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Ice Age: True Love with Kyle

Chapter 1 - Beginnings

In the Ice Age World, the herd was going back to the Sanctuary after a long regular day. Manny, Ellie, Peaches and the twins were asleep while Sid and Carrie were just putting their two year old daughter, Rosy, into her leaf shaped crib.

"Goodnight sweetie", Sid happily said.

"Night dada", Rosy yawned.

"Goodnight Rosy", Carrie sweetly whispered.

"Night mama", Rosy replied as she then drifts off to sleep.

"Our daughter is so adorable when she sleeps", Sid giggled.

"Indeed she is", said Carrie as she smiles at her husband.

Sid and Carrie then lay themselves down on their leaf shaped bed as Carrie wraps her arms around Sid.

"Need company?" Sid joked.

"Yeah", Carrie giggled but then she yawns loudly.

"Sounds like you didn't enough sleep last night", said Sid.

"No honey, I sneaked out and party all night long", Carrie joked.

"Really? Where was I?" Sid asked in confusion.

Carrie then laughed and ruffed his hair as she giggled, "I'm only joking, honey".

"Oh, heh, heh, heh! Good one!" Sid chuckled.

"Thanks!" Carrie replied. The two sloths laughed softly for a moment, then, they stopped and relaxed in their bed.

"So... where is Diego and Toby?" Carrie asked.

"Hmm... last time I checked, Diego just left the Sanctuary to find Toby", said Sid.

"So, do you even know where Toby is?" Carrie asked.

"I don't know but we mustn't worry about him", said Sid.

"You're right Sid. He's tough and he's got Diego", Carrie replied.

"Amen to that...Well! Goodnight Carrie", said Sid.

"Goodnight Sid", said Carrie.

"I love you", said Sid as he kissed his wife on the lips.

"I love you too", Carrie replied as she returns the kiss.

Soon the two sloths went to sleep for the night. Meanwhile, near Seaweed River and not too far away from the Sanctuary, Toby was standing near the grave of his older brother Marcus. It's has been two years since Toby's older brother died and the young wolf still misses him.

"Hey Marcus, I know it's been two years but I still miss you and mum so much…" Toby sadly sighed.


The young wolf turns to see Diego, his new adoptive big brother, walking towards him. "Hey Diego", Toby replied.

"What are you doing out here so late?" Diego asked.

"I was just paying my brother a little visit…" Toby sighed as he looks at the grave of Marcus.

"You still miss him, huh?" Diego asked as he stares at the grave too.

"Yeah... I miss him and my mother too... I know it's been two years but... I just still miss them Diego…" Toby replied.

"I know Toby but you gotta' be strong, OK?" said Diego as he places his paw on Toby's shoulder.

"I know... but I miss them Diego" said Toby.

"Toby, remember what I told you. One must move on forward for the sake for the family, lift your head up high and move on slowly day by day", said Diego.

"I know and I also got you there to help me move on", said Toby.

"Indeed you do little buddy", Diego chuckled.

Soon the two mammals went away from Marcus's grave as Diego and Toby are now sitting on the ground looking up at the stars.

"So tell me Diego, who's Kyle?" Toby asked.

Diego was silent for a moment as he looks at the wolf surprisingly. "How did you know about Kyle?" Diego questioned.

"Well, I overheard Sid talking about Kyle to Carrie", Toby replied.

"I see... well... Kyle is a friend of ours", answered Diego.

"How come I never met him?" Toby asked.

Diego looks at the wolf again but he didn't know how to explain where Kyle came from. "You...You wouldn't believe me if I told you", Diego unsure to explain.

"Try me", Toby smirked.

"Alright you knucklehead", Diego chuckled as he ruffed Toby's hair.

"So, who is Kyle?" Toby asked.

"Believe it or not, Kyle is a human", Diego replied.

Toby looks at Diego confused as he asked, "Kyle is a human being?".

"Yep!" Diego nodded.

"I see... could he understand you or any of the herd?" Toby asked.

"Oh yeah, he understood us and we understood him", said Diego.

"So, is Kyle some kind of a super human or something?" Toby asked.

"Nope!" Diego shook his head.

"Well... where did Kyle come from?" Toby asked.

"Now, this is where you're not gonna believe me", Diego pointed out.

"Oh yeah! Try me", Toby dared.

"OK you ask for it, Kyle is from another time", said Diego.

Toby was silent for a moment as he looks surprised, yet confused. "So... let me get this straight. You're saying that Kyle is from the future or in another world?" The wolf asked.

"Well... I guess you can say that", Diego shrugged.

"Whoa! Epic! What happened to him?" Toby asked.

"Last time I saw him, he returned to his own time", said Diego.

"Oh... Pity... I would have love to meet him", said Toby.

"I'm sure you would buddy!" Diego chuckled.

"Kyle sounds like a good friend Diego", said Toby.

"Indeed he is... so! You ready for the week camp tomorrow?" Diego asked.

"You bet I am!" Toby replied with excitement in his voice.

"I'm glad you're looking forward to it" Diego chuckled.

"How can I not? You and I; exploring new places!" Toby replied.

"Yep! That's the plan for the trip Toby! Exploring new places and getting in touch with our predator side! Just you and me, Toby! Two brothers running wild and free into the open world!" said Diego.

