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Chapter Three: 00Dragon A Flight to Remember

"I CAN'T TAKE THIS ANYMORE!" Becca howled one evening while the three of them were in her room. Drake was curled around the bed in a cramped position with Geoff sitting on the floor leaning on the dragon's side, Becca had just managed to nearly trip over Geoff's feet and Drake's snout and collide with the wall. She caught herself on the dresser and kept from hitting it and the wall, she whipped around and wailed angrily.

"There's no room in here! You're all in the way! I can't even sleep!" she threw her arms up in exasperation.

Geoff frowned, "Well what about Drake? I'm sure he's uncomfortable too," he muttered indignantly. Instead of his tunic he was now dressed in a pair of jeans and a gray t-shirt, and looked rather good in the clothing as Becca had pointed out when he had dressed the other day.

"My legs are asleep… and my tail…" Drake pointed out quietly, Becca nodded to show she had heard.

"I know! Dammit, this it far too difficult," throwing her bag over her shoulder and slipping her shoes on she opened the door and looked out, Claire had gone out again for a 'scrabble game' with some of her friends so the house was empty. Both Pip and Pot were resting soundly in their cage in the living room, the door latched tightly after the little episode with Geoff's pants.

Looking at the dragon and the boy, Becca motioned for them to follow, "Come on, we're going out. I need to solve this, and fast, before I lose any more sleep," They both gave her a questioning look but got to their feet, Drake groaning as the soreness in his legs cramped and complained when he moved. Becca and Geoff managed to get Drake out of the house and into the backyard, the dragon hummed happily while he stretched like a cat, first his front legs, then his back, fanning his wings and elongating his body while he shook out his limbs.

"That feels better!" He turned to Becca and Geoff, his eyes lit happily now and a smile gracing his face. Geoff leaned against him and patted the dragon's side affectionately, earning another content hum from Drake.

"So where are we going?" asked Geoff.

Becca pointed to the sky, "Could you fly us somewhere Drake? We need to go to where I work… they have something that will help you blend into our world without people knowing you're a dragon," both dragon and boy gave her interested looks and she waved her hands, "I'll explain it later, but right now we need to fly. Can you fly Drake?" she inquired again.

Checking his wings and his tail, Drake nodded and said, "Yes, I just needed that stretch. How far is it?"

"Just outside the city, we're going to a gas station darlings!"

"HOW IS THIS A CITY? IT'S MASSIVE!" cried Geoff as they sailed past the outskirts of the city, Becca laughed, sitting in front of him on Drake's back and directing the dragon with short orders into his ears.

She looked at Geoff, wind whipping her short hair into her face, "It's a metropolis! A city that reaches for miles that is home to thousands, possibly billions of people!" replied the werewolf, feeling rather amused to be explaining the workings of the modern world to Geoff, instead of the other way around like when she had gone back to his era.

The boy sighed heavily, "The future seems very messy,"

"Actually it's very organized! But I won't even try to explain that right now, I don't know that much!" She laughed while Drake chuckled, flapping to gain a little more altitude as they passed the last stretch of the city and came to a vast open wilderness. Scanning the ground, Becca spotted what she was looking for and nudged Drake in the neck, "There! Land by that abandoned-looking gas station Drake!" complying with her orders, the dragon dropped from the sky and landed carefully in a field a little ways from the station. It was the dead of night, about midnight as Becca guessed, and the stars were glittering from their perches in the sky. Becca leapt from the back of the dragon and rolled across the ground, when she came up again she was crouched low with her hands locked together and her index fingers up in the shape of a gun. "Du-na na-nah! My name is Bond… James Bond…" she giggled. Drake and Geoff just stared at her incredulously, obviously not understanding the reference.

"Nothing boys, come on we have to speak with my superiors!" she said, acquiring a sudden English accent and creeping very animatedly towards the gas station, which also seemed to double as a roadside diner. Geoff and Drake followed cautiously, while Becca did strange back turns while holding her finger gun up to her face and peering around corners.

The gas station was old, obviously abandoned and disused for several years. The lights were out and one or two windows were smashed in, on the roof the sign that read 'Milkshakes and Coffee $5' was lopsided and scratched, stained with age and hanging in front of one of the windows. Becca stopped with her James Bond impression and approached the diner, opening the door and ringing the bell. When she looked over her shoulder, she saw the two standing outside with rather nervous looks on their faces.

Smiling, Becca said, "It's honestly fine, don't worry there's nothing bad here,"

Geoff didn't look convinced, "Becca, it looks a little sketchy don't you think?"

"Naw! Not at all man, just come in and we'll get that thing for Drake. You too Drake you can come in through the window over there!" she nodded towards a completely open window that would easily allow the dragon to fit. Looking at each other again, the two followed her into the diner, Geoff through the door and Drake in the window.

Inside it was just as run-down and dirty, if not worse. The paintings and pictures on the walls were black and the upholstery on the old 70's table booths was torn in places, or altogether just gone. Broken glass and pieces of the ceiling littered the floor and the food bags on the shelves were older than Becca, even the drinks in the fridge on the other side of the room were murky and looked absolutely disgusting. The place smelled too, smelled like mildew, urine and rotting food, making it rather unpleasant for Geoff and Drake, even more horrible for Becca with her heightened sense of smell. Yet she strode through the horrific diner as if it weren't a bother at all and approached a back room.

