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Chapter 7 New feeling on the rise?

As Axel and Valvatorez's group just got up and followed him to the dining room they all looked at more pictures and were shocked at them. They all expected them to be about him but they weren't it showed him with his family and some other people they haven't even met yet. As they turned the corner they saw another one with him and three people or monsters. The group only knew two of them, but had no idea who the third monster was.

"Warden Axel, who is this monster class in the picture with you?" Asked Valvaltorez making Axel stop in his tracks.

"Well, if must know just ask and you will get your answer." Axel said with a smile on his face.

"Well this picture was taken right after we all saved in orphanage from being taken over and before I left to Veldime to get my fame back."

"You actually helped save some people, Warden?" Desco asked Axel.

"Yup, but I also helped because they stole my little brother and anyone who mess with my family will pay. I may act like a fool that only cares about himself but everything I have ever done has been for my family and my friends. I would do anything for them even if it means giving up my life as a Dark Hero and going back to being a normal demon like I was once. The five of us were a good team." Axel said.

"Wait five of you? But I only see four of you Axel." said Artina, calling him his name because he asked her to.

Axel realized what he said and try to cover it up,

"You're right, that's what I meant to say. The four of us were, and are still, a good team. Anyway, you already know my understudy Evil Ranger Pink as my sidekick." he said pointing to Evil Pink in the picture. "You also know my other friend Main Hero B the angel masochist, and before you ask I don't know her real name or if she has one she hasn't told me. The last one is one of my biggest fans. Her name is Actress, the monster class she is, is an Entei. They are very powerful fire monsters but she is a good person and friend."

"Wait she is a girl and she actually is a fan of yours and likes to spend time with you? No way, you're lying!" said Fuka. Not believing him and the fact that she sounded a little jealous. No one noticed this but Artina but she would speak with Fuka later.

"It hurts that you think I would lie but you can ask her when she gets here. She comes every day for dinner so we all can catch up since I have returned to visit she should be here soo..."

"Knock-knock-knock" .They all heard someone knock hard on the door.

"What the hell was that?" yelled Fuka in a little fear.

"I keep telling her to use the door bell or else she might break my door down. Well just follow the path down this hall and the Prinnies will cook for you. Just ask for whatever you want." Axel said.

"Axel, where are you going?" asked Fuka.

"I'm going to see my friend. I haven't seen her in a long time so just wait for us at the dining room." As Axel said this, he jumped out the window only for his friend Actress to appear behind Valvaltorez and his friends.

"Was that Axel who just jumped out the window?" asked a deep female voice from behind them. Valvaltorez and his friends just jumped from being surprised. They all turned to see who was behind them they didn't know her.

When they looked at her they saw fire coming out her and felt a very powerful blue fire aura around her body which was giving off heat and affecting everyone around her.

"Wait, who are you?" asked Fuka.

"Me? You don't know who I am? Well allow me to tell you. I am Actress, the most famous person to star in the blockbuster movie ever made: Makai Wars 2, along with my friends' Evil Ranger Pink, and Main Hero B. Now, who are you and are you friends of Axel?" she said.

"Well I wouldn't call us friends but I will say that we know each other. That's about it. Oh and that was Axel that jumped out the window. He said he was going to greet you but it looks like he just missed you."

"Hmmmm, very well. Don't worry, we will see each other at dinner. Anyway, let's go." They all just nodded and started following her but not getting to close to her with her fire.

"So how do you know Warden Axel?" asked Valvaltorez

"Well we go back way back and I admired him ever since he was famous, even when he lost his fame I still followed him. Till I met him in person and he beat me up."

"Wait he beat you up? I thought you were friends?" asked Artina.

"Well he didn't mean to but, well I kinda scared him into it and, well he did apologize and thanked me for saving his job. Also because of me he also met her. His first love."

The others were just in shock at what she just said.

"Wait first love? But I thought he liked big sis?" said Desco.

"Well he loved someone before your sister, but that was years ago when she did something to hurt him."

"She hurt him? Wait what did she do him that hurt him?"

"Well she…" Actress looked around to see if anyone was around.

"Well what she did was-"

"Now, now, we can't tell anyone about his past without his permission."

"She is right Actress. What would Mister Axel say if he found out you where about to tell his secret past and what that girl did to him? Meow."

