A/N: So this is my first attempt at a fanfiction.:D This is a songfic based on the Carrie Underwood song "Two Black Cadillacs". If you haven't heard it, listen to it. It's AMAZING.

Reba Hart walked into her house and slammed the door shut. Her work outfit was a damp, coffee-stained mess. Her red hair was ruffled into a bad-looking bush. Her face was covered by that look you don't wanna see on it. Obviously, she'd had a really bad day.

Reba's son, Jake, sat on the couch watching TV. Without taking his eyes away, he said, "Hey, Mom."

Reba nodded. "Sup, Jakey." She dropped her purse onto the floor and walked past Jake, through the living room, into the kitchen, where her husband, Brock, was making something for dinner.

He turned around and gave a bit of a smile. "Hey. You look awful."

Reba rolled her eyes. "Jeez, you know how to make a girl feel special, Brock." She walked over to the fridge and pulled out a bottle of water. "Stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid people! Stupid real estate office! Stupid everything!"

Brock's eyebrow arched. "So you had a bad day?"

Reba glared at him. "No, my day was just peachy. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go dance with pink unicorns in a meadow full of candycanes and bunnies, and by that, I mean I'm gonna go pull my hair out!" She groaned loudly.

Brock gave her a hug. "It's okay. You're home now."

Reba sighed and surrendered to her husband's warm hug. She smiled to herself and said, "So how was your day?"

Brock shrugged. "It was okay. I've got a business meeting tonight."

Reba looked up at him. "Really? Again? Brock, that makes every night this week you've had a late business meeting. Is something wrong?"

Brock shook his head. "No. No, it's just that the office needs some repairs, and that new hygenist may need to be fired."

Reba growled under her breath. "Then fire her. From what I hear, she's quite the hottie."

Brock scoffed and shook his head. "Nah, not really. No one can compare to your beauty."

Reba smirked and gave him a peck on the lips. "I've heard all your lies, Brock. But thanks anyway."
Brock chuckled, and they were about to kiss again as their daughter Cheyenne walked in the back door with her husband, Van and their two kids, Elizabeth and Drake. "Gramma!" Elizabeth cooed, running to Reba, who scooped the child up in her arms.

"Hey there, Elizabeth!" Reba cried, kissing Elizabeth on the cheek.

"Hey, Mom," Cheyenne greeted. "So Van and I need to talk to you." She set Drake down at the little play area next to the wall in the kitchen.

"What's it about?" Brock asked.

"Well I have to go talk with a guy about a new real estate offer," Van replied.

"What?" Reba made a face. "What about Steve Norris?"

"That's not working out," Van responded. "He... hit on me."

Reba smiled and burst into laughter. "You're not kidding?"

Van shook his head. "Nope."
"What about you, Cheyenne?" Brock asked.

"I'm going with him," Cheyenne replied. "Gotta show off my new hair dye." She stroked her long black-dyed hair and smiled at her mother. "So can you guys watch Elizabeth and Drake for us tonight?"

Reba nodded. "Sure." She looked at Elizabeth. "Grampa isn't gonna be here tonight, so it'll just be you and me."

"Yaye!" Elizabeth cried as Reba set her down. Reba always tried to make it fun when it was just her and Elizabeth at the house. Elizabeth really loved that quality time.

"Really? Where's Mr. H. gonna be?" asked Van.

"Dental meeting," Brock replied.

"Again?" Cheyenne's eyebrow arched.

Brock nodded. "Yeah." His phone went off. He dug it out of his jacket pocket and answered it. "Hello? Oh, yeah, I'm gonna be there. Okay. Bye." He smiled sheepishly and hung up, then went back to his 'Brock face'. "So I need to get going." He kissed Reba on the cheek. "Bye, sweetie." And he raced out the backdoor rather excitedly.

Reba looked at Cheyenne and Van. "He gets so excited about those things."

"I know," Cheyenne agreed, a suspicious tone in her voice. "Mom... did you ever think Dad may be... I don't know how to put it..."

"Screwing another pooch," Van finished.

Cheyenne slapped his arm. "Van!" she snapped.

Reba shook her head. "No way. Your father's not like that. You know that, Cheyenne. He's always so trustworthy and he really does love this family. He wouldn't do that."

Cheyenne shrugged. "Alright, but that's an awful lot of meetings in just a week," Cheyenne said. "Especially right after he got that new hygenist that everyone likes so much."

Reba's eyebrow arched. "Cheyenne, I just... no, I don't think he'd do something like that."

Van shrugged. "Okay, whatever you say, Mrs. H. Come on, Cheyenne. Let's get going. That meeting is going to be long, and if we get there early, we can get better parking."
"Okay. Bye, Mom." Cheyenne followed Van out the backdoor. Reba picked Elizabeth up again and they walked into the living room.

A/N: Like I said, this is my very first fanfiction. I'm kinda new to it, so please don't flame me.:) Tell me what you think. The real plot starts to set in next chapter. By the way, the hygenist is Barbra Jean.;)