Ok...so just experimenting with something...I had to get it out of my head so I could get get back to working on my other stories.

Hope you all like it! It was kind of a have to. I don't think I've seen this done much so yeah. I love Tony/Steve so I wanted to try my hand at it... with a twist. I got inspired by the Earth-3490 universe and Natasha Stark. Look it up if you've never heard of it, it's really interesting! XD

I'm working on a slash fic too, because I have so many ideas. And free time! X3

If there was one thing Toni Stark was known for (and she was known for many, many things), it was making an entrance, Iron Man suit or not.

"How about some music, JARVIS? Gotta let Miss Romanoff know we're here."

"Yes ma'am. Do you have a preference?"

"A little AC/DC never killed anyone. I think we should share with Miss Romanoff and Spangles down there, if you catch my drift."

"Will do, ma'am."

Not thirty seconds later 'Shoot to Thrill' was blaring through the carrier craft's speakers. Toni could practically see the Black Widow face palming.

She dropped the Widow a simple "Miss me?" message that didn't need a response and descended to the ground, training everything she had on the suit on Loki.

"Freeze, Reindeer Games." Pretty spiffy jab, if she did say so herself.

Wait, did she really sound like that? If so, the voice of the suit really needed tweaking. It was masculine, since she had wanted to keep her identity a secret originally (she had let that cat out of the bag), but it almost sounded too auto-tuned to her. One more thing to add to the to do list.

Well, at least if she ever got any more criticism as Iron Man no one could call it completely ridiculous. Those horns were quite ridiculous. So was Captain America's skin tight spangly get up...but those horns? Yeesh.

"...Miss?...Stark." Finally, someone broke the silence as Loki was cuffed and escorted to the carrier. She snapped out of her musings, partially.

"Captain." She nodded. No need to gush. Her father had only practically worshipped the guy and never shut up about him.

She was wasn't bitter, really. Seriously.

Psshh, whatever.

"So...how do you do it?" Toni had to ask. The ride back was too quiet. She hated the quiet.

And Loki was fucking creepy. And boring holes into her with the stares.

"Do...what?" Cap raised an eyebrow at her.

"The build. Fitting in that...getup. Do you do cardio or...?" If there was another thing Toni Stark was good at, it was being a flirt. And Spangles wasn't exactly unpleasant to look at.

Nothing. Just awkward staring. Sigh.

"Never mind. Guess you missed a lot doing time as a Cap-sicle." She kept a straight face. Ribbing was good, even if she was the only one that found it funny.

It's not like shutting down other people and being a smartass was largely a defense mechanism.

...At least that's what she told herself.

That aside, the thunderstorm had really picked up outside the carrier craft. Even stranger, Loki didn't seem too thrilled about it.

"What's wrong? Scared of a little thunder?" Toni crossed her arms and put on her best smug look.

"...I'm not overly fond of what follows." The reply was kind of odd, to say the least. The expression on Loki's face was one of being mildly perturbed. The Captain had a confused look on his face, almost mirroring her own.

A sudden thunk coming from the top of plane didn't sound good, either.

This was not shaping up to be a good day.

They finally made it back to the helicarrier. Toni had to admit, it was an impressive structure, at least for S.H.I.E.L.D anyway.

That confrontation with Captain America and Thor had not been fun. Thor had almost taken her fucking head off more than once during that...skirmish...and Cap's bright idea to get Thor to hit his shield still had her ears ringing.

If Stars n' Stripes caused any permanent damage, it was gonna be his ass. His cute, shapely ass.


She chalked that awkward, random thought up to not getting laid in quite a while with a tinge of insomnia.

She didn't want to be here longer than she had to.

With Dr. Banner supposedly coming on board and Loki in confinement at thirty-thousand feet in the air, on top of everything else, it was bound to be a pressure cooker situation.

Toni figured this would happen. She just had to piss Pepper off when Coulson was trying to get a hold of her. She made a mental note to at least try and not agitate the redhead again...for a while...anyway.

She checked herself in the mirror of the small washroom she was currently occupying. Her fairly short black-brown hair was always messy, and now it was completely disheveled. She even noticed how tired her brown eyes looked. The dark circles, though very slight, did not help either. She ran her fingers through her hair in a futile attempt to take out some of the wildness of it.

She finished wrapping the fresh bruise on her arm – the arm Thor had almost crushed through her suit – and headed out into the impending chaos.

God, she needed a drink.

I know it's short. But if I get feedback, I might turn this into a story in itself. Who knows! I had so much fun with this. :)

'Till next time!