Chapter 7: Super Sonic Again

Quan Chi wasn't about to let the blue hedgehog gain access to the Master Emerald as he was insulted by the manner which he approached him.

"You have gravely insulted me" said Quan Chi.

"Oh my, what are you going to do?" laughed Sonic.

Quan Chi then fires some green skulls at the blue hedgehog who was able to easily dodge the green skulls that were coming toward him.

"You'll have to do better than that!" laughed Sonic.

Quan Chi then teleports and manages to pounce right onto the blue hedgehog with his own feet.

"Ha, better!" laughed Quan Chi as Sonic was on the ground.

"Man, that hurt, but not as much as I am going to do to you" laughed Sonic.

The blue hedgehog dashed around Quan Chi, Quan Chi did his best to fire the green skulls at him, but Sonic ended up speeding right up toward Quan Chi and knocking him down.

"If you'd please excuse me" laughed Sonic.

Sonic sped off toward the master emerald which he ended up gaining its power as he accessed it.

"No!" cried Quan Chi.

But as Quan Chi fired a green skull at Sonic, Sonic had already transformed into his Super Sonic form which the green skull ended up disappearing.

"Nice try pal" laughed Sonic, "now if you'd please excuse me."

Sonic dashed toward where Shao Khan and Liu Kang were fighting Devil Doom in their Animality forms.

"About time" said Liu Kang.

"Don't worry help is here" said Sonic.

"You think it'd be that easy to stop me?" laughed Devil Doom.

Sonic ended up speeding up toward Devil Doom and ended up knocking him down, Shao Khan in his hydra form ended up also ramming Devil Doom along with Liu Kang in his dragon form.

"Let's kick this up a notch" said Sonic.

Sonic sped toward Devil Doom and ended up hitting his red eye.

"His eye, it's his weak spot!" said Shao Khan.

"Duh!" laughed Sonic.

All three ended up ganging up on Devil Doom, as they ended up beating him back, Devil Doom slowly was reverting back toward his original form.

"No, this cannot be!" cried Black Doom who couldn't believe he was being defeated.

"I shall show you the true strength of what my powers can really wield" laughed Shao Khan as he morphed back into his original form as well.

Shao Khan ended up taking out his hammer and was about to smash it upon Black Doom which Raiden ended up intervening.

"There shall be no more violence today" said Raiden, "if you'd agree to a truce, we'll both agree to send Black Doom packing."

"Hmm, fine" sighed Shao Khan who was rather reluctant to go along with it.

Black Doom in the end ends up being banished by the Elder Gods back to the far regions of space, as for Shao Khan, the Emperor and his followers were returned to Outworld which ends up putting things back to normal for Mobius to repair itself from the damage done by Black Doom.