Everyone looked to the sounds of the voice's to see Main Hero B and Evil Ranger Pink waiting for them at the end of the hall.

"So how long have you been listening you two?"

"Long enough." they both said.

"You know I wasn't going to tell them her name. After what she did to him you know how he was after what she did to him." Actress said to her two friends.

"Well you're right about that she has no place here after what she did to him." said Main Hero B.

"Right, meow."

"Wait who are you three talking about anyway?" asked Fuka

"We can't say. That's for Axel to tell you." They just walked to the dinner hall. And only went wide eyed as they that there were a lot of Prinnies running around yelling.

"We have to get dinner ready for lord Axel's guests dood!"

"Hmm, Warden Axel seems to have a lot of Prinnies here at his mansion. I wonder where he got them from?"

"Well why don't you ask me in person?" said Axel as he jumped through an opened window but covered in dirt and leaves.

"What the hell happened to you?" asked Fuka.

"Well when I went to greet my friend Actress, I landed in a tree then fell into in a bush."

"That doesn't explain why you are like that."

"Well it turns out that bush wasn't a bush, it was a Alraune." said Axel dusting himself off.

"Wait how did she get in and how did you escape Mister Axel? meow."

"Easy, I just offered her an autograph and lead her outside my mansion. I still don't understand how my fans keep getting in my home but it just shows that they love the Dark Hero's charm.

"Wait, wait, wait. Women actually break unto your house and try to meet you and they like your music here?" asked Desco.

"Well of course. Like I said, I'm an A class celebrity here. Well like I said if you have questions wait till after dinner OK- Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!"

Axel had been talking to Valvaltorez he didn't notice Actress walk behind him and bring him into a bone crushing hug.

"Axel! It's so good to see you again after so long. I have missed you so much." Actress said with a blush on her face as she hugged Axel.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! It's good to see you to Actress, but go a little easier on the hugs please. You're going to break me in two."

"I'm so sorry Axel." said Actress as she let axel go and apologized to her friend. Axel only smiled and pulled out a rose for his friend.

"Don't worry Actress, here take this rose as a gift since I have been gone a while. Take it as a sorry gift from me to you."

Actress only took the rose but it didn't burn at all.

"I hope you like it since you're a friend. It cost a lot but I don't care. It's a rare flower only found in the hottest place in the Netherworld."

Actress only smiled and thanked axel for the gift and she, Main Hero B and Evil Pink just took their seats in the dinner table.

Valvaltorez and his groups just looked at Axel thinking the same thing.

"I bet you're all wandering how much that rose cost."

"No!" screamed every one expect Artina.

"Well I might want to know." Artina said. Not shocking her teammates and friends.

"Well it cost me one million HL." Axel said as he was walking to his seat at the head of the table.

Artina's eyes just lit up at the number of HL she heard Axel say.

"Wait how the hell can you, a lose,r buy something that expensive as hell?" asked Fuka.

Axel just sighed as he took a seat.

"You all got to get it through your heads. You all saw me as a loser just wanting to aim for the top just caring for myself. But like I told you already I am doing everything for my family and I also said that in this Netherworld I am famous which means I am also rich. That is why I was able to build this mansion out here and give my family the life they deserve as well. But you and I aren't so different are we Fuka?" Axel said to Fuka.

"What do you mean were not so different Axel? We a have nothing in common!" Fuka said to him doubting his words.

"Well you have your little sister Desco, and you would do anything to make sure she stays safe and sound right? Well I will do anything for my little brother and family as well. I don't care what people say about it. That's how we are the same Fuka you care for your little sister like I care for my little brother. "

Fuka just stood silent taking in his words and looking at her little sister.

'He is right in a way. I love and would do anything to protect Desco. But why is it that he isn't acting the same he is acting more serious. I guess we really did misjudge him in Hades.' Fuka thought to herself.

"You're right." said Fuka as she took a seat at the table. Everyone following her lead just took their own seat table. As soon as they sat down Axel snapped his fingers and the Prinnies began to bring the food out for his guest. They just started eating while they all ate their meals that were made for them. Fuka was in thought.

'Why am even thinking this? Is it because he is not the loser we all know?"

Fuka looks over to Axel who is eating and talking to Valvaltorez who had some new kinda of sardine meal that Axel's Prinnies made.

