Author's note: I've mentioned in my other story that I intend to do an entire trilogy based from the views of troops in each of the three main factions. I decided to do the NRA leg next, seeing as it has the most connections with the 12th Battalion leg. For those who don't know, I make the prologue set in the faction's darkest hour, but the first chapter will actually start before the meteors.

I've been contemplating the idea for a NRA fic for a while now. Surely there were some honest (or at least decent) soldiers caught beneath Greyfield, so what about them? What did they go through?

X Western Lazuria X

Darkness choked the air surrounding one of Lazuria's largest military bases, cutting off visibility for anyone within only two yards. Built around part of an artificial inland sea, the facilities were responsible for building, repairing, and equipping some of the Lazurian Navy's biggest and most hard-hitting ships. Its existence was common knowledge.

But what wasn't common knowledge was that this complex also housed one of two of the world's most deadly missile complexes. However, these missiles were now locked far underground behind closed doors, as they had been for over a year since the world was nearly destroyed. But certain individuals were trying to change that.

1 story underground, a lot of activity buzzed in front of a large, reinforced blast door. Thin soldiers clad in equally thin but effective body armor worked on opening the door in question. Several worked on the two terminals flanking the door, while others carried supplies to and from the surface. To a outside observer, it almost resembled a colony of ants working to build a hill. Only one out of place figure stopped this illusion.

Behind the gray soldiers, a large, round man in a red Admiral uniform paced back and forth feverishly. Every few seconds, he would glance up at the soldiers with a disapproving expression. This continued for only two minutes before the Admiral, purple-faced, approached one of the soldiers standing guard with his rifle.

"You!" The Admiral snapped. "Why the blast is this taking so long?" He demanded.

"When the meteors hit the planet a year ago, they destroyed the world." The soldier began.

"You think I didn't know that already?" The Admiral's face turned a shade of red.

"They also knocked out most of the complex electronics." The soldier went on, ignoring the man's anger. "In order to access the missiles, we have to replace the components. There are thirty levels to the facility. It'll take us a day per level, and 10 to reprogram the Caulder missiles." Perhaps noting the man was not patient, the soldier went on. "These are the most powerful missiles in existence. If you have them, you can't be defeated." The Admiral seemed to calm down only slightly, and instead stalked back over to resume his pacing. He would've ordered them to work faster, but as much as it irked him to admit it, they weren't actually his soldiers; his forces were back on the surface. All he could do is wait.

An officer wearing a similar red uniform rushed down the ramp and past some soldiers carrying back a crate. Panting, he stumbled to a start in front of the Admiral. "Admiral Greyfield, sir!" He wheezed. "They found us. The Wolves found out about the missiles!" Admiral Greyfield stiffened, but melted back into calmness; panic was for the weak.

"How?" He demanded. The wolves were a poor, ragged excuse for an army. The fact they could find out about the missiles, let alone find them so quickly, was inconceivable.

"We don't know sir, but they're all there. The navy can't see a damn thing. This is going to be a land battle, sir." The last part made the Admiral see red again. Those infernal Wolves had beaten his army, which he had found to be full of weak, simple-minded fools, time and time again. He knew he could count on his navy, but now they were just as useless!

"I see…I shall take personal command of my troops myself." He declared. "It is time they saw what a strong leader looks like!" He strode dutifully back towards ground level. The officer hesitated, and then followed reluctantly. He held his doubts in only for fear of his life.


In one of the ports, several cruisers and gunboats belonging to the navy sat still and quiet, their crews sleeping off several days of stressful sailing and hunting.

Near one of the dry docks, two gunboats drifted out of the darkness, their engines cut off to prevent them from blowing their cover. On the boats, the crew and the soldiers they carried all used paddles to project the small boat to a ladder. Once one of the boats was close, the troops aboard began to climb up.

"Let's try and stay quiet Marines." Their leader said, pulling himself up onto the concrete. His red-tinted uniform blended in slightly with the weathered stone.

"You know me, Yankee." One of the other Marines pulled himself up. "I'm always quiet."

