible what a jerk… he disgusts me," Nina scrimmaged around the house while we slept, until she found Inuko's sword propped in a corner behind some wooden crates. Inuko always hide his sword when he didn't need it so that he wouldn't become attached to its power.

"Ah ha found it," Nina picked it up and slung it over her shoulder and darted out the door without any of us could notice. "Mmm…" I mumbled and rolled over curling up close to Inuko.

Rain pattered against the rooftop, and the smell of wet nature filled the air. I was cold, I couldn't sleep, I curled myself closer to Inuko so I would stay warm. He felt my body shiver next to his; he rolled over and wrapped his arms around me keeping me warm.

The night had passed quickly and morning came, rain drops sparkled and glistened in the sunlight. I pulled the sheets over my head and closed my eyes. "Its morning," shouted Koji and Yuki. "Wake up Kikyko… its sunny outside," they both shouted jumping on me.

"Oohh…" I moaned and rolled over on my back. The boys fell off of me and laughed. "Haku, Kira get rid of your brothers please," I shouted to them. I pulled the blanket off my face and looked around, the boys were gone, and they ran outside laughing and giggling.

I pulled the sheet over me again and coughed.

"Hey lazy girl get up," Inuko said coming through the door. "I'm not feeling well right now okay," I told him rolling over on my side. He touched a hand to my forehead, "you have a fever, are you okay?" he asked placing his haori over me.

"I think I caught cold last night, I don't feel well," I told him shivering under the sheets. "Weak human, this is why I detest humans, they are so weak and frail… we half demons never get sick," Nina protested, standing behind Inuko.

"Shut up Nina," Inuko replied angrily and stood to face her. "Got a problem half demon?" she questioned eyeing him down.

"My sister is sick and needs her rest, so go outside and help Haku and Kira with the sheets," Inuko demanded. "Fine, whatever…" Nina said crossing her arms. Inuko growled under his breath and sat back down next to me.

"Why must she be this way," I coughed out. Inuko rubbed my back, keeping me warm.

"I'll be okay Inuko I just need to sleep," I told him closing my eyes. "Hey sis…" Inuko said softly. I opened my eyes and looked up at him. "Yes?" I replied. "The crates where moved, did you touch my Kurosaiga?" he asked his eyes narrowed, as he scanned the room.

"No brother, why would I…" I whispered closing my eyes. "Sis, you're the only one who knows where I hide it," he continued jumping over towards the crates. I slowly sat up and looked over at him. "Honestly Inuko, why would I touch your sword," I covered my mouth and coughed.

"Maybe cause you might still be mad at me for cutting your hair," honestly I had completely forgotten about that. So why was he bringing it up? I seriously would never touch his sword.

"Inuko, I'm your sister, you know me better than anyone else… why would I touch something of importance to you such as your sword…" I said pulling the haori over my shoulders.

"Like I said…" he replied abruptly, jumping towards me. "You might still be holding a grudge over your hair," he continued. "Inuko…. Honestly, grow up." I told him calmly trying not to stir up any more tension between us.

"I can't believe you'd betray me like this, my own sister, takes my sword hides it and doesn't even admit to doing so…" he hissed jumping to his feet. I stared at him bewildered he'd even said that. My eyes filled with tears, "I … I can't believe… you'd think I… me… your own sister would betray you…. Over a stupid sword… how could you, over… a SWORD…" I shouted at him and jumped to my feet. I threw down his haori to the floor, and started to cry.

It was then when I heard laughter from outside; it wasn't that of Haku or her siblings, but that of Nina. I held my hands to my sides in to tight fists and stood my ground. "I hate you right now… don't ever speak to me again Inuko, I would never steal your stupid precious sword, maybe you should accuse someone else, like oh I don't know… our obnoxious cousin, instead of your…. Your sister…." I choked through tears and ran out the door.

"Kiki.. Wait…" Inuko shouted after me, he ran out to find me, but it was too late. "Inuko… why did Kikyko just run out crying?" Haku asked coming to his side. "I blew up at her," he said sighing deeply. "HA HAHAHAHHAHA HAHAHA, you two are so funny… I can't stop laughing," Nina's voice rumbled high from the tree.