'Am I really starting to get feelings for him? I mean now that I know he is not the idiot loser he lets on but a caring guy that loves his family. I don't know what to think any more he even said he still likes me. Hell I don't know he still does. I mean the way we always treated him in Hades and what is the deal with that other girl Actress mentioned? The one who hurt him. Why am even trying to figure out who she is? Am I mad that she hurt him or the fact she dated Axel? This is giving me a headache.' thought Fuka grabbing her head. No one noticed but Artina did notice and added this to the list of things she was going to ask her friend later when they are alone or when they get a chance to talk.

After the meal the Prinnies only cleaned up and Axel notice that it was getting dark.

"Well since the meal is over what are your questions for me? Since you followed me back home so what do you need answer by the Great Axel." He said.

Valvaltorez only shook his head. "No Warden Axel, by coming here we have gotten all our answers. We will all be taking are leave. But something is bothering why is it that the gate keeper said we would regret coming here if the gate wasn't ready yet?"

Axel just spit his drink out at what Valvaltorez said.

"*Cough* *cough* You didn't listen to her? Why not? I thought you would all listen to her. Wait, let me guess, the werewolf said who cares and just went right?"

They all just nodded and Axel just sighed. "Well it looks like you are stuck here with me for a while."

"Wait, what do you mean we have to stay here?" said Desco.

"Well since you didn't listen to the gate keeper, you are all stuck here for awhile I don't know how long since I was only coming back for a week or two. But because you didn't listen to her the portal will take longer to open. So for now you will have to stay here don't worry about the rooms I will provide them for all of you even the werewolf."

At the mention of Fenrich, the three Prinnies that where taking him to the healer appeared. Everyone looked them.

"I told you this was the wrong way to the healer dood."

"Well excuse me for not knowing my way around the mansion. I'm new here dood."

"Well it's not really that bad dood. Axel did say to take it easy on this guy dood. He told us to make sure to take a while to reach the healer He must really not like this wolf guy dood."

"Whether or not, we have a job to do any way so onward dood."

The three Prinnies just walked through the dining hall passing everyone and only bowing to axel and continuing the journey to the healer.

"Well that was weird." said Fuka.

"Not really, when you live at my house the weird things around here begin to feel pretty normal after a while. Well anyway, I will provide you all rooms just follow me. Main Hero B, Evil Pink, Actress, your private rooms are ready as usually so good night."

Axel's friends just said their good nights and each went through a different door in the dining hall. Everyone just followed Axel as he led them to their own rooms. Axel left Valvaltorez in a room and bid him good night. Axel stopped in front of another room.

"Well this will be Artina's room I hope that's ok."

He was about to leave and take Fuka and Desco to their room but Artina had a different plan.

"Wait Axel can me Fuka and Desco share a room?"

"Why I thought you would all want your own room or at least want to share a room with Mr. Vampire as you call him." Axel said with a mocking smile

What Axel said made Artina blush but she shook it off.

"No what I meant was since where all girls that we could all stay in the same room and have you know girl time."

"Girl time? Really? Fine I don't care just like how you girls say men are wired and will never understand us. We will never understand you. But ok you all can share one room if you need anything just call for a Prinny."

Axel just yawned and just said his goodbyes but pulled out a light blue rose and bowed and offered it Fuka.

"For you Fuka my pretty." he said in a normal voice. He didn't expect her to take and the others thought the same thing. But they were all shocked when Fuka just took the flower and just turned around.

"Thank you for the flower Axel." she said not looking at him but her hat was down not showing her emotions.

"You're welcome Fuka good night to all of you I'm off to bed as well." he said as he pulled a fake vase and a trap door opened and he jumped down it to his room.

The girls went inside into the room and closed the door behind them.

"Well now we can talk Fuka." said Artina.

"What do you mean we can talk?"

"Big sis is right, what do you mean?"

"Well it's obvious that your starting to get feelings for the Warden." She said.

"That's not true at all!" said Fuka denying the whole thing.

"Then why did you accept the flower he gave you?"

"She is right big sis why did you accept his flower if you don't have feelings for him?"

Fuka was trapped and she new she had to answer her friends. But could she? Was she acully starting to fall for the dark hero or would this pass.

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