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Rosewood, Subtract All Tragedies

Chapter One:

** Five Years Ago **

Aria Montgomery stood in front of the mirror, playing with a strand of her newly highlighted pink hair. She still wasn't quite sure on the color choice, but it would do. At least it matched her new outfit, all ready for sixth grade. She took a deep breath and fixed the pink-rhinestone skeleton on her necklace so that the clasp wasn't down in front beside the medallion. She blinked, unable to fully comprehend that she was finally going to be in sixth grade, where she had some sort of status – instead of a lowly fifth grader. She would command more respect now, right?

"Ready for school?" Ella Montgomery walked into her daughter's room.

"Yeah, I think so," Aria turned around and flashed a smile at her mother.

"Good because there's someone downstairs who wants to see you."


"You'll just have to see," Her mother smiled knowingly as she stepped aside so her daughter could run downstairs.

Aria ran down the stairs as fast her legs could carry her, and passed her brother in the living room. He was still in his pajamas – the elementary school started much later than the middle school, he was playing with a few toy trucks. Aria then went into the kitchen to see Jason DiLaurentis standing in her kitchen with his backpack slung over his shoulder. Jason was the cutest eighth grader in the school, and the fact that he was standing in the middle of Aria's kitchen was a huge deal. She couldn't wait until she could tell her best friend Emily.

"Hey Aria," He smiled, and all Aria could think was how easily he could have been one of the guys in one of her magazines.


"I was wondering if you wouldn't mind-" He stopped, then took a deep breath, "If you wouldn't mind if I walked you to the bus."

"Of course you can," Aria smiled as her mother walked into the room.

"Aria, take a muffin," Ella said as she got her camera out, "Do you want one, Jason?"

"No, I just had breakfast, thank you," He replied, and Ella smiled as she took her camera off the counter.

"Can I get a fist day of school shot?"

"Mom!" Aria was embarrassed, but Jason shrugged it off.

"Sure, Mrs. Montgomery," He replied, draping an arm around Aria's shoulders as the flash went off.

** Present Day **

Aria smiled as she looked of the photograph of her and her boyfriend, Jason from the first day of school back in sixth grade. Her parents weren't aware of it then, but that was also the first day that she had started dating Jason DiLaurentis. He had helped her onto the bus, and then he had sat with her, and asked her halfway to the school before he had asked her if she had wanted to be his girlfriend. And now, she was sitting on the couch with him the night before their first day of sophomore and senior years of high school.

Jason had never changed from the sandy haired gorgeous guy he had been since he was thirteen. His hair had darkeed a little, and his beautiful eyes had only grown more intense, sexier. He had grown from a beautiful boy to a gorgeous man. And Aria was beautiful, they were the poster couple at the school – which was not something that Aria particularly liked about her charmed life, but everything else was ok.

"It's weird to think how little we were when we started dating," Jason voiced as Aria put the scrapbook back on the coffee table and leaned back into her boyfriend's arms.

"It is, we were just babies," She said as Jason kissed the side of her head.

"Babies who knew what they wanted," He smiled, then leaned in and kissed her briefly.

"Jason," Ella said as she and Byron walked into the room, "It's getting late, isn't it?"

"You guys have school tomorrow, remember," Byron added.

"I should be getting home," Jason said, checking his wrist watch, and Aria pouted – he chuckled, "Walk me out?"

He and Aria walked out to the front porch, and promptly sat down in the swing. It had become tradtion for them, and their parents always teased them that it always took an hour for either of them to leave the other.

"I love you so much, Aria Montgomery," Jason said as he nuzzled his nose into her hair.

"I love you too," She smiled up at him, "I've always loved you, and I always will."

"Who says fairytales don't really happen?" He chuckled as he brushed her hair out of her face and kissed her forehead.

"People who don't have what we have," Aria replied and he brought her hand up and kissed the back of her hand.

"I'll be here to pick you up for school in the morning, ok?" He replied, "I'll be here right at seven."

"After all these years you're still picking me up for school," She smiled as they got up and headed over towards the porch steps.

"Well your mom does make the best muffins in the neighborhood," He teased and she rolled her eyes.

"Just for that, you might just have to skip your good night kiss."

"Really? Look who's laying down the law," He chuckled, leaning in and kissing her anyways, not that she was about to complain, "I love you – sweet dreams, Aria."

Jason showed up the next morning as he did everyday without fail. Once they had gotten into high school, and Jason had started to drive they had brought his sister, one of Aria's best friends, Alison, with them to school. She waited in the car while Jason went in to get Aria. They would bring her out a muffin, and hand it to her as she hopped into the backseat.

"Good morning," Alison said as Jason handed her the muffin and Aria hopped in the front seat.

