Remus sighed- his eyes glistening with tears as he held onto the letter. It wasn't from his friends, family, nor school – in fact it was from the one man or better yet Wolf whom Remus /never/ wanted to hear from: Fenrir Greyback. The bane of his existence- the Wolf had bitten him at such a young age, and during the monthly painful endurance he had just him to blame. His amber eyes sought out the shabby piece of parchment and the words written in blood-red ink. He held the letter up and clutched it, rereading it once more.

'To Mr. R.J. Lupin,
I would like to inform you that since rejecting my offer in joining my pack at the beginning of your Fifth-Year at that pathetic school I have decided to take measures into my own hands. Here at my den I have Mr. Sirius Black – my prisoner and slave. If you would like to save him, then I would suggest meeting me by that place you are kept captive on Full-Moons; the Shrieking Shack I believe? Nine o' clock tonight. Alone if you don't' want anything to happen to this trophy boy of yours.
F. Greyback.

PS: Enclosed is a strand of his hair as proof.'

A whimper escaped Remus' lips when he finished the letter once again. His eyes sought out the long strand of hair that rested on the floor to his foot. He reached out to grab hold of it – it was definitely Sirius'- he knew the smell of his shampoo too well. What in Merlin's name was he to do? He had to follow orders and hope for his sake that Fenrir would be a man of his word and let Sirius go or risk losing the boy he loved? "What am I to do?" He whispered to himself rhetorically as he stared up at the muggle clock that hung atop his desk. It was five minutes to six and he didn't have much time to ponder both his and his lovers' fate.

"I have to save him," He said hastily making up his mind before he pushed out of the chair dropping the forgotten parchment and strand of hair to reach for his cloak and toss it over his shoulders. He ran out of the room and down the stairs, charging out the front door and heading outside to take the path towards the shack. His mind raced with questions and assumptions: Was this why Sirius hadn't been answering any owls from himself or James for the past... what was it? Two weeks since they had last heard from him? 'Two weeks' he thought to himself with certainty which was how long Sirius had been unheard from and possibly missing. Two weeks and if he was correct with his assumption that Sirius had been captured for two weeks, he feared the condition Sirius would be in when he arrived: Having to deal with Greyback was one thing, but a Full-Moon had just passed the week before, who knows what shape Sirius would be, or even if he was… alive. Remus swallowed the lump in his throat and whimpered.

The shack was quite a bit away from his home, it took him nearly three hours to get there but he would travel thousands of miles to help Sirius. He checked his watch before halting before he reached the door- nine past nine which meant he was late. He frantically ran in into the shack: "Sirius!" He called out hoping for some kind of reply that would give him hope Sirius was okay. Nothing. Not a single sound until suddenly there was a noise, a snicker coming from the forest. A growl came deep from Remus' throat. "I know it's you, Greyback," he spat as he slipped his hand into his robes' pocket wrapping his thin fingers around his wand- hopefully the Ministry wouldn't care for this offence of underage magic as this was a life/death situation any situation with Greyback involved was such.

A fully cloaked man stepped out of the dense forest, a smaller boy limping behind him. "Sirius…" Remus whispered hoarsely. Sirius looked up with his grey orbs glistening with tears of fear as they walked out of the shadows into the light of the moon; he was trembling, clothing ripped, covered in blood. His thick jet black locks of hair were matted and shabby with what Remus prayed was just dirt.
"You shouldn't have come here, Remus…" He whimpered and flinching as Fenrir raised his arm to slash at him.
"Leave him alone!" Remus cried out. "I'm here now! You can let him go! Please… I will come with you to your pack… please just let Sirius go," he pleaded his eyes filling with tears as the Fenrir lowered his arm.
"First empty your pockets, kid," Fenrir snarled. "Then I want you to put this on," he said with a smirk as he tossed a collar at Remus.

Remus glanced over at Sirius next to Fenrir before narrowing his eyes up at Fenrir who now wore an even wider smirk if that was possible. He slipped his hands into his pocket and pulled out several tissues, a chocolate frog, and a few empty wrapped. Lastly his wand fell out of his hand and it rolled slowly until it came to rest at Fenrir's feet. "I don't think you need this in my pack, Lupin, especially with what you will be doing. Now hurry up and put that collar on!" He ordered, waiting, watching.
Remus gulped as he crouched down to pick up the collar, examining it for a moment – it looked like a normal collar and he only hoped it was. He slipped it around his neck, his eyes meeting Fenrir's. "There… I've put it on, n-now let Sirius—" He began but was cut off by the collar tightening to choke Remus, he fell over to his side and began to struggle to get it off.
"I don't think I will. You see… some of the wolves and I have grown fancy to him and his tight arse," Fenrir snickered.

Remus' heart dropped as the collar stopped and fitted itself so he couldn't take it off nor barely adjust it. He stared over at Sirius who was hugging himself shaking with fear, he was collared as well and how he missed that beforehand he could never know. 'So the collar is charmed…' he thought to himself, how could he have been so stupid? Remus looked up at Fenrir, his expression distraught before he was grabbed by the collar and forced to stumble forward towards Sirius. Remus landed on his stomach from tripping in front of Sirius.

He pushed himself up and a hand helped him up, Remus lingered into the touch. "I had to come… I had to save you. A-are you okay?" Remus whispered. A whimper escaped Remus' lips as Sirius looked up and in the light his scares could be seen that covered his face. "You wasn't bit, was you?" He asked and Sirius shook his head, placing a finger to Remus' lips.
"Talk later… we must keep quiet for now and just follow," he mumbled before slowly removing his finger and looking over at Fenrir.
"Come on, brats. Hurry up before I tighten your collars," Fenrir growled with a smirk as he began to head into the dense forest.
Sirius looked at Remus before taking his hand. "I won't let him hurt you…" He whispered before the two began to follow their Alpha grimly.

The trio arrived at Fenrir's den in just under an hour, who knew Fenrir's den was so close to Hogwarts yet alone the Shrieking Shack. 'How could no one have found this place?' Remus asked himself pondering the question before he noticed the stares from other members of the large pack Sirius and himself were receiving. "S-sirius, I'm scared…" He whimpered as he moved closer to Sirius.
Sirius opened his mouth to respond but was cut off by Fenrir who towards them. "Open the door, hurry up!" Fenrir ordered.
Sirius gave a nod and stepped forward; pushing the door open quietly and Remus stared up at Sirius before two large males picked him up. "Get off of me! Let me go!" Remus pleaded as he struggled in their arms and before he knew it he was carried down to the cells of a basement dungeon.

The smell of mold overpowering from the leaking pipes that dripped along the cobblestone floor. Sirius had been following close behind and entered what was now not only his but both his and Remus' cell. Remus was placed down and chained by the wrist to Sirius and the two men left them there, closing and locking the cell. They were trapped: No way out.

Sirius let out a sigh after the footsteps of the two faded, turning towards Remus and pulling him into a comforting hug. "I missed you so much, Remus…" He whispered. "But you shouldn't have come to save me. Who knows what they will do to you, Rem…"
"I-I had to, Sirius! You mean so much to me, I-I couldn't just leave you with him. We will get out of here… we have to!" Remus assured him.
"We can't… I