"Oy! You here or you asleep Michael?" she yelled out, Geoff and Drake both flinched at the loudness of her voice, as if she would disturb some kind of nasty spirit from the deadness of the diner.

"Becca! Shush!" hushed Drake nervously, "We don't know who might be there!"

"Oh honestly you two…" she giggled, keeping to her horrible imitation of an English accent, "I do know who's there! And he's being a lazy bum and not coming out here!" she called the last sentence into the dark, placing her hands on her hips and tapping her foot on the ground irritably.

There was a sound from a back room as something fell over, smashing on the floor, followed by a loud curse. "Godammit Becca! It's midnight! My favourite show's on!" came a shout.

"I don't care! I need to get in right now, it's a matter of life and death and James Bond, Michael!" Becca snapped back.

A loud laugh, then, "Fine, fine! What do you need exactly?" A man came out of the back room, broad shoulders and dark skin and a wide smile on his face, his eyes shining in the dark while he ran a hand through his short, black hair. He wore a red shirt and jeans and was carrying what Becca assumed to be a slushie in his hands, "You don't normally come in at night like this, and if you do you're normally complaining about it being too late and not getting enough sleep," he said calmly.

"Come on Michael, you know that sleep is one of the second most important things on my priority list! Along with food, and video games… and possibly belly-dancing, but that's beside the point!" she laughed at his amused expression, "I need to get in because he needs a collar," Becca pointed at Drake, who took a step back and bowed his head in embarrassment, as if he was somehow shy that he was there in the first place.

Michael looked at Drake, "Ah, makes sense then. Is he taking up your room?" he laughed deeply when he saw her facial expression. "All right, but you owe me for missing the first bit of my show!" he walked towards the bar and pressed one of the slushie machines down and the whole room shuddered. A door appeared in the wall, one large enough to fit the three of them comfortably, it opened into a clean, brightly lit and tiled hallway.

"I'll bring you a bag of munchies the next time I come by!" she promised while they followed her through the doorway.

"No you wont!" Michael called after her, shutting the door once they were all inside.

Becca opened the door to another room, the lights shining brightly down on the laboratory layout before them. Geoff and Drake, both completely stunned by every single sight they had seen, now followed in a zombie-like trance behind Becca. The werewolf plowed through the lab until she spotted Astrid sitting at a table at the other end of the long room with her back facing them, most of the lights were out in the room and that gave it a blue-gray kind of lighting. The only light came from Astrid's table, where she was working on something that Becca probably would not even bother to ask about.

"Hey Azzy," she called, walking up to Astrid and patting her shoulder. Astrid's dark hair, now looking slightly purple in the light, was pulled back from her face and tied behind her head. She was writing notes in a rather note-filled book and had several pieces of metal and leather in front of her, appearing to be crafting some kind of weapon.

Astrid looked up and blinked her brown eyes at Becca, "Hey, you don't come in this late unless you have to, what's up?"

"You know, you're the second person to tell me that tonight!" Becca remarked with a short laugh, "Nothing's really going on, are you making something?" she asked curiously, looking at the items on the table.

Nodding, Astrid grinned, "Yep, an automatic celery-launching gun, just for you,"

"That's not funny!"

"Yes it is," Astrid scoffed.

Becca's face fell and she glared angrily at Astrid, "I don't want to ever look upon the spawn of the devil… EVER AGAIN…"

By now Geoff and Drake had somewhat recovered, Geoff approached the table and looked over Astrid's other shoulder curiously. Becca sighed, "Anyways, I need one of those human collars for Drake over here," Astrid turned in her chair and looked at the dragon standing patiently behind them. Drake expected Astrid to flip out and scream, but instead she just put her hands together and looked him up and down.

"Sorry to be a bother…" said Drake apologetically, feeling suddenly very small while Astrid's eyes bore into him, as if analyzing each of his features individually. "But it is uncomfortable, in Becca's room, since I barely fit through the door and I keep stepping on things," he looked down and Astrid smiled.

"It's fine," then looking at Becca, Astrid said, "Sure, I'll get you one. You can honestly get them anywhere here, but I know where to get the best ones, not those cheap ones that only work for a day or so, those are just crap!" She got out of her seat and went towards the door, "Coming?"

"Yeah! Coming!" Becca grabbed Geoff's arm and yanked him away from the table just as he was about to touch one of the sharp blades, she tugged on Drake's shoulder for him to follow. "We're off to see the wizard! The wonderful wizard of—"

"BECCA!" Astrid shouted.


"NOT that song…" she snarled over her shoulder, leading them out of the room, down the hallway and into another room. The room was a long hallway with a circular safe door at the end of it, Astrid approached the door and typed in several digits before the monitor beeped and the thick door swung inwards. Disappearing for about a moment, Astrid promptly came back with a long strip of leather.

"This should do," she said, holding it up to Drake who stared at it quizzically.

"What do I do with it?" he asked.

Astrid walked up to him and looped it around the dragon's neck faster than he could blink, tightening it and fixing the clasp. Drake's form instantly wavered and vanished completely, leaving behind a boy of about Geoff's age, average build, tanned skin, dark brown hair, amber eyes… and utterly naked.

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