Two months ago his wife called the number on his phone

Turns out he'd been lying to both of them for oh so long

They decided then he'd never get away with doin' this to them

Two black Cadillacs waiting for the right time...

"You've got a bruised shoulder, and a cracked collarbone, but other than that, you're fine," the doctor told Reba with a smile. "Drake here was securely fastened in his carseat. It looks like he might have a little bump on the head from slamming back into the seat, but other than that, he's perfectly fine."

"That's good," said Reba. "What about my baby?"

"I'm sure the baby is alright," the doctor said. "We'll do a sonogram just in case though."

"Okay, thanks."

The doctor left the room and a nurse came in shortly after. She handed Reba a light purple gown. "Put this on and lie down on the bed. We'll be back to do your sonogram in just a moment." She smiled and then left.

Cheyenne darted into the room. "Mom! Mom! Are you okay?" She grabbed her mother and hugged her tightly. "Where's Drake? Is he okay? What happened?"

Reba pushed Cheyenne gently away. "Don't worry, we're both fine. How'd you find out I was here?"

"My boss at work has a police scanner in his office, and they told your and Drake's names," Cheyenne responded. "I totally freaked. Where is he?"

"He's in another room," Reba replied. "They think he's just got a little bump on the head from slamming back into his carseat."

"And you?"

"Just a bruised shoulder and a cracked collarbone," said Reba. "Don't worry, I'm fine. I need to change into this gown so they can check my baby though."

"Oh, okay. Do you need any help?" When Reba shook her head no, Cheyenne looked around and asked, "Where's Dad?"

"That lying SOB doesn't need to know anything about where I'm at," Reba said.

Cheyenne made a face. "Yikes... what's going on?"

"Cheyenne, you were right. He's been having an affair with that... tooth tart!"

Cheyenne gasped. "Oh, Mom, I'm so sorry! Well how'd you find out?"

"He got a call last night and I answered it. It was her. She was shocked that I answered the phone and asked who I was. She said she was his girlfriend afterward, then went crazy because she was 'going to hell.' She's definitely religious. And we talked this morning, and apparently they're engaged, and she's ALSO having his baby!"

"Dad's engaged to another woman?" Cheyenne crossed her arms. "This is just... hard to believe. You can't be married to two women at once!"

"I know!"

The nurse walked in and smiled at Cheyenne. "Hello. Are you Mrs. Hart's daughter?"

Cheyenne nodded. "Yeah. Do I need to go?"

The nurse shook her head. "Oh, no, you can stay... unless Mrs. Hart minds it."

"Oh, no, Cheyenne can stay," Reba said. "I need to change... sorry, I got so caught up in talking with her."

The nurse giggled. "Oh, you're fine. I'll leave again. Be back in a minute."

Cheyenne followed the nurse out.

In about five minutes, the nurse and Cheyenne walked back in. "All ready?" the nurse asked.

Reba was lying back on the bed. She looked over. "Yep. Let's do this."

The nurse walked back out, then walked back in with a large sonogram machine. Cheyenne walked over and sat down next to her mother. The nurse came over and sat down on the other side, turning the machine on. "Alright, Mrs. Hart, I'm gonna need you to just relax, okay?"

"Alrighty." Reba closed her eyes and took a deep breath. She was silently praying her baby would be okay.

The nurse took out some cream and reached under Reba's gown and rubbed it on her stomach. Reba winced at the sudden coldness. The nurse put the cream away and got out the ultrasound. She ran it across Reba's stomach and looked at the screen on the machine. Reba and Cheyenne looked anxiously at it too.

The nurse kept searching. A confused, slightly scared look came over her face, which worried Reba. "I'm not…" She looked and listened closer.

Reba looked at Cheyenne, horrified. Cheyenne rubbed her back, a fearsome look on her face as well.

"Just relax," the nurse said calmly. She kept rubbing.

Reba's mouth was dry, but she managed to get out, "Is my baby okay…?"

Just as the nurse was about to answer, she heard a VRMP. VRMP. VRMP. A relieved look came over her face and she smiled. "Oh, he's definitely in there. I got a heartbeat."

Reba and Cheyenne both let out sighs of great relief.

The nurse kept listening. "It's very slow… very very slow… this is—" She stopped in mid-sentence.

Reba gasped. "What is it?"


The nurse shook her head. "Oh, nothing. Just stay relaxed."

Reba closed her eyes and tried to relax again, but it was very hard now.

After what seemed like ages, the nurse turned the machine off. She smiled. "Well, Mrs. Hart, your baby has a heartbeat, which is always good."

"Yaye!" Cheyenne quirked, clapping her hands quietly.

The nurse's smile slowly faded. "Yes, but… it's heartbeat is very, very unsteady."

Reba's mind quickly ran through all she knew about slow, unsteady heartbeats. "So what's that mean?"

"It means that if your baby makes it through birth, which hopefully it will, it is likely to have heart trouble, such as an enlarged heart, a hole in his or her heart, maybe a disease and he may eventually have a heart attack. The irregular heartbeat will likely last its entire life."

Reba's eyes filled with tears. "Oh… how common does this happen?"

"Oh, it's very common." The nurse tried to be optimistic. "Most people with heart trouble still manage to live a perfectly normal life."

"So the baby is okay?" Cheyenne asked.

The nurse nodded. "The baby should be fine."

"Did my car accident cause this?" Reba asked, a tear rolling down her cheek.

The nurse slowly nodded. "It was probably a factor. Other things that can cause this are stress during pregnancy—"

"WHAT was THAT? !" Reba screamed. She looked over at Dr. Burke. "DID YOU SEE ANYTHING?"

"—quick, sudden movements—"

Brock grabbed Reba's shoulders and shook her. Tears filled her eyes. Brock had never been this violent before.

"—really, Mrs. Hart… sometimes things like this just happen. Maybe none of those had anything to do with it. Maybe they did. And maybe your baby will have none of these effects, I'm just letting you know that it is very likely."

"Okay, thanks…" Reba stared blankly across the room.

Cheyenne rubbed Reba's back. "You okay, Mom?"

"I'm fine…"

The nurse tried to smile. "I'll go get you your baby. Would you like some water?"

Reba shook her head. "No, I'll be fine…"


That night, after everyone had gone to bed and Reba had received a thousand questions from Jake and Brock, she called Barbra Jean.


"Barbra Jean, it's me."

"Oh, hey! What's going on?"

"I've made my decision… I'll do it."

Barbra Jean's hopes shot up. "Do what?"

Reba gulped. "I'll… we'll kill Brock."

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