A/N Thank you to BMShipper for igniting the Mark/Jackson in me.

Red Wine

Jackson wasn't sure how he knew where Mark's apartment was. He just knew that he needed some help with studying for the boards. He hadn't realized exactly how behind he was until he had talked to the other residents. He swung by the store and picked up a bottle of wine. He found himself really caring about the kind of wine that he bought. He found himself standing in the hallway knocking on Mark's apartment door.

Mark had nothing planned for the evening. Julia had cancelled on him in favor of a surgery. So his big date was now with Sofia. Of course he loved spending time with his beautiful daughter, but he was disappointed that his plans didn't pan out like he had planned. Sofia was sitting contentedly in his arms when he heard a knock at the door. Still holding her, Mark went to the door and when he opened it, he was surprised to see Jackson Avery on the other side.

"Avery?" Mark asked. He was confused now.

"Look I am behind in studying for the boards. Could you, maybe, help me study?" Jackson asked. He was hesitant to ask Mark but he knew he needed the help.

"How much did you pay for that wine Avery?" Mark asked. He knew that he needed company tonight and Jackson's company was certainly better than the company of a lot of other people. Plus he really didn't need his resident being the only one not to pass his boards. That would not reflect well on him.

"Fifty bucks." Jackson told Mark. Mark nodded and opened the door wider. Smiling thankfully, Jackson came into Mark's apartment. Mark put Sofia in her pack and play by the couch. Jackson made his way to the kitchen area.

"Wineglasses?" Jackson asked.

"Third cupboard from the fridge." Mark told him without even looking away from Sofia. Jackson pulled the glasses down just as Mark looked up from the baby. Mark wished he could explain that feeling in his stomach as he looked at Jackson. Mark made his way into the kitchen area and pulled out the corkscrewer from one of the drawers near Jackson's waist. Mark handed it to Jackson with a small smirk

"I was about to ask you where that was." Jackson told Mark as he flashed Mark one of those easy smiles.

"Well I found it for you." Mark told Jackson as he put it in Jackson's hand. He tried to ignore that spark that he felt when his hand touched Jackson's. It was Valentine's Day. That's why he was feeling a spark with Jackson Avery. That had to be the only reason. Right? Jackson poured Mark a glass of red wine and then he poured himself one.

The two of them settled on the couch where Mark quizzed him for the better part of an hour. They spent the next hour or so talking about the things Jackson missed and Mark made him elaborate on the things that he had gotten right. Mark only vaguely realized that they just kept getting closer and closer with every question. Jackson's hand was now on Mark's leg. When Mark first noticed that he jumped slightly.

"Oh shit I'm sorry." Jackson very quickly apologized. His caramel colored skin now had a pinkish tint to it.

"No need to apologize." Mark told him. His voice was now huskier than it usually was. He would have loved to blame it on the wine, but he was starting to suspect that it was probably because of the younger man who was wearing jeans and a grey long sleeve shirt and was sitting right next to him.

"Mark?" Jackson asked.

"Yeah?" Mark asked as he absently ran his hand down Jackson's arm. Instead of words, Jackson decided to act on his feelings. He leaned in and kissed Mark softly on the lips. Jackson was expecting Mark to pull away, but he didn't. He kissed Jackson back. Jackson wasn't going to worry about over-analyzing what was going on between them. Soon there was not much room between them. Mark was kissing Jackson and Jackson wanted nothing more than to take Mark's t-shirt off of his body and run his hands down his chest.

Just then someone knocked on the door. Jackson used this excuse to go to the bathroom and probably freak out over the fact he just kissed his mentor. Mark answered the door and it was Lexie with Zola on her hip.

"Is this a bad time? I just I had things I needed to say to you and I thought Zola could play with Sofia." Lexie rambled. Mark thought she sounded jittery and nervous.

"Well…" Mark hedged. He wanted to go back to Jackson. He wanted to go back to that moment that he had just shared with the resident. Mark hadn't expected to do…well what he and Jackson had been doing. He was rattled with the realization that he wanted to do it again.

"Mark? Who's at the door?" Jackson called from the hallway. Jackson was convinced that he had never had this type of connection with anyone before. It was scary to realize that he desperately wanted Mark to tell Lexie to leave so that he and Mark could return to what they were doing.

"Oh shit, is that Julia? I'll go." Lexie told him hurriedly. Lexie definitely didn't want Julia to overhear what she wanted to talk to Mark about.

Just then Jackson appeared in the main living area. Now Lexie was confused. Especially when she saw the look on Jackson's face. He was actually enamored with Mark and Lexie would be shocked if Mark didn't feel the same way. She was gifted with the ability to read people quite well and she knew Jackson was crazy about Mark just by looking him in the eye. Mark could barely look her in the eye. Every time he did, his face flushed.

"We were kinda in the middle of something." Mark told her apologetically. Lexie nodded slowly. She didn't need to be told exactly what they were in the middle of. Just by looking at Jackson, she knew.

"Okay, well have a good night." Lexie told them both a little too cheerily. Mark sighed when he shut the door. He was relieved that she was gone. He could go back to kissing Jackson now. He turned around and Jackson was studying him from behind the kitchen counter.

"You kicked her out." Jackson commented with a small smile crossing his lips. He had a feeling he knew why Mark had done that and privately he was surprised. He hadn't expected Mark to feel what he was feeling.

"I did." Mark confirmed. His voice was still husky as he made his way over to where Jackson was standing.

"Why?" Jackson asked. His voice became dry as he waited for Mark to answer his question. He was almost afraid to hear what Mark had to say. He wished he could blame this night on the wine that they had been drinking but he couldn't. He knew that there was something between them and the wine just helped them explore it. Mark moved around the corner of the counter and then he spoke.

"So I could do this." Mark then tilted Jackson's chin upwards and Mark's lips crashed down on his lips. Jackson could barely think when Mark's lips were on his, but he was vividly aware of his heart racing. Jackson's hands roamed Mark's back. He had never wanted anyone or anything more than he wanted Mark right now. Jackson finally had to pull away from Mark's lips so he could breathe. Mark didn't let go of him though.

"What about Sofia?" Jackson asked breathlessly.

"She's asleep." Mark whispered, his lips hovering just over Jackson's own lips.

"Kiss me again." Jackson murmured.

"Gladly." Mark murmured back before he once again claimed Jackson's lips with his own lips. Kissing Jackson left Mark dizzy. He could hardly believe he was standing in his kitchen kissing Jackson Avery. Finally Mark pulled away. This time both men were breathless. Jackson's arms were around Mark's waist and Mark's hands were on Jackson's back.

"Bedroom?" Jackson murmured. He needed Mark. Mark's kisses had turned him on in a way he had never been turned on before.

"I thought you'd never ask." Mark teased. Jackson laughed and then slapped Mark's arm. This time Jackson kissed Mark. Jackson knew that without the wine in his system he would never have had the courage to kiss Mark. Jackson

"Bedroom now." Mark mumbled against Jackson's lips. Jackson didn't even know where Mark's bedroom was, but apparently he was supposed to lead him there. Both men were vividly aware of t-shirts and long sleeve shirts being discarded as they stumbled into Mark's bedroom. That night was definitely going to be the start of something amazing between them.