"Tell that to the building you blew up the other day, Bulldog." A female Marine pulled herself up.

"Whatever you say, Lucky." The Marine replied.

"Keep it quiet." The squad leader repeated. They all slunk over to a nearby wall, drawing their weapons as they did. The other gunboat slunk up and more soldiers, their uniforms carrying a blue tint, climbed up with speed and joined the Marines at the wall.

"Well, Rube," The Lazurian naval infantry sergeant looked at the Marine, "Let's just see how 'fearsome' you really are." The Marine grinned back at him.

"We got an axe to grind with these NRA bastards just as much as you do." He said. "No one messes with the Wolves and goes unpunished. So lets finally put the past behind us, and focus on the future, eh?" He extended a hand. The Sergeant looked at the Marine's hand crucially for several seconds before shaking it.

"For a better future." He agreed.

"Won't be easy." A Lazurian private said. "There must be two fleets worth of ships here. Look." He pointed to a massive shape anchored some yards away, its massive form only visible by several lights glowing on its deck.

"The Hellhound." The Lazurian Sergeant growled at the battleship. "She's killed many of our people."

"Well, you can get some payback." The Marine Sergeant suggested. "The NRA has been bullying people for too long now. Today, they all die."

X On the NRA Carrier Odin X

"It's not fair! Why are we the ones that are going to die? We tried to re-establish everything! We fought to stop war all together. They're the ones who freed the prisoners and killed their own people! So how come we're the ones who'll die, not them?" Her black hair stopped waving and she stared at us for an answer.

"At least she finally shut up..." I thought. I knew Madeline went well, but she just didn't know when to be quiet. "She always complains about everything." Her assessments of a situation were usually good; she just couldn't come up with a next step, and she usually wasn't calm about it. This wasn't a time to be irrational. Success was linked to positive thinking. At least I knew as much. Madeline flopped back down onto her bunk.

"Why don't we just run like we should've when this whole mess started?" A voice called from the top bunk above Madeline. I rolled my eyes at the suggestion. "But where do we go? Hmm?" Kayla never thought these things through; she didn't have the brain for it; she always stayed in the present or the past. Plus, she seemed to have forgotten everything that already happened, as well as everything that could happen. "She's not fit to be making suggestions. I better say something before she poisons everyone's mind."

"Well I think we should stay." I stood up. "Are we honestly going to let a bunch of traitors beat us? The 12th Battalion is nothing but a bunch of idiots in rags. The Lazurians with them aren't any better. They haven't even a fraction of the equipment that we got. And we've always won, so why stop now?" I finished.

"Vera has a point." Someone commented above me. I smirked.

"A true friend." Heather always had my back since the day we met. She was smart, she was ambitious, and she realized value of effort and looking ahead. It really was unfortunate she was just my co-pilot; she had had the potential to be so much more; we both had.

"We've gained so much." Heather went on.

"Exactly!" I put my fist in my palm. "Remember how far we've come, how much we've done. And remember what's on the line here. This will be the last time in the history of humanity that war occurs, and all we have to do if wipe out the last of them. Just like the Admiral told us." They all nodded their heads uneasily.

"But it doesn't feel right." Kayla interrupted. "We fought along side them for so long- when we got shot down and captured, it was 12th Battalion troops that rescued us." I felt a slight pang inside my chest. Then I shrugged. What was done was done.

"That was the past. They've started acting illogical since then. We should probably be thankful nothing happened to us when we were with them."

"They all seemed so nice though…" Kayla hung her head down. I suppressed a sigh. Why couldn't she see anywhere beyond the past?

"I don't care if they helped us." Madeline crossed her arms. I started to smile. Finally, some logic. "As good as they are, we'll probably get ourselves killed." My smile faded. I should've known it was too good to be true. "Remember that old fighter pilot they have? He shot down the same Ace that killed 23 of the NRA's best pilots. And those helicopter troops of theirs? They broke us out of a heavily guarded base-"

"And in case you've forgotten, there's more of us then there are of them." I blew a blond strand of my hair off my face in agitation. "Though she does have a point."

