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Thanksgiving traditions

| Watch Tower

The Justice League weren't known to celebrate holidays nor have parties. Really some of them wished they could, but most of the time they were too busy saving the world or having a meeting or something or the sorts. And this time was no different. They could not on any circumstance have Thanksgiving together. There was too much to get done, there was no way that anyone would convince them otherwise.





"Pleeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssss sseeeeeee?"


"Why not?" asked a very confused Robin.

"Because there's too much stuff to do." replied Batman, not looking up from his work.

"Come on daddy!" Oh no, when the boy said daddy it was never a good sign. "You can take a break for one day! One! That's all I'm asking! Please?"

Batman sighed, curse that word. "Fine…" he said after a second, knowing he was going to horribly regret it.

The boy jumped up in the air yelping in happiness. He then ran out of the room leaving Batman to his work. "That boy, one of these days…"


Unknown to the Bat, Robin had snatched his cell phone while he was pleading. He giggled a little and ran over to the wall. There was a small ledge not to high up, so using his acrobatic skills he jumped up onto a table and jumped again, grabbing the ledge. He climbed up and flung himself into the rafters where no one would find him.

He then pulled out the phone from his pocket and went through the contacts. He clicked on one of them and let it ring until someone picked up. "Hey Alfie! I need to ask a favor of you."


Alfred snuck into the kitchen that they had in the cafeteria. Dick was busy distracting everyone while the butler got in. with him were various cooking supplies and foods such as turkey, yams, potatoes, stuffing and much more. He smiled as he began to delicately peal the potatoes, a smile never leaving his face. He loved cooking, and that's why Dick had asked him to help in the boy's little idea. The boy had asked Bruce if the whole Justice League could celebrate Thanksgiving together. And Dick knew that the only man that could cook that much food would be Alfred.

The boy ran in, a huge smile on his face and his hands had red paint on them. "Do I even want to know about how you got the entire Justice League distracted?"

"Well, I started a paint fight on accident, I was just going to suggest that we play hide and seek and it would end up like last time. Where they spent hours trying to find me and eventually had to go to Batman. But anyways, I got some paint on my hands-"

"And where did this paint come from, if I may ask?"

"Oh, their repainting one of the conference rooms, anyway I walked into the conference room and tripped, my hands falling in some paint. So I shook my hands and I accidentally got Ollie. Ollie then tried flicking paint at me but I ducked and it hit Clark. Clark got mad throwing some at Ollie but he ducked and it hit Barry. Who threw some at Hal and after a while a bunch of the other Justice League members came in seeing the progress and they sort of got hit in the crossfire. So their still at it now. And even when their done they'll still have to clean it up, which will take a while. And they know if they don't Batman will be so mad!" the six-year-old rambled.

"And where is Master Bruce?" asked the butler as he put down the potato and got a rag running it under some warm water. He went over and picked up the six-year-old, setting him on the counter.

"He's busy right now, last time I saw him he was doing some case thingy, which sounds so boring right now! I mean, he could really lighten up but he doesn't seem to ever lighten up!" Dick said as Alfred cleaned his red hands with the cloth.

"One more thing, if I may." Dick looked back at Alfred. "Why did they have the color red if they were painting a conference room?"

"Don't know! They had tons of colors like blue, green, purple, yellow, orange, red, and some pink color! Maybe they decided that they were also going to point the chairs the color of the person who sits there! Like blue and red for Superman or black for Batman, green for Green Lantern."

"And what about Martian Man Hunter?" asked an amused Alfred.

"I don't know, maybe a darker green?"

Alfred chuckled as he finished wiping off Dick's hands.

"Well, since you have them taking care of. How about you help me with the cooking?"

Dick smiled and jumped off the table.


"Did you two have to get into a paint fight?" asked Diana as she walked though the hall. All of the Justice Leaguers minus Batman had gotten into the paint fight and were now finally done cleaning it up after almost two hours.

"Hey, don't point a finger at me Diana; Ollie is the one who started it!" Clark explained.

