Brock came home with a spinning head. Everything was weird, everything was just so confusing. He didn't know how he would get out of this. He was engaged and married at the same time. Neither of the women knew about the other. If BJ found out, it would be hard because she was pregnant, but if Reba found out... yikes.

Sighing and rubbing his forehead, Brock sat down on the couch and grabbed the TV remote. He sat back and tried to relax as the television came to life. Jake walked into the room. His eyes were wide. "You're back?"
Brock looked at his son. "Oh, yeah, I'm back. Is Henry here?"

Jake nodded. "Yeah, he's up in my room. What are you doing back here, Dad? I'm sure Mom doesn't wanna see you right now after what you did."
It then occurred to Brock, he had actually done something to his wife. He sighed as the events of that afternoon slowly returned to his memory. "Jakey... just go back upstairs. You and Henry stay there. Where is-"

Just then, Reba walked in the front door. Her face heated up at the sight of Brock sitting on the couch like nothing was wrong. She gritted her teeth, and Jake raced upstairs. He knew fireworks were about to go off.

"Brock, where the hell have you been?" she demanded angrily. She stormed over to the couch and stood firmly in front of her husband.

Brock sighed and stood up. "I love you, sweetie. I'm very sorry for earlier." He wrapped his arms around Reba and pulled her into a warm, loving hug. Their first hug in weeks.

"Brock... what?" Reba leaned away and looked up at him. "You're actually apologizing for something? What's going on?"

Brock smiled. "Nothing." He was such a liar. He leaned down and kissed Reba's soft forehead. "Can we just forget about all the trouble we've been cursed with for the past week or so and move on? I promise, nothing like that will ever happen again."
Reba looked into his eyes and couldn't help but smile. This was probably the nicest, warmest, happiest moment they'd had since they had gotten married. It was great. "Oh, alright, Brock. Come on, let's go upstairs."

"But isn't Henry here?"

"He's probably gonna stay the night again," Reba responded. She took Brock's hand. "Let's go."

Two hours later, Brock and Reba were hugged together on their bed, wrapped up in a nice, warm blanket. Brock had fallen asleep a long time ago, but Reba was too tired to sleep. And confused. Her head was spinning every which way. Should she trust Brock? Should she apologize? Was something really going on? Was she wrong?

She kept running her fingers up and down his arm. This had been an amazing night. She had serious problems not trusting her husband now. She had been stupid to think something was really going on, she decided. He loved her and her only. Nobody else.

A hard vibration awoke her from her thoughts. She looked around the room for a second, then over to the nightstand on Brock's side before realizing it was his cell phone ringing. She was about to lie back down and forget about it until she saw the caller I.D.

Barbra Jean.

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