Inuko snarled and glared at her, he jumped up to the tree and pinned her down. "What the hell are you laughing at? Does it amuse you that my sick sister ran out crying?" he questioned holding a hand to her throat. She tried to pry his hands off her neck. "Inuko… stop this right now you're going to kill her," Haku and Kira both shouted up to him.

"What did you do… where the hell is my sword?" Inuko questioned tightening his grip. "Ahh, I can't breathe," Nina choked out. "You made my sister cry, you made me, accuse her of stealing my sword… how could I have been, I'm so…. Stupid…" he said to himself releasing his grasp from around her neck. The whole time Haku and Kira were shouting at Inuko, so he wouldn't kill Nina.

"Look I didn't mean for this to get out of hand it was only a joke, your sword is in the bath house… jeez…." Nina hissed rubbing her throat. "A joke… you thought it was a joke to turn us against each other?" Inuko jumped down from the tree. "Get your ass down from that tree right now Nina and help me find Kikyko, so help me if anything happens to her I will hold you personally responsible…" he shouted up to her angrily.

Nina jumped down from the tree, "not my fault she ran out, so why should I have to find her," she taunted crossing her arms. "Nina, seriously this pathetic grudge your holding against Inuko and Kikyko must stop now, just help Inuko find her and get this done and over with…" Haku said angrily, turning away with Kira. She picked up her younger brothers and headed inside the house.

"You have two options Nina, you can help me find Kikyko or I kick your ass right here right now…" he pressed waving his hands at her. "Alright alright jeez I'll help you find her, stop bellowing…" she shouted at him walking past him down the path.

Inuko detoured quickly to the bath house and retrieved his sword then followed behind Nina. "I can't believe she said she hated me," Inuko mumbled to himself. "She's never said that ever," he said to himself again. Nina sighed deeply and shook her head, "Look I'm sorry okay," she added.

"Don't say another word to me," Inuko said sniffing the air. "I can't pick up her sent," Inuko sniffed the air again. Nina shrugged and hastened her speed behind Inuko as they ran through the village.

"KIKYKO…" Inuko shouted running through the forest. "Answer me," he shouted again, jumping through the air. Nina shook her head and sighed, carefully crawling over some trees and shrubs. "She didn't go this far into the forest… she's at the outskirts of the village, we should turn back…" Nina said shouting at Inuko as he darted from tree top to tree top. "What do you mean the outskirts of the village, you mean the river bed?" he asked looking down at Nina. "Yeah, I mean she's near the river, she has a fever doesn't she… she'd be by the river to cool herself down," Nina shouted back at him.

Inuko landed on his feet in front of her, "you'd better hope your right," he told her heading back through the forest. On their way through the forest a mysterious dark cloud hovered above them. "What the hell is that?" Inuko hissed, sniffing the air. He placed a hand to his Kurosaiga ready to unsheathe it.

A woman appeared from the cloud, and hovered around them. Nina hissed and bared her claws, "what you want old women?" she hissed again. "A trade a trade, of two of a kind, the ones who bicker the ones who fight, in order to break the spell on thee… one must prove your loyalty. A selfless act will break the spell… now be gone… BE GONE… be gone… your soul is bound…" the dark witch chanted her spell and out of her urn her hand she held. She threw black dust at Inuko and Nina and disappeared quickly into the sky.

"What the hell was that about and who was that women?" Inuko coughed covering his mouth with his sleeve. "I don't know, but I made no sense of what she was saying…" Nina replied also covering her mouth.

"Let's get out of here," she replied jumping through the air. Inuko followed. Inuko and Nina darted their way out of the forest and back to the outskirts of the village. "I told you she'd be here," Nina said calmly catching her breath. Inuko ran through the water splashing is way towards me. I opened my eyes and looked up at him, weary. "Sis, I'm sorry… I'm so sorry," he said to me lifting me off the ground. "In..ukoo…." I muttered resting my head against his chest. "Your fever, it hasn't subsided… I'm so sorry sis," he said pulling me into his arms.

"Let's go home," he added, walking back towards the village. Nina quietly followed behind him.