AUTHOR NOTE: Something I would love to enjoy writing this.. I always wish that this scene is even happening at Puss in Boots movie, as deleted scene.. But, it never happen..

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The scene was right after Kitty telling to Puss her story about how she get declawed. They were at Humpty's carriage.

"Cat people are crazy!" said Puss to Kitty. Kitty just smiled at Puss sudden reaction.

"Eh.. Kitty? Why are you smiling like that?"asked Puss, who actually was happy that Kitty did not longer sad anymore.

"What do you mean I smiling like that?" asked Kitty, confused.

"No.. it just that I never seen you smiles so genuinely…I mean.. truly smiling.." said Puss, feels awkward in every seconds. "The time when I saw you smiling was when you tried to flirt me and every time you had stole my boots from me.."

Kitty was blushing at Puss answer. Is he really mean that?

"..Those smile back then was a façade to me.. but this time, I finally see you smile, truly smiling. Not some kinda mask.." said Puss.

Kitty didn't respond any Puss statement. She was just simply stare at Puss.

"Kitty? I was just wondering something.." said Puss. He was sweats a lot and kinda blushing.. Kitty was wondering about what Puss was gonna say.

"Kitty.. what do you think about our relationship? Are we just a partner?" asked Puss. "..Or a friend relationship?"

Kitty gulped. Nobody ask her about that kinda question!

"What do you mean? " asked Kitty, total blushing…

"..It just, I always thought there something more between us. More than partnership, more than friendship.. I starts to thought that.." Puss was stuttering at this point. He was blushing red and so does with Kitty.

"I..I don't know.. Maybe we just a partner. That's all. Beside, Humpty is the one who's hires me, remember?" said Kitty.

"Yeah.. yeah it does.." said Puss, sounded like.. disappointed?

"Are you okay?"

"No, I'm not.." said Puss, weakly.

"What's wrong?" asked Kitty, worried about Puss's condition.

"It's just.. aw, never mind.." said Puss, looking away from Kitty.

Kitty now feels annoyed because of Puss sudden weird behavior.

"Puss! What is wrong with you?" asked Kitty, angrily and annoyed at the same time.

"Kitty, don't yell at me! And I was fine. Like I used to.." said Puss.

"Seriously Puss, I was trying to make sure you were fine.." said Kitty.

"..And you will come back to more focused at the golden eggs, am I right?" said Puss, who's now feels annoyed too.

"Puss? You really.. really think that I'm only focus for this quest?" said Kitty, who's no longer feels annoyed, but now feels concern.

"It is. You only thought our relationship as partnership. That's the proof.." said Puss, still looking away from Kitty.

"Puss.. I.." Kitty was about to say something, but she didn't. She now realizes that she actually fall in love with Puss..

"Puss.. ?" Puss didn't react, but Kitty suddenly grabs his shoulder, spins him so he can look directly to her, and Kitty starts to kiss him! In the mouth! (with tongue…)

Puss at first was shocked, but he then enjoyed that kiss anyway..

After 20 minutes of make out section later…

"Guys! We're here! We..guys?" said Humpty, confused about why both Puss and Kitty were a mess and both of them just look at each other, giggling..

"Okay.. what just happened?" asked Humpty, still confused and he didn't know that the two cats in front of him were just having an intimate moment..


" We definitely will not gonna put this scene!" said Tom Wheeler, one of the story writer for Puss in Boots movie.

"But why? We love this scene! And you said that you need some scene that definitely points about Puss and Kitty relationship!" said Brian Lynch, also the story writer.

"Yeah! The kids will LOVE THIS!" said Will Davies.

"No! The kids will NOT GONNA LOVE THIS! They will instead TRAUMATIZED!" said Tom, angrily.

"Beside, this scene will also put the movie into an Adult ratings instantly…" comment Andrew Adamson, the executive producer.

"So, what do you think Chris?" asked Guillermo Del Toro to Chris Miller, the director of Puss in Boots.

"I have to agree with Tom .. Beside, the whole point for this movie is to be watched by the children around the world! We can't simply put that scene into a kids movie!" said Chris.

"How about, we deleted this scene instead?" asked Brian.

"That would do.."

"But, this scene is so great! What we should do with this scene? We can't just put this as a bonus for upcoming Puss in Boots movie DVD!" said Will

"Hm.. how about we give this scene instead to Robin1996ify?"

"Yeah! That will do!" said Andrew.

AUTHOR NOTE: There you have it! A deleted scene from Puss in Boots!(not really) Please review..