"I did not, the little twerp did!"

"Dick? How can you accuse that little angel of such a thing?" asked Diana.

"Are we talking about the same kid? The one who made me try an Ollie just because my name is Ollie? The one who decided to scare Barry, Wally, Roy, and me just because it sounded fun? The one who scared the whole Justice League and even pulled a prank on Batman not to mention tying up Roy and Wally just because he was on a sugar high!?" asked an outraged Ollie.

"Oh don't be so sensitive Ollie. He's a six-year-old! What do you expect him to do?"

Ollie didn't respond, just looked away. They walked the rest of the way in silence. When they walked into the cafeteria they were surprised with the room's look. All the tables had been removed, replaced with one large one. On the table was a white table-cloth and chairs were gathered around it. On each chair had a name and on the table were candles and decorations surrounded by tons of food.

Barry ran to the head of the pack. "Food…" his mouth watered. Diana held him back as he tried to dash towards the table.

Dick walked up to them, he smiled up at them. "HAPPY THANKSGIVING!" he shouted. It startled them and some jumped back. "Please, go ahead and find your seat!" he said as he bowed, gesturing towards the table. Each of them walked forwards and took their seat.

"What's all this?" asked Clark.

"Thanksgiving." said a dark voice. All of them turned towards the door where Batman stood.

"Batman? You're in on this?" asked Clark.

"In a way… I told Robin we could have Thanksgiving. I didn't think he'd call in Alfred and do all this." said the caped crusader.

"Well, we shouldn't let all this go to waste…" Barry said as he started to dish up his plate. The rest followed and Dick, Bruce, and Alfred also sat down next to each other. After a while everyone was eating. Ollie took a bite of his mashed potatoes and glared at the boy sitting directly across from him. The boy most likely planed it to have them sit across from each other, just so he could probably kick him under the table or something. He glared at him again before looking back at his plate, taking another bite.

Clark took the bottle of Cold Duck and opened it, putting the cap and lid between him and Ollie. Ollie looked at the cap, his eyes narrowing. He'd regret it, but he didn't care. He quickly grabbed it, pulling it off the table. He turned back to Robin taking a deep breath. He chucked it hard as he could at the little troll.

Dick's eyes widened and he ducked just in time; the cap hit the back of his chair. Bruce looked at where Dick had been a second ago. He looked back at Ollie and glared daggers at him. He growled and just about punched Ollie in the face when another cap came flying towards Ollie, hitting him directly in the face.

Everyone turned towards Diana who was glaring at Ollie with all her heart. "HE'S SIX YEARS OLD AND YOU CAN'T LET A LITTLE PAINT FIGHT GO?! ALL YOU WANT TO DO IS GET BACK AT HIM?! FOR THAT?!" a very mad Diana yelled.

Ollie growled, picking up another cap and throwing it at Diana, she dodged and the cap hit Hawkgirl. She growled in outrage and threw another back at him but he ducked this time and it hit Clark. Instantly a bunch of caps started being thrown in every direction.

"STOP THIS CHILDISHNESS THIS INSTANT!" Alfred called. Instantly everyone sat down dropping the caps. The only ones who hadn't participated in the fight were Bruce, Alfred, and Dick. It seemed most of the time that they were the only ones who had table manners.

"Wait, where's Dick?" asked Hal. Everyone looked back to where Dick had sat the chair now empty.

"SURPRISE!" someone yelled behind Ollie, before anyone could look all the caps taken off of the bottles were thrown at Ollie's head so hard that he fell out of his chair. Everyone looked at Dick, who was standing innocently behind Ollie's chair.

10 POINTS GRIFFINDOOR! Anyway, this is actually a tradition in my family. Every year my dad decides to throw those caps from the Cold Duck containers and what not and throw them at somebody. It starts a train reaction and yeah. This year though I cut it short and did sort of what Dick did. I collected all the caps so I had them all, only unlike Dick I didn't throw them all at one person. I didn't want my nephew getting hurt so I kept them all. Any other time I would have thrown them all at my dad! :3