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Chapter 3: Reunion With The Herd

Kyle was smile happily as he saw Diego and Toby walking to him.

"Kyle, Is that you?" Diego asked.

"Yeah" Kyle happily nodded.

Toby looks at the human confusingly and nervously due to that he never met a human and can understand them.

"It's been a long time Kyle" said Diego.

"Really, How long?" Kyle asked.

"Two years really" Diego replied.

"Two years? Really?" Kyle asked.

"Yeah why?" Diego replied with another question.

"Because it's been two months since I last seen you" Kyle replied.

Diego looks surprised and Toby looked confused.

"Two months?" Diego asked.

"Yeah" Kyle nodded.

"No wonder you look the same" Diego chuckled.

"Thank you" Kyle chuckled.

Toby backed away a little just as Kyle turns to face him.

"And who is this?" Kyle asked as he look at the wolf curiously.

Diego turns to see Toby looking away from them nervously.

"Toby? Are you OK?" Diego asked as he walks up to him.

"I'm a little uncomfortable about this Diego, Are you sure I can trust this human?" Toby nervously replied.

"Toby, Kyle is kind and friendly, Trust me he won't harm you" Diego reassured.

"What's wrong with him?" Kyle asked.

"He's a little nervous, He's never met a human in his life especially one
that can understands us" Diego chuckled.

Toby nervously walks to Kyle and cautiously hold his paw out and muttered

"I'm Toby"

Kyle smiles at the wolf and shook his paw as he replied

"I'm Kyle, Nice to meet you buddy"

"Yeah…Nice to meet you too" Toby replied.

"so Kyle, What brings you back to the Ice Age?" Diego asked.

"No idea to be honest, I was in my room when the time machine somehow turns itself on and sucked me into the Ice Age world" Kyle shrugged.

"Time machine?" Toby asked as he lifted an eyebrow up.

"It's some kind of device that Kyle uses to travel in time" Diego explained.

"You mean you're from…the future?" Toby asked.

"Yep!" Kyle nodded.

"Wow" Toby gasped in amazement.

"Well, Now that we met up again, What do you say we head back and see the others?" Diego suggested.

"Sure I would love that" Kyle happily nodded.

"But…what about our trip?" Toby asked.

Diego looks at the wolf as he remember the week trip that they were going
before Kyle came back.

"Well…We'll talk about it later OK?" Diego replied.

"OK" Toby slowly nodded.

"Alright, Let's get going" said Diego.

Soon Diego, Toby and Kyle started to head back to the Sanctuary that the herd was at.

On their way back, Toby kept looking at Kyle as he thought to himself

"Kyle's not so bad, Sure it's unusual for a human to understand animals and is from the future but I'm sure he's OK"

"Hey Kody, You OK?" Kyle asked.

"I'm OK and it's Toby" the wolf replied.

"Oh! Sorry!" Kyle apologised.

"It's OK" Toby replied.

Back at the Sanctuary, Carrie was rocking a crying Rosy in her arms as Manny was near her.

"I told you not to trumpet in front of her" Carrie angrily replied.

"I didn't trumpet Carrie, I just sneezed" Manny protested.

"I know a sneeze when I heard one, That was a trumpet" Carrie argued.

"If I trumpet, it would have been louder, that was a sneeze" Manny argued back.

"Well, all the same, you scared Rosy" Carrie points out.

"I didn't mean it" Manny stubbornly protested.

"Do me a favour and go someplace where Rosy can calm down" Carrie sighed in annoyance.

"Oh just get her a balloon or something" Manny grumbled.

"No need, We already got one!" Carrie smirked at Manny and walks off with Rosy.

Manny just stood there, looking offended as Sid walks up to him.

"Hey Manny, Why the blank look?" Sid asked.

Manny shook his head and replied

"Your wife is so annoying sometimes Sid"

"Can't you two ever get along?" Sid sighed.

"It's not my fault, I just sneezed and Rosy started crying and then she insulted me by implying me as a balloon" Manny stubbornly replied.

Sid couldn't help but laughed at that only to stop when Manny sternly looks at him.

"Sorry" Sid apologised.

Manny looks at the sloth and sighed "It's OK"

"Hey Manny, Did you manage to see a bright light an hour ago?" Sid asked.

"Now that you mention it, yeah! I could have sworn I saw bright light" said Manny.

"What bright light?"

Sid and Manny turn to see Ellie and Peaches with Crash and Eddie on her trunk, walking towards them.

"Well when me and Carrie were taking Rosy home when suddenly we saw a shiny bright light flashing far from us" Sid explained.

"That's odd" Ellie replied.

"Very odd" said Peaches.

Suddenly Carrie was heading back to the group with Rosy asleep in her arms.

"Hey guys! Diego and Toby are heading back here" said Carrie.

"What?" The herd replied in confusion.

"I thought they were going on some camp" said Crash as he scratched his head.

"You mean their week trip?" Eddie shrugged.

"Why are Diego and Toby coming back so early?" Sid asked.

"I don't know honey but the strange thing is that I could have sworn I saw a human walking next to them" Carrie replied.

"A human? What do you mean a human?" Peaches asked.

"I don't know but they're heading this way with a human! Do you guys know any humans?" Carrie asked.

"Just one, Kyle" Sid replied.

"Kyle? You mean the human you were telling about a few days ago?" Carrie asked.