"It's not like we have a choice." Heather jumped down from the bed and brushed her brown hair out of the way. "I don't think they'll accept a surrender." I nodded.

"We never should've signed up for this program in the first place." Kayla said. "I don't like the military anymore, it's been too chaotic." I closed my eyes.

"It has been…" I opened my eyes. "But too bad." I turned to her and softened my voice slightly; it was common ground even if I didn't consider her that smart. "I know…but it's over now. All we can do is focus on the future." I tried to avoid an aggravated tone.

"Okay…and just how do we stop that many troops on our own?" Madeline asked. "In case you haven't forgotten, there aren't many professional troops left here; it's just militia and mercenaries."

"If we get the entire squadron together, it'll be possible." I insisted.

"Five aircraft can take out most of their best equipment." Heather added.

"Five?" Kayla's mouth twisted up in a grin. "So we aren't taking the hag with us?" Everyone in the room laughed. I think we could take a break to insult our commanding officer.

"She's unbearable, I swear her being stuck in the sick bay is the best thing that's ever happened to us."

"No, but I'm going to go talk to the others, we'll need their help." I made my way towards the door, and realized they'd started following me.

Madeline said. "They might agree more if we come along."

"Thanks." I tried to smile. Some positive reinforcement would help my case. And besides…they could try explaining it to him, cause I wasn't. "I am NEVER talking to him again."

"You okay?" I realized I was grimacing.

"No, I'm fine." I insisted. I reached for the door handle. "Let's just go talk to the others.

"Sorry ma'am, you can't just yet." I nearly jumped out of my skin. A sailor was standing in the doorway with his hand raised to knock. He put it back down. "The Captain is calling all combat pilots together immediately."

"What happened?" Heather asked. "Did Captain Ryman come up with a plan already?" The idea was surprising; the fleet commander had been out of it for the past few days.

"Of all times to crack, he had to do it now."

"No idea, ma'am, but the Captain seemed on edge. If I had to place my month's pay on it-" his mouth twisted upwards at the hidden, inappropriate joke- "I'd say something big is about to happen."

"Big how?" Madeline asked.

"Big like a revolt."

X Near the NRA Headquarters X

"This is NOT good." I stretched my arms out, but it barely made any more room. I wished we had something better to hide under then a Humvee. But what choice did we have? They would be here any second! "What did I do to deserve this?"

"This is horrible." Russell agreed. "Nate, how'd we get here again?"

"Well, let me see." I tried to play out the last year and a half in my mind. "Our parents sold us to the army, the world got destroyed, we get forced into a war, we win the war, a couple of crazy people free the prisoners and escape, and now we're hiding under here because said crazies and prisoners are here and trying to kill us."

"All because of one lousy mistake."

"This sucks man." Russell said acidly. "That fire was a accident! Did our folks listen? No! They sold us out. And now we're going to get shot. This is all your fault." He added bitterly.

"My fault?" I said, affronted. "You bought the damn thing!" "Yeah, blame me. You had nothing do to with it, asshole."

"Yeah, and you should've made sure it wasn't broken before we used it!" He retorted.

"Found them!" A female voice called behind us.

"Not her again!" We both shouted in terror as a hand seized each of our legs and dragged us from our cover. "Not again!" We both grunted as a heavy foot stood square on each of our backs.

"Damnit Carla, get your man feet off us!" Russell squirmed pointlessly. I winced, as the boots seemed to dig in.

"I thought you boys outgrew this behavior?" A brunette leaned down in front of us, watching our faces with bemused eyes. My face started burning.

"Quit staring at me, I don't need any help." She never seemed to get the fact.

"After all the fighting we've done, you're gonna run away now?" Carla asked from above.

"Yes, so we can get away from you."

"Carla, Macy, you can both shut it." Russell growled. "I've had enough of this. I am not going to face those guys. There are at least 2000 other fanatics here that'll do it."

