Black Doom's Unholy Alliance

Chapter 1: Shadow's Meeting

Shadow was determine to bring himself as supreme ruler over Mobius but he needed help from Shinnok who had given Quan Chi permission to help guide the black hedgehog to revive Black Doom for his return.

"I must say this Black Doom is quite interesting" said Quan Chi.

"Yes, he will help bring about a world of peace once I revive him if you'd help me do it" said Shadow.

"Keep going" said Quan Chi.

"I need your skills to help revive Black Doom" continued Shadow, "he has been gone for too long."

"I can easily bring him under our control" continued Quan Chi "if you let me that is."

"Very well" said Shadow.

Quan Chi was given the green light to help out Shadow with Shinnok's permission, for Shinnok who was in the prison of the Nether Realm along with Shao Khan, the Emperor thought why Shinnok would allow this.

"You fool!" cried Shao Khan to Shinnok, "Don't you see what he may do?"

"Yes, and that's why I encourage it, his arrogance is his ultimate weakness like yours was when you tried to conquer Mobius" continued Shinnok.

Quan Chi along with Shang Tsang began to research who Black Doom was and how Shadow originally fought him, both of them wanted to make the black hedgehog think they were supporting him but in reality they were likely going to turn Black Doom into their pawn.

"He's more gullible than he looks" laughed Shang Tsang to Quan Chi referring about Shadow.

"Yes indeed" continued Quan Chi, "let's make Black Doom whole again just to make him happy, then surprise him by taking Black Doom under our control, and so that Black Doom can help get Shinnok and Shao Khan out of the Nether Realm."

As the two conspired to play both sides, Raiden who was busy meeting with Sally and Sonic felt things had died down with the fighting, and the Thunder God was just checking up on them to make sure everything was fine.

"I must say things are getting back to normal" said Raiden.

"Yes they have" continued Sally, "we're already rebuilding what was already destroyed by Shao Khan and his forces, with the help of your Earth Warriors from your world was greatly appreciated."

Suddenly a member of the Freedom Fighters rushed toward the trio.

"We've spotted Quan Chi and Shang Tsang taking advantage into stealing a chaos emerald!" cried the Freedom Fighter.

"Impossible, unless" said Raiden.

"Come on, you'll help us right?" asked Sonic.

"Those two never learn" replied Raiden.

As Raiden, Sally and Sonic arrived at the scene of the disturbance, Shang Tsang had already morphed himself into a security guard and tied up the real security guards while Quan Chi broke down the vault that was hiding the first chaos emerald.

"So" said Raiden as he appeared in his lightning like manner before Quan Chi and Shang Tsang, "you two have resorted to petty thievery?"

"Still not back on your own plane, I thought you left Mobius for good once you stopped the Emperor" said Shang Tsang.

"We hold a new allegiance now and it's not to Shao Khan" continued Quan Chi.

Quan Chi then fires a green skull at Raiden who then flies right into the air almost knocking down both Sally and Sonic who arrive on the scene.

"Hey you were faster than me" said Sonic to Raiden.

Sonic then dashed right up toward Quan Chi, but Quan Chi continued to fire green skulls at the blue hedgehog, before he knew it, the blue hedgehog had the chaos emerald in his hand.

"Hey is this what you were trying to get, you have to catch me first" laughed Sonic.

Sonic dashed around both Quan Chi and Shang Tsang which Shang Tsang unleashed a wave of fireballs from the ground which some of them managed to knock Sonic over crashing right into the ground.

"I'll take this if you don't mind" laughed Shang Tsang.

As the two simply vanished before their eyes, Raiden was puzzled how could both Quan Chi and Shang Tsang could not be sought for their crimes.

"Very interesting, your friend Shadow and his friends in the Dark Legion claimed they were going to help make sure they'd keep a watch over these two" said Raiden.

"Yea, he did say something like that" continued Sonic.

"I am going to get Fujin and a few Earth Warriors to join along, I do not like the looks of this or what those two are planning and just whom they have signed allegiance to" continued Raiden.

For Shang Tsang and Quan Chi they returned Shadow with a chaos emerald as a token that they'd keep their word.

"We'll design the right ceremony to revive Black Doom" continued Quan Chi, "don't you count on it."

As both of them plotted for and against the black hedgehog, Raiden and the Earth warriors were still unaware of their true intensions which were not to help Shadow.