"Yeah, this is gonna be one heck of a trip!" said Toby.

"Indeed it will be! Come on Toby, we better get some sleep for tomorrow", said Diego.

"Right", Toby nodded.

Soon, Diego and Toby headed back to the Sanctuary and as they got inside the cave. They soon lie down and drift off to sleep with the rest of the herd.

"There you go, Kyle. That's all the boxes that belong to you", said a man as he places the last heavy box on the carpet floor.

"Thanks!" a boy with 'sort-of-spiked' hair scratches his head as he padded Mr. Smith's back. "Not to be offensive but you need to work out…"

Mr. Smith straightens his back and groans as a crack was heard. "Yeah, you're right. I think I need to…"

He walks away abnormally into his room and made a relieved sigh as he lay on his bed. Kyle chuckled and unboxed his clothes and placed them on the shelf.

He hangs his sweaters and jackets with hoods on the closet hanger. He came across to the Time Machine, the machine that took him back to the Ice Age. Kyle stroked the keyboard and chuckled as he remembered the good memories he had with the herd. His smile disappeared as he vowed.

"I promise myself I wouldn't go back in time", he looked at the screen with data and programs scripting on the commands. "I can somehow change something important or change the space-time continuum"

He shuts down the Time Machine and flicks a switch, which the wall hides the Time Machine, and returns like a regular wall.

"I'm sorry guys… I guess I can't come back for a visit…" He muttered; his decision was made. As he turned away from the wall, he heads into the door and leaves from his room; shutting the door fully closed. However, inside the wall, a blimp of a light flickered as the Time Machine itself; turning on automatically.

Kyle walked outside from his home, with his hands inside his pockets and walked into the street until he heard a noise behind him. Kyle turned quickly but there was nothing; just the front door closed and Mrs. Smith's garden stood still and silent. Kyle shrugs; thinking it was nothing and continues walking away. A dark figure with a black and a hint of purple cloak, hid behind a wall and made an evilly, dark grin at the boy and disappeared into the dark.

Kyle continued to walk and heads into a large market; famous and popular for the capital of Sunset City. He saw a bag of hot, spicy delicious chips that Kyle favored as he walked into the line at the register but something or someone grabbed his attention when a sudden voice was heard:


"C'mon Sara! You gotta' try these ice creams!"

Kyle stared at two children, around his age, having a great time together. Kyle stared at his bag of chips and looked at them. The boy grabbed these tanish, colored ice-creams and grins at the girl.

"Hey! Let's go to the register", said the boy with blond hair, spiked at the front.

"Next! NEXT… NEXT!" said a voice that was menacing, which woke up Kyle.
Kyle turned, noticing that the line was empty and other people growling and muttering angrily waiting for him. "Oh, sorry…" He quickly hands the bag to the cashier as he scans the bag and answered, "That'll be one dollar and ninety-five cents".

Kyle dips his hands into his pockets and gives the cashier two dollars. Once he handed the money, he received the change and leaves with the receipt.

As he was heading to the exit, he sensed an object coming towards him. With reflex, he dodged a ball of tin foil and turned the direction where it was thrown.

"Well, well, Kylie…" said someone as it applauded dully.

Kyle's face made a stern look as he recognized the voice and fisted his hands with annoyance. "Why are you here Jack!"

"I followed you here and notice you moved out. So, I gotta' find you to bully you some more", the teenager laughed.

"Stalking me, huh? Get a life…" Kyle muttered as he walked away.

"What does that suppose to mean!" Jack exclaimed, stubborn to hurt Kyle.

"Think about it? Why would follow me here and waste your life just to humiliate me? Wow, Jack. You need help…!" Kyle made an evil grin, making Jack embarrassed with a beat.

"Listen kid! I'm not the one who's going to get 'butt-hurt' here!" Jack held Kyle by the shirt; picking him up; face to face.

"Now, now, no need violence in here!" said an old cashier man.

"Shut up old man!" Jack rudely insulted the cashier as he was silent.

"Hey! Leave him alone!"

Jack turned to a girl was short brown hair coming towards the 13-year-old teenager. "Oh, whatta' you gonna do?" Jack mocked her, as she was enraged.
"Listen pal! I don't know what your problem is but leave him alone, you bully!" the girl poked him; which he walked back, dropping Kyle on the floor. "That's right! Walk away you coward!"

She turns to the boy with 'sort-of-spiked' brown hair as she helps him up. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah… thanks!" Kyle made a soft smile as the girl smiled back.

"Don't mention it!" she gave a chuckle. "Well, I gotta' go! Catch you later, kid!"

As she left with her friend, Kyle smiled as he picked up his bag of chips and left the market. Later that day, Kyle sat on a bridge which a river passes, heading to the ocean where the sun always sets.

"Day one, just moved in but didn't gathered friends… I wonder if I will soon…" Kyle sighed as dipped his face into his arms. "I wonder how the herd is doing. Probably having a good time, I guess…"

The sun shined the sky beginning to set as the sky turned to a reddish-blue, the day was ending but a new adventure will be waiting…

Well it seems that Diego and Toby are about to embark on a trip while the herd is relaxing peacefully!

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