"We aren't fighting the 12th or the Lazurians." A new face announced. I craned my neck to the side to watch our Sergeant approach, a rifle in each of his hands. I felt a bit relieved; he was never that hard on us.

"Sgt. Campbell?" Carla asked.

"I said we ain't fighting them. Let them up." He waved his arm. I gasped as the weight left my back.

"Get up, shorty." Carla hauled me up.

"Bitch. Just because I'm shorter then you doesn't mean you have to remind me every day" I shrugged her off. A rifle was pushed into my chest. I took it with reluctance. "I hate using this thing."

"I know you boys never wanted to join in the first place, but just bare with us for a few more hours." Sgt. Campbell handed Russell his rifle, but he refused to take it.

"You can forget it." He shook his head. "We've been fighting the past year. I'm through. Let all those idiots out there fight. We're not doing anymore fighting, right man?" He looked over at me. I felt my resolve stiffen. Why give in just because they found us again?

"Why should we? In case you guys have noticed, things have fallen apart." I tried not to look nervous. "They can't keep forcing us to stay forever." They'd have to let us go eventually.

"Yeah, and we're about to fix it; General Stanhope has called a meeting for all remaining regular army forces." Sgt. Campbell changed the subject suddenly. As important saving my own skin was, I couldn't help but feel slightly curious.

"How many is that? 400 guys?" Russell said sarcastically. "The regular army died a while ago. It's just those fanatics out there."

"Last time I counted, it was 578 men, most of them from our division. Now come on, unless you'd rather be dragged there?" I deflated a little of the inside; we weren't getting out of this one. If we resisted, it'd just lead to more embarrassment. Grumbling, we both reluctantly followed.

"Nervous?" Macy asked me. My face went red again.

"Yeah." I admitted, not looking directly at her. "We aren't soldier material, you know that."

"Nonsense." She said. "You two have fought pretty well up till now. You just insist on being the outcasts."

"That's what we are." I said flatly.

"As long as you think you are, you will be. Are you just scared?"

"No!" I scoffed. "Its just…things have just been weird the past few weeks. The rebellions, the prisoners, and now we've been dragged out here with some promise of things finally smoothing out. I just don't buy it. Things aren't going to fix themselves just like that." I insisted.

"Smart thinking." Macy smiled. "If it means anything, I don't want to fight them either. The 12th are good people. I'm sure they had a good reason for what they did." I glanced at her in surprise.

"…They shot at us. They saved the people that have spent decades trying to kill us. What could possibly make sense about that?"

"Well, they didn't just do it for the hell of it." She pointed out.

"Everything's just been crazy lately. I don't like it." I shook my head.

"You'll be fine." She put a hand on my shoulder.

"If I survive the fight." I grumbled.

"I don't think we'll be fighting, at least not anyone competent." Sgt. Campbell said from ahead.

"And why is that?" Russell spat.

"We should've deployed thirty minutes ago. General Stanhope defied that order; that's why he's calling us together." I almost stopped in surprise. Not following orders? That had severe penalties. What was happening?

"…He did?" Even Russell was thrown off.

"Yeah." Sgt. Campbell looked up into the darkness. "It seems like everything has been building up to this moment." He said quietly.

"Ready shorty?" Carla called. I almost threw back a insult, but stopped when I realized she wasn't trying to antagonize me.

"I suppose." I said as we neared the assembly area. "I just wish I knew what to be ready for."

"What you should be ready for-" Sgt. Campbell turned and faced us "-is a rebellion."

XX Author's note XX

Some may have noticed this story is rated T, while my other one is rated M. I intend to keep this one T. While I'm going for a gritty, violent, and vulgar experience in that one, I want to try and keep this one cleaner and simpler. I also want to try lesser extreme characters. As of now, there is no plan to change that.