"Yeah that's the one, Maybe it's him coming with Diego and Toby" Sid replied with excitement.

"Don't be silly Sid, Kyle is back in the future, There's no way he'll be coming back" said Manny as he shook his head.

Soon Diego and Toby returns to the herd with Kyle as he announced

"Hey guys, We're back! Look who's here"

The herd gasped in surprised as they see Kyle smiling at his friends that he had never seen for a long time.

"Hey guys" Kyle greeted.

"It's Kyle" Manny gasped.

"You were saying?" Carrie smirked as Manny just stubbornly looks at her.

"Kyle!" Crash cheered.

"Dude! You're back!" Eddie happily cried.

The two possums run to Kyle and pounded on him to the ground as they hugged Kyle.

"Crash! Eddie! It's so good to see you two again" Kyle laughed as he ruffed
the possums hair.

"We missed you Kyle" said Crash.

"Yeah a lot" Eddie added.

"I missed you guys as well" Kyle replied.

As the two possums got off Kyle and allowing him to stand back up, Peaches walks up to him and hugs Kyle with her trunk.

"You have no idea how happy I am to see you again" Peaches smiled at Kyle.

"It's so good to see you again Peaches, I gotta say, You've grown into a beautiful she-mammoth" Kyle replied.

Peaches just blushed and giggled "Thank you Kyle"

Kyle then turns to see Ellie as she happily hugs Kyle with her trunk as well.

"How have you been dear?" Ellie asked.

"Well I'm OK, Things were a little tough back home at the moment but I'm so happy to see you all" Kyle replied.

"And so are we buddy" said Manny as he walks up to Kyle.

"Manny, Long time, no see buddy" Kyle chuckled.

"It's been a while! How are you?" Manny chuckled as he shook Kyle's hand with his trunk.

"I'm great! How are you Manny?" Kyle asked.

"I'm going great" Manny chuckled.

Suddenly Kyle felt Sid pulling him into a big hug as the yellow sloth cheered

"Welcome back Kyle o'buddy! I missed you so much!"

"It's great to see you too Sid, I missed you too" Kyle chuckled.

"Kyle, I would like you to meet our new members of our herd", Sid said as he pointed to Carrie, holding Rosy in her arms with Toby sitting next to them.

"This is my wife, Carrie, our daughter, Rosy and our new friend, Toby" Sid introduced.

"What's up? We already met" Toby greeted dryly as he rolled his eyes.

"Nice to meet you Kyle" Carrie warmly greeted as she holds her baby daughter close to her.

"Wow, Sid I'm actually surprised" Kyle said as he scratched his head.

"What do you mean by that young man?" Carrie asked as she looks at Kyle confusingly.

"Oh nothing ma'am, It's just that I never knew that Sid would ever have a wife or child" Kyle scratched his back and nervously chuckled.

"I see..." Carrie replied while looking at Kyle uneasily.

"But I'm really happy to see that you guys are happily together" Kyle added.

"Thank you Kyle" Carrie smiled as she felt relaxed.

"She doesn't like it when mammals tease, bully or say anything bad about Sid" Diego whispered to Kyle.

"Really? I gotta say, Sid is so lucky to have her" Kyle whispered to Diego.

"Indeed he is" Diego chuckled.

"So Kyle, Are you staying here for good?" Crash asked.

"Not really" Kyle replied.

"Aww!" Eddie sadly moaned.

"I'm sorry guys but I have people back home and they will be worried about me" said Kyle.

"So how are you gonna head back to your time?" Manny asked.

Kyle began to think, looking up at his forehead as he stared down at his arm with the blue hi-tech watch on his wrist. Kyle glanced at the screen and saw the numbers counting down.

"You see this," he said, pointing to the watch on the wrist. "I'm guessing this will take me home"

"What's that?" Manny asked, pointing to the hi-tech watch.

"This thing is like a watch." Kyle answered as the herd were confused. "A watch, It's a device that tells the time of a day, like hours, minutes"

"Cool!" Eddie was amazed.

"If I'm correct..." Kyle began to count with his fingers, as he divide the hours into days. "I'll be here for at least seven days until the portal arrives and sends me home"

"Yay!" Crash jumped on Kyle, hugging him one more time. "A week with Kyle, let's have a party or something!"

"I think that's a wonderful idea! How about it, Manny?" Sid asked the bull mammoth excitedly.

Manny shrugged and answered, "Sure, why not, a little party for Kyle's arrival wouldn't hurt"

Everyone in the herd was excited as they carried Kyle and took him to their home as Toby stood there alone, watching the herd leaving. Diego stopped and turned to see Toby not excited and a little down.

"What's a matter?" Diego was concerned with his little wolf brother.

Toby was silent for a moment until he spoke, "It's just...about our trip. Are you going to cancel it?"

Diego forgot about their 'week' trip together and was relieved that Toby reminded him. "Oh, about that. We can start tomorrow"

"Are you sure?" Toby questioned.

"For sure, c'mon, let's just celebrate Kyle's arrival. You said you want to meet him and there you have it", Diego said, ruffing Toby's small hairs.

"Yeah, you're right. Let's go!" Toby smiled as he left with Diego.

So Kyle is here to stay in the Ice Age for seven days!

All is happy except for Toby who is a little disappointed due to thier long week trip cancelled.

But Diego promised they'll go tomorrow...but will they leave tomorrow?

What happens next with Kyle and the herd?

Stay tune to find out! :)