"Did you get your class schedule?" Aria asked her as Jason took off towards school.

"Yeah," Alison replied, holding her hand out for Aria to give her her's so that she could compare.

"You have English with Spencer and Hanna, Chemistry with me," Alison took a breath, "P.E. with nobody, History with nobody, and Health with Jason and Emily."

"You haven't taken Health yet?" Aria was surprised with Jason, she could have sworn he had taken itt.

"No, never got around to it," He replied, smiling, "That's great though. We get to take it together."

"You did this on purpose."

"Yes, I totally put that much thought into it," He joked, but Aria wasn't so sure that it was entirely a joke.

Jason pulled his car into his parking spot near the entrance of the school. They were still relatively early, and they could see their group of friends – Hanna, Emily, Spencer, Toby, Ben, and Sean standing by the bicycle racks near the front door. They all hopped out of the car, Jason eager to grab hold of Aria's hand as they walked towards their friends. Alison, whom everyone considered the ring leader of their group, but no one really let it get to them. It was true, she just cared about things like that more than everyone else.

"Oh no, it's you losers," Ben joked as we walked over.

"Oh the married couple," Sean smiled as we reached them.

"Hey, as long as they're happy," Alison gave a condescending, controlling smile, "That's all that matters."

"Spencer, you have first period with Aria."

"Oh, fun, that's great." Spencer said, "I didn't think anyone would be in my English class this year. They couldn't put me in AP because of restraints so they threw me in with the seniors instead, so that I could do AP next year."

"That's what they did with me too," Aria chuckled as Jason ran his fingertips up the sensitive underside of her arm.

"Hey, man," Toby said, "Anyone have Davis first?"

"I do," Jason said happily as the bell rang – Jason kissed the top of Aria's head - and they all headed off to first period.

Aria and Spencer picked seats towards the middle left of the room, and as the classroom filled up what few extra seats that were left were left near them, one of which right next to Aria. Spencer was sitting just behind her, to try and minimalize how they were effecting the rest of the senior class. Who, from the conversations they were overhearing seemed to already have contracted senioritis – on the first day.

"Hello, class," said Mr. Parr as he walked into the class, "I'd like you to welcome a new student, Mr. Ezra Fitz to Rosewood High."

Aria looked up from getting her notebook ready to see the boy standing with Mr. Parr at the front of the class. He was tall, a little slimmer than Jason, but still quite muscular looking. He had dark hair and deep, almost pained looking eyes. He was utterly and completely gorgeous from the top of his wavy dark haired head, to the bottom of his converse. He had a leather messenger bag slung around him, and was staring shyly right at Aria. She blinked, trying to make sure her jaw wasn't flat on the desk, but more than that she tried to figure out whether it even mattered if it was or it wasn't. She couldn't even remember her own name.

"Take a seat," Mr. Parr told him, and Ezra hastily took the seat immediately to Aria's left, right in the front, "Why don't you tell us a little about yourself, Ezra?"

"Well," He swallowed, he was adorably uncomfortable speaking about himself, in that setting, "I'm eighteen years old, and my Mom and I just moved here from the city."

"Which city?" Aria asked it before she could even stop herself.

"New York," He turned to her and replied.

The second his eyes met hers there was something there. Aria's brain immediately filled with all sorts of thoughts involving Ezra. Moonlight and candles, and chasing him around a beach, playing in the waves, sitting on the hood of his car in the middle of a field with no one around but each other. Aria blinked, breaking the connection as she forced herself to face forward and listen as Parr was starting to drone on. She tried thinking of Jason, and how much he would disapprove, and be hurt by Aria's thoughts. She took a deep breath.

She had been with Jason since she was eleven years old, no matter what Alison claimed – he was her best friend. They had been together so long, that it was expected Rosewood was used to them together, and they worked. It wasn't so volatile as some sort of whirlwind romance. There was romance, but it was more subtle, and they were in love. But there was no great moment that Aria could pinpoint that she had just had with Ezra… She physically shook her head to get any thought of it out of her head. She was with Jason, she loved Jason.

"Hi, I'm Spencer," She hopped up right after the bell rang, extending a hand to Ezra, "This is Aria."


"Hey," Aria said, trying to be friendly – biting back every urge that he evoked.

"What do you girls have next?" Ezra asked shyly.

"You won't have our classes," Spencer told him, "We're sophomores."

"Well they ordered classes a lot differently at my old school," He replied, "So my classes are all mixed up."

"Oh, so what do you have next?" Spencer asked.

"Ah, Chemistry," He replied, "With Mrs. Nomad?"

"That's my next class," Aria said and his eyes widened in excitement.

"Would you mind showing me the way, then?" He asked and she shrugged.

