Chapter 1

It's been revised, the end is still the same, but the rest of it should be a bit smoother. Thanks for the reviews, you're all awesome!

This story is based on the reference to Sevelon, pages 52-53, in Book 1 of the Green Rider Series. In the books, Sevelon is depicted as female in Sacoridia and male in Rhovanny. For the purposes of this story, I'm making the character a male.


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"When the legends die, the dreams end; there is no more greatness."—Tecumseh

The boy and his grandmother sit facing each other. From her chair, she points out the window, "You see those stars?"

His young eyes following the path of her wrinkled fingers, the boy nods, "Jake, my tutor, says it's the Sword of Sevelon. A constellation I think."

She smiled at her youngest grandson with pride and continued, "It has a great story, one that has greatly affected our land and people."

She is a minstrel and telling stories is one of her greatest passions. There is one story in particular she always tells to children, in the hopes that they will one day pass it along to their children. It was perhaps the most important tale of this age. Its heroes deserved to be remembered; remembered as legends for as long as this land existed.

The minstrel sat in her old rocking chair. When she began her tale, the words came out as a spoken memory. Her melodious voice filled the room and her eyes grew distant, as if she too were lost in the unfolding tale.

"As he ascended into the heavens, he threw his sword away for good. He tossed it far and watched it dance through the sky, until it became an asterism of its own. It is the one you see there, seven stars in the shape of a cross. For a thousand years it continued to fall through the never ending space, tip up in the spring and spiraled down in the late fall. It would have continued on this course forever, yet a great darkness had returned to our world. When its power became so great that it no longer was only a threat to our world, but also a danger to the world of the immortals, Aeryc and Aeryon knew they must put a stop to it. They retrieved the sword and gave it back to Sevelon. At first he refused, but the gods gave him little choice. Taking pity on him, Aeryon promised that when this task was complete, Sevelon would be greatly rewarded…."