Now for my OC policy: Two small groups of people can't win an entire war, let alone three wars. They will no doubt work with other characters along the way, ranging in role and type. As a show of thanks to my readers, I will gladly use any character ideas they have ideas for. Simply send them in via private message with their roles, appearance, weapons, locations, ect. I will also gladly accept names for ships, tanks, or aircraft squadrons (with the nature of part of the story, ships would be very much appreciated). And I will accept OCs here even if you already submitted some to the other story. Lastly, all three of the stories are inter-connected; meaning characters may appear in more then one. The squad on Marines mentioned earlier in this chapter was OCs submitted by user boomer101. While user SkyFighter submitted the Battleship mentioned. Both were submitted in the other story, and used here with permission.

Edit: 8/10/12. I'm adding the bios to the end of this, because I've learned that the bios on their own as a chapter was against the site rules.

X Character Bios X (Informationis valid at the beginning of the story) Some characters also may have not appeared in the prologue, and some might not be included for reasons to be explained. These are really just to create a basic visual of the character. My main vision in this particular leg would be non-soldier personalities in soldier's role, as they would no doubt respond to war much differently then a soldier who'd been expecting the day.

NRA Carrier Odin Carrier Fighter Wing.

Vera Cavender

Height: 5 foot 8'

Hair Color: Blond

Eye Color: Green

Age: 18

Bio: She was born as a only child to a wealthy business couple. Always at the top in academics, she was always ahead even at a early age. She joined the Rubinelle navy through a scholarship offer only as a stepping-stone to higher goals.

Personality: She is self-centered and considers herself a nature born leader. She is usually very proper and professional, a result of her upbringing, and has a very strong sense of identity. She prefers to keep her true opinions to herself. She has a difficult time forming actual bonds with people, as she often sees many of them as below her, though she still gets along well with them. She can be cold to people when she considers them too lowly.

Heather Waites

Height: 5 foot 9'

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Green

Age: 19

Bio: Always gaining top scores at all of the charter schools she attended, she was always granted special attention. Due to a unknown incident, she nearly failed her last year. Though she passed, she did lose most of her scholarship offers. She shortly there after enlisted in the Rubinelle navy scholarship program with the hope of going on to study finances.

Personality: Similar to Vera, she is very profession and proper. She is more laid back and enjoys relaxing whenever the opportunity arises, though she prefers not to discuss them.

Madeline Durant

Height: 5 foot 8'

Hair Color: Black

Eye color: Blue

Age: 18

Bio: She was the last of three kids born to a pair of Fire Fighters. Though encouraged to follow in her parent's footsteps. She preferred to aim for a higher goal. She enlisted in order to go to college, though she has yet to choose a subject to study.

Personality: She is friendly and supportive, and will usually follow her friends in any instance. She is overly cautious and rarely takes the initiative, a side effect of her parent's overdone emphasis on safety and caution.

Kayla Saaverda

Height: 5 foot 10'

Hair Color: Brown

Age: 19

Bio: She grew up in the city, passing her education with slightly above-average standards. After graduation, she joined the scholarship program at the suggestion of a recruiter, agreeing with a simple 'sure'.

Personality: She in still a care free teenager at heart, though she does take certain matters seriously. She often improvises, and doesn't plan ahead much.

Myra Kerrigan

Height: 5 foot 10'

Hair Color: Black

Age: 24

Bio: Losing both of her parents in the Great War, she spent several years of her childhood in an orphanage before being sent to a private school, then military school, courtesy of the Rubinelle Government.

Personality: She has a distorted view of life that closely resembles Superiority complex. She has a natural distrust of other people, actually a side effect from her days at a orphanage. She expects nothing but perfection and complete obedience for rules and superiors.

Josh Harren

Height: 6 feet

Hair Color: Brown

Age: 19

Bio: He is the son of a influential political leader on one of the channel islands under Rubinelle control. He always attended the best schools, and always passed, though only with the bare minimum. He enlisted with the goal of going to college to fill in his 'old man's shoes', to much skepticism from others.

Personality: He thinks highly or himself, and often overstates his abilities, which later ends in mishap. He has a very poor grasp of how other people think. He is not hesitant to speak his mind, which also gets him in a lot of trouble.