"Sure, why not?"

They headed out into the hall and parted with Spencer.

"So when'd you move here?" Aria asked, keeping her eyes looking forward without a single thought to change the direction to look at Ezra again.

"Got here a couple weeks ago," He replied, "My mom married some guy who lives here."

"She made you move for your senior year?" Aria pointed out, "That sucks."

"It does."

"You had to leave all your friends behind a year early."

"Eh, I didn't have to many friends to begin with," He replied, "My brother stayed with our father in New York, I figured I'd restart early."

"Your brother?"

"Twin brother," He replied.

"I can't believe that you didn't have too many friends," Aria said, finding it easier and easier to talk to him as they neared the chemistry classroom.

"I like to read, and write a lot," He replied, as Aria tried to find a lab table, and he followed her, "It tends to seclude me from everyone else."

"I know what you mean," Aria replied as she sat, and he next to her, "I run into the same problem."

"You write?"

"More than anything," Aria said, then looked to change the subject, "My best friend Alison's in this class…"

"Oh," He said, hopping up kindly, "Then you'll want to partner up with her."

"No, sit," Aria said, rolling her eyes as she took out her schedule, "She won't show up."

"She won't?" Ezra looked confused as he sat back down.

"No, she has me in this class," Aria took a deep breath, "That's how Ali works. She never goes to her own classes if she can help it. She'll take my notes and use me to help her with everything else."

"That, sounds like it sucks," He replied and I shrugged.

"That's Alison," I said, "We've been best friends since we were twelve."

"People change I guess, you don't necessarily have to ditch them as friends," Ezra reasoned and I shook my head.

"No, Ali's always been that way," I replied, "Just like she's always been my boyfriend's sister."

"Oh, gotcha. Boyfriend?" He was trying to play it cool, but he looked absolutely crushed.

"Five years today," Aria pretended not to notice.

"Five years?" He was instantly able to hide his disappointment with shock, "You've been together since you were eleven?"

"That's quick math," I pointed out and he nodded.

"How.. wouldn't you…"

His confusion was interrupted by Mrs. Nomad walking into the class. Aria passed her schedule over to Ezra for him to be able to compare, and just her luck perfect boy with weirdly every gorgeous feature imaginable was in every single one of her classes, without fail. She took a deep breath and pushed her schedule back into her bag, taking a deep breath. She kept telling herself that she could do this. She could be friends with Ezra, and could maintain her relationship with Jason – no sweat. What Jason and she had was rare, a storybook romance of the boy next door forever loving the girl next door. No one could ruin that. Even Ezra with his gorgeous eyes and dark wavy hair.

"It's time for lunch?" Ezra was looking at his schedule as they left P.E.

"Yeah, c'mon you can sit with my friends and I if you want," Aria said and Ezra smiled.

"Who's this?" Alison met them halfway to the table.

"Ezra Fitz," Aria replied, "Ezra, this is Alison DiLaurentis. He's new, Ali. I thought he could sit with us."

"Good to meet you," Ezra smiled, "Aria's told me so much about you."

Aria had to keep back a chuckle, Alison would never catch it – but the last bit was not a flattering statement.

"Hmmm, I guess you can sit with us, if you want," Alison said and Aria had to keep herself from rolling her eyes.

"What's going on?" Jason asked as he came over, and promptly wrapped his arms around Aria – she didn't know why but for some reason she really wished he hadn't.

"Jason, this is Ezra," Aria introduced them as Jason kissed her cheek, then stood upright to extend a hand to him, "He's new, he just moved here from New York City."

"New York City?" Alison looked surprised, and she looked back at Ezra, wasn't pleased with the introduction with Jason, but was putting on a good mask.

Once again, Aria thought it would be best if she just didn't notice. Alison was already headed back to the table, and Ezra looked at me like 'is this girl for real?'. Jason chuckled as she shouldered my back and lead the way, a few paces behind Queen Bee.

"Don't worry," Jason whispered with a friendly smile, "We only let her think she's in charge."

Ezra chuckled a little under his breath as Jason and Aria took their seats on one side of the table, Ezra took his right across from them.

"Everyone, this is Ezra," Alison announced to the table at large, "Ezra, This is Hanna, Sean, Spencer, Toby, Emily, Ben, and of course you've met Aria and Jason. Ezra is going to come to the party Friday night with us."

"Welcome aboard," Ben joked and Ali looked scary.


"Sorry, Ali," He replied as Alison went off to stalk Ian, one of the seniors who was a known druggy.

"I'm going to a party Friday night?" Ezra was totally confused as to what had just happened.

"It's Noel Kahn's beginning of the year party," Jason filled him in, "It's a lot of fun – and Alison really does mean well."