I must say, these are my favorite stories on Fan Fiction. I wanted to give this a shot so here it is.

Notes: Dick is six. Not eight, I know he started being Robin at nine but I don't care! Also, be warned of fluffyness, blood, and the word daddy might pop up somewhere in here. I have no idea how many chapters will be in here, and I may possibly not update this until Scar Killer is done.

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People have heard the stories of Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson. Their stories are unforgettable. It's really hard to forget when constant reminders are all over the place; one of those reminders being Wayne tower, others like Wayne Cemetery and many others. But for those who don't know, a short explanation is in order. Lets start with Bruce.

| Bruce Wayne's story

Bruce and his parents had been going to see a movie one night, when a man approached them. His name was Joe Chill, but, at the time, Bruce didn't know that, or what was happening. The man started demanding his parent's money. His father told the man to take it easy, as he reached into his pocket and handed it to the man. The man seemed satisfied and was about to walk off when something caught his eye, beautiful pearls hung around him mother's neck.

"Hand over the pearls!" He reached for the pearls, startling Martha Wayne, she screeched and moved backwards, causing the pearls to snap and fall to the ground. It all seemed to happen in slow motion for the young eight year old. In a swift moment, Joe had raised his gun and shot, but Thomas Wayne had jumped in the way, instead, killing him.

"THOMAS!" Martha screeched only to be silenced as Joe shot Martha. The young woman fell to the ground, on Thomas Wayne. Bruce stood there, struck with grief, not sure what had exactly happened. All he knew was his parents were dead.


"Are you okay?" asked a young police officer.

"Why even ask such a question? He has millions of dollars! Why wouldn't he be okay?" said a second cop

"He just lost his parent's and is all alone!" the first snapped.

"Whatever, his butler is on his way to pick him up. Ya hear that? He has a butler!"

"Don't mind him, I'm Jim Gordon, if you need anything, don't hesitate to ask."


Some wounds never healed, many know this. Just like Bruce. Even years after his parent's deaths, he still felt alone, sad, afraid. One day he ran away from the manor. He was older of course, maybe around eighteen or so. He left and didn't return until seven years later. During those seven years he had started training, trying to learn his true calling. He wanted to help. He wanted to be a hero. Of course, he got what he wanted. Bruce found a cave under his house a years ago, when his parent's were still alive. He had been attacked by bats down there, that's why he chose the name Batman. So that he could use his fear against others.

He used this cave he found as the Batcave. He started getting unwanted gear from Wayne Tech, stuff that was useful, but too much for army's to buy. He created gadgets and what not. He took on his name Batman, and well, you know the rest.

| Dick Grayson's story

Dick's story is set in a different place, but in the same city. His family worked in the circus, they were trapeze artists. Dick had been much younger when his parent's died. At the age of six it had been traumatizing. Dick and his parent's were doing the big finally, the big act where the whole family was on the trapeze, doing their amazing triple flip.

His mom and dad were already on the trapeze, as his mom came up to grab his hands a noise was heard. Dick looked up and noticed the wires coming undone. His mother looked up too, fear showed in her blue eyes. She looked at her baby one last time before the wires came completely undone. "DICK!" she called out her son's name one last time.

"NO!" he yelled, reaching out to grab her hand, she reached too, but their hands only brushed each others. Dick couldn't believe what he was seeing, his mother and father fell to the ground, a sickening 'CRACK' filled the tent. Dick curled into himself and started sobbing. People in the audience gasped and started panicking. But one stayed. Bruce Wayne was in the audience that night.

He was actually there to see the family that he had met the night before when he was dressed as Batman. He had seen the small six year old, only thinking how much the kid reminded him of… well… himself. Now, the boy seemed more like him than ever. He was alone, an orphan, no one was left.


It wasn't a few weeks later that him and Bruce met again. This time was when Bruce was signing the adoption papers for the young Grayson. He took the boy home with him; he wouldn't let the six year old go through the pain and suffering, not alone at least. He had become Batman to prevent this, and he had failed Dick. So he would make it up to the boy, he would raise the boy as his own, and help him through the hardships.


And that's what Bruce did, you've heard the tales of Batman and Robin. The dynamic duo, the Cap Crusaders! Yeah, them. Well, you haven't heard all of them. Some tales have yet to be told. One's that shall now be told.