Vincent Schoenfeld

Height: 6 foot'1

Hair Color: Copper

Age: 18

Bio: His father was a general store clerk and his mother a maid. He grew up listening to stories from his uncle, a Great War veteran. He enlisted with the goal of becoming a career soldier after collage.

Personality: He is quiet but thoughtful, observing everything that goes on around him. He is slightly anti-social, but easy to start a conversation with.

David Blazer

Height: 6 foot' 2

Hair Color: Brown

Age: ?

Bio: ?

Personality: He is a serious person, and lacks any sense of humor. Once set on a task, he can be ruthless on the path to accomplishing it. He is very hospital otherwise, and will gladly help out if asked.

Amy Kowol

Height: 5 foot' 7

Hair Color: Black

Age: 17

Bio: She was raised mostly buy her mother, who was a stockbroker for a major manufacturing company. Later on, she often helped her mother with the trade, sometimes missing school, and eventually sought to go to college to formally follow the career.

Personality: She can highly competitive and aggressive to the point it is dangerous for the opposing party, though she rarely shows this side. Otherwise, she is very cheery and social.

Tanya Calusen

Height: 5 foot' 7

Hair Color: Red

Age: 17

Bio: Being the 7th child in a rather large extended family, she wasn't given much attention as a child, and often had to compete for what little there was. She joined in memory of one of her older brothers she was attached too, but died in a traffic accident before he could enlist.

Personality: She is very shy, and doesn't talk to others unless spoken too. She is very quiet about her goals, and her whole life in general.

Hannah Audette

Height: 5 foot' 8

Hair Color: Blond

Age: 20

Bio: Her father left at a early age, and her mother was more of a friend then a parent, so she grew up mostly with little influence or discipline. She enlisted simply because she didn't have anywhere else to go.

Personality: She has a slight authority problem, as well as a few disciplinary ones, both of which get her in trouble with her superiors. She enjoys socializing with others, but not much her job, which is why each passing day gets her closer to a discharge.

49th Airborne Division

Nate Archey

Height: 5 foot 6'

Hair Color: Black

Age: 17

Bio: He always earned credit as a slacker, never putting too much effort into things and instead spending his time relaxing with friends, though often playing spectator rather then participant. He was sent into the army as alternative punishment to prison.

Personality: He is reclusive, preferring to stay away from anything big or public. He doesn't usually aim for anything higher then the bare minimum. He has a sense of self-preservation that often causes him more harm then good.

Russell Grey

Height: 6 feet

Hair Color: Brown

Age: 17

Bio: He earned the title of 'black sheep' and 'hooligan' fairly early in life, whether from his first arrest at age 12 or the fact he failed two grades in as many years is debated.

Personality: Though not book smart, he can surprisingly knowledgeable on human behavior. He is not serious about anything but saving his own skin. He is very creative on ways to pass the time, though some ideas may turn out to be bad ones.

Macy Powell

Height: 5 foot' 9

Hair Color: Brown

Age: 20

Bio: She was the older sister to 4 brothers, and often played care taker and peace keeper to them, which cut into her academic and social life for much of her early years. She enlisted as a opportunity to broaden her horizons.

Personality: She was a very caring personality, particularly to those younger to her. She is very social, talkative, and occasionally nosy personality.

Carla Bellus

Height: 6 foot' 3

Hair Color: Black

Age: 21

Bio: Her 'unique' appearance resulted in her being taunted frequently as a child, though these experiences only made her stronger. She enlisted at the same time as two of her brothers. While one failed and the other ended up in a lowly position, she was commissioned as a Corporal very quickly.

Personality: She has a commanding personality and is not afraid to take charge. She can be dangerous when angry, and does not appreciate back talk or disrespect of any sort. She can show sympathy, but only if she believes they've deserved it.

XX Author's Note XX

I believe variety is good for these types of stories. It adds several factors to interaction between characters, and it also means each will develop differently as the story progresses.

I will admit some of the characters are influenced by figures in various forms of media, and some are even modeled after characters in the game. Though most of the traits are modeled after people I have known (which makes me question myself actually).