Chapter 16

"Remember kid, there's heroes and there's legends. Heroes get remembered, but legends never die, follow your heart kid and you'll never go wrong"—The Babe, Sandlot

The old minstrel was now smiling. She always loved telling this tale.

"…Later, people would say their Knight of the Realm had been carried off by a glowing figure. When the information was leaked that he was an immortal and had been living with them for over a month, the castle gossips couldn't talk of anything else."

"Lady Estral", the nursemaid's voice brakes into the old woman's tale.

The aged minstrel looks up at the intrusion, "Yes Catherine, what is it?"

"My Lady, it is nearly midnight, the young master must be to his bed."

Startled by how late it is, Estral looks at her youngest grandson, who is valiantly trying not to fall off his chair. She smiled as his tired eyes met hers, "Go to bed child."

His nursemaid leads him to the door, but as she opens it he turns back to his grandmother, a question on his lips. "Grandmother, did Sevelon go back to the stars then?"

She knew he would be thinking of this story for days and it made her eyes twinkle with happiness. Now there is another person to remember her friend. "Yes, he went back and Karigan went with him."