Title: Playing the Role

Pairing: Harry / Draco

Summary: Oh… boy. Sorry. Harry is a dominant Veela (uh… yes… sorry). Draco is a submissive Veela (really…really sorry). However, Malfoys are not submissive Veelas so Draco's father has a plan to hide it… the question is can Draco manage it?

Warnings: Boy on boy sexing, some mild violence, uh… the whole dominant/submissive veela plot… yea… that..

Author's Note: Okay so… yes… I know. Dominant / Submissive Veela plot… the horror, right? Well I tell you what, I wrote this for my own amusement, and if I do say so myself I think I have the smallest tiniest bit of difference from the normal story…, but I figured I'd put it out there in case anyone else gets some amusement from it as well. Don't hate me. J

Enjoy. (and no… the other stories aren't abandoned… this is my guilty pleasure story though… of course… so is Rough on You… )

"I'm sorry father." And he really was. Not just because his father was angry, not just because Draco's cheek still stung where he had been hit. Not just because this would surely shame the Malfoy name. No, it was because Draco was happy with this particular twist of fate.

He was in Draco's face again, growling out the words. "A Malfoy has never developed as a submissive Veela."

The tone made Draco forget about being happy about this path as the familiar shame his father was so good at producing appeared in Draco's stomach and he looked away, repeating himself. "I'm sorry."

"I should have known this would happen when you decided to be so short."

"Wh-what?" Even the ingrained training he's had since he could talk couldn't stop him from stuttering or staring at his father with his mouth hanging open. Even he couldn't be blaming him for being short. "Decided to be short?"

Lucius ignored the indignant question and sneered and Draco knew he was going for the hurt. He scrambled to pull his own sneer on his face, hopefully protecting himself with it, for what good it would do.

"You probably wanted to be submissive."

With a flash of fear he thought that his father knew, but the rational part of his mind told him he was just trying to say what he thought would hurt Draco the most. He might be hitting on the truth, but he didn't know that. "I don't believe I had a say in it, father." He may have been trained to be dominant his entire life and he may have followed it but the news at finding out he wasn't a dominant Veela had left him feeling relieved.

"Lucius." The soft voice stopped the next words that were going to come out of his mouth and they both turned to look at Draco's mother. She was smiling softly, "Let me talk to the boy alone Lucius, please."

"Fine." He turned back to Draco and tried to meet his eyes but Draco wouldn't raise them from the floor. "We will discuss this disappointment later."

The words stung, like they were supposed to, and tears appeared making his eyes sting as Draco forced them not to fall. After Lucius was gone he looked up to see his mother and was startled at the warmth he could see in her eyes. She had rarely looked at him with anything but a cold detachment.


She reached up and touched his cheek and he couldn't help leaning into it a little, she barely ever showed such affection. It wasn't until she spoke that he forced his eyes open, not realizing he had closed them.

"Oh Draco, I never thought…. If I had only known. It never occurred to me that you might not be like him." Her thumb brushed his cheek.

He wasn't sure what she was saying but he did catch the 'not like him' part and he felt the tears again. He wasn't able to stop the few that slid down his cheeks but he didn't look away.

"What, no!" Her voice was firm as she continued, "Don't cry because you aren't like him. That's nothing to be ashamed of…" She deftly wiped away the tears, "nor is wanting to be a submissive Veela."

"I, I don't … I want … I wanted to be dominant."

Her smile was almost sad, regretful. "It's okay Draco. Which side you land on isn't as random as you would think. It doesn't want to work against you, if you emerge as a submissive believe me when I tell you that you would be miserable as a dominant. I know this, Draco, believe me."

He wanted to argue but part of him knew that it was true. He reached up to take her hand and spoke softly, "When it happened, the change, I hadn't wanted to be submissive but then… it felt right. I was… I was relieved."

"Good… good. Being submissive doesn't make you weak-"

"Enough!" His father stormed into the room and Draco watched the cold look slip back over his mother's face. He had something in his hand but Draco concentrated on his face. "Don't tell him lies Narcissa."

"I need to train him Lucius."

"I've already trained him."

"As a dominant, not as a submissive-"

"Because he will not be!" He waved a bottle in her face, "This will make him smell like a dominant."

Draco wondered if he looked as shocked as his mother, "It will make me dominant?"

He scowled, "No. But it will make you smell like one. Then you can find a submissive Veela and-"

"Lucius! You can't have him do that, you can make him smell like one but he can't act like one."

His hand flew out, catching her across the cheek with the back of his hand. The sudden hit sent her to the ground and Draco looked up at him, startled as he grabbed his shirt. Draco had seen him hit her before, he knew that dominant Veela's were violent, but he was scared more than he ever had been before. "F-father?"

He shoved the bottle into Draco's hands, "You put this on like cologne, you'll smell like a dominant."

From the ground Narcissa spoke up again, anxious. "He can't Lucius. Deal with it, he's submissive." She sounded worried, "He won't be able to protect himself against a dominant without training."

"Not another word." He ground it out and she shut her mouth and if Draco ever had forgotten he remembered then that she was a submissive Veela. "He is a Malfoy, that will make up for this… unfortunate accident. I've trained him how to act like a dominant and he WILL act that way." He casually waved a dismissive hand at her, "Leave." She stood up and looked like she was almost going to say something but after a scorching look she slunk out, only leaving Draco with a regretful smile.

"That is how a submissive is treated Draco. Tell me how that isn't weak and I will not stand for my only son being weak. Understand?"

Draco looked down at the bottle, torn between the two paths. His gut was rebelling against his plan but the Malfoy pride was too instilled in him not to leave a bitter taste in his mouth at the thought of submitting to someone. "Yes, father."

He grinned, "Good. That's my boy."

He left quickly and Draco stood there contemplating the bottle. So he could smell dominant and his father had taught me exactly how a dominant should behave. He could do this.

Remembering the look in his mother's eyes before she left though made him think of the training she had started to mention. He shrugged it off though, it couldn't be that different from the training his father had put him through. He glanced at the calendar, one week until school.

It was a cold trip to the train, his mother not even going. The only words his father left him with was not to shame his family name.

He was still a little thrown by the scent that covered him, at first he had been intimidated, the smell of a dominant Veela putting him on edge. He wasn't as confident as his father, but he would have some chance if there weren't any other dominants or even other Veelas at the school.

He made it to his room on the train without sensing any other Veelas. He was embarrassingly relieved that Crabbe, Goyle and Blaise especially were not.

He felt eyes on him and after a few moments he finally turned to Blaise, annoyed. "What?"

He blushed a little but made a small gesture, "Did it happen?"


The sharp tone had Blaise look down at the ground but Goyle cleared his throat, "A veela Draco."

"Oh, of course I did."

Goyle grinned, "Are you going to find a Veela to get with?"

He faltered but quickly covered it, "Of course. A pretty little thing at my beck and call."

He was feeling pretty good about himself until Blaise spoke up with a chuckle, "Unless Potter gets 'em first."

"Yeah, like that will…" He trailed off as he caught on to what was said and grabbed Blaise's shirt, pulling him face to face. "What are you talking about?"

Blaise yanked back, indignantly fixing his shirt. "Potter. Didn't you hear? Seems the boy wonder is a Veela too."

"It's too bad he's not a submissive one, wouldn't you love to see Draco telling him what to do?"

Draco had gone pale, "Harry Potter is a dominant Veela?"

"Yeah." He eyed Draco who had gone from pale to looking a little sick to his stomach. "What's wrong? This will be great you can fight on a whole new level. It will be great."

"Yeah, can't you like… hurt him or challenge him or something?"

Draco automatically nodded, but wasn't really paying attention, suddenly very worried. If Potter was a dominant too he was going to want to battle all the time. Friends that both became dominant Veelas would have issues – but enemies? There would be nothing but challenges every step of the way.


He jerked his head up, and guessing from the look on Blaise's face it hadn't been the first time he had called him.


"I said why don't we go see Potter, huh? Get this started right."

He wanted to say no, he wasn't 100% sure what would happen when he came face to face with Potter. He knew how he was supposed to act though and that should be good. He straightened his shoulders and plastered a smirk on his face, "Yea, let's go see the scarhead." They grinned and he led the way out, not sure of what was going to happen.

As he got closer his steps faltered a bit, seemingly without his consent. Even before he reached the door he could sense Harry, and he knew instantly Harry could sense him. The door was flung open and he stood before him, eyes blazing.

His father had taught him that very stance, it was meant to challenge and he knew how to stand against it, but it was lost in the sudden instinct to cower back. Which he did for a moment, stepping back and ducking his head quickly before he realized what he was doing and stood straight. Harry watched the movements carefully tilting his head a little at Draco's odd behavior.

Draco could feel his heart beating faster as he strove not to show it. He was being pulled towards Harry by his submissive instincts and though he didn't cower his voice stuck in his throat, leaving him staring blankly up at Potter. That's when he realized he was actually looking up and the shock that very suddenly Harry was taller than him caused him to break the silence, "You grew." He tried to ignore the slightly defeated sound of his own voice.

One corner of Harry's mouth lifted, "You didn't."

That wasn't entirely true – he was sure he had grown at least a little bit, but no answer came to mind as he just continued to stare. Harry laughed a little and leaned against the door, his challenge stance easing a little, "What do you want Malfoy?"

An elbow to the side from Blaise brought him back and he sneered though he was careful to avoid an aggressive stance, Harry's raised eyebrow telling him that he noticed.

He closed his eyes for a second and pulled on all that his dad had taught him, that he had been doing for years and glared at Potter, "Where are the mudblood and the weasel? You get left out again Potter?"

The casualness was gone in an instant as he was in Draco's face, something close to a growl escaping. Draco stepped backwards quickly, trying to escape the sudden chemical rush from Harry's anger. Harry followed his retreat, backing him against the wall, "Take it back, now."

At that moment Ron and Hermione appeared, the back up making Harry's veela side even more forceful. He could barely breathe as he looked up at Harry. "Sorry…"

Harry's eyebrows went up and Draco rushed to fix his mistake. "I, er, sorry you're such… a joke." His skin was almost itching with the anger pouring off the other boy. He managed to choke out, "Come on, we're leaving." With that he turned on heel and stomped back towards his compartment in what he hoped wasn't too obviously a retreat.

He dreaded getting back to their compartment because if the perplexed look on Blaise's face was right, there was going to be a lot of questioning.

He had choked completely. He could never imagined it would be that hard – he had neglected to realize he would still react like the Veela he was despite that he didn't smell like it. Blaise may be mad that he obviously was beaten, if only Zabini knew how much effort it had taken not to drop down to the floor at Potter's feet.

He put up his hand before anyone could say anything. "I don't want to hear it."

Blaise looked like he wanted ot say something but sat down, looking a little disgruntled.

"Draco, are you alright?"

He hadn't expected one of his goons to ask and started blankly at him for a moment as he thought about the question. He wasn't alright. In all honesty Potter probably would have been able to out do him even if they had both been dominant, his chances now dropped dramatically.

Next time he had to do much better. At this rate it was going to give him away and that wasn't an option.

He slumped down onto one of the seats. "I'm fine, just tired. Next time I'll get him." An uneasy silence fell over the four of them for the rest of the ride, giving Draco plenty of time to worry.