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P.S: Sorry for no deleted scene on this chapter. This chapter basically tells about what happen at the Dreamworks studio after all of this ridiculous scenes they just made….

"So… how many scene we had been deleted, Tom?" asked Andrew Adamson to Tom Wheeler.

"Eehh.. 21?"

"21? That's many! This is definitely proofs that Brian and Will are nuts when making Puss in Boots scenes! We shall fires them!" yelled Guillermo Del Toro.

"Please.. spares our life!" yelled Brian Lynch, hiding behind Chris Miller's back.

"I have to support my wife and my children! Please spares us!" plead Will Davies, also hiding behind Chris's back..

"Whoa.. whoa! Can you guys just calm down a little bit? I knew Brian and Will for so long. I will not gonna fires them.." said Chris Miller.

"Phew.. that's a relieved.." said Brian and Will simultaneously.

"However.. they had failed us on their jobs at making a great scene for Puss in Boots. So, I might be gonna fires them…" said Chris Miller.

Brian and Will gasped again..

"What are we going to do know? This two idiots already ruined a few scene for Puss in Boots movie.." asked Latifa Ouaou (the producer), receiving a glares from Brian and Will…

"We shall strip them naked, put a pink wig on them, and let them running around the mall!" yelled Joe M. Agular, the producer.

"How about we throw them with my cannon?" asked Henry Jackman, the film score composer, everyone were sweat dropped at Henry's statement…

"Where do you get the cannon?" asked Chris, sweat dropped.

"From my dad, of course!" said Henry, making everyone sweat dropped again..

"Oh..kay… How about my idea?" asked Chris.

"You're going to fires Brian and Will?" asked Guillermo.

"NOOO!" yelled Brian and Will, simultaneously.

"Nope, but we can.." Chris suddenly whispering to Andrew about his idea, which receiving a nodded from Andrew.

"What is your idea?" asked Latifa, curiously.

Chris and Andrew then smiles evilly to Brian and Will…

"I think I know what Chris's idea is.." muttered Will, sweat dropped.


I don't what happen next after Chris had executed his plan at Brian and Will, but I'm pretty sure it something about throwing Brian and Will from the top floor at the studio, watched by two figures from the building across the studio.

"Why those two people just being thrown from that building?" asked the female figure to the male figure beside her.

"I don't know, maybe it's something to do with their jobs.." said the male figure.

"What exactly their job is?" asked the female again.

"Making the movie based from us .." said the male figure(whose now we all know that is Puss!), putting back his brown cavalier hat to his head. "Come on Kitty, we're going to be late for our dinner reservation.." said

"I know.." said Kitty, looking back to Brian and Lynch 'bungee jumping' from Dreamworks studio ".. but this is too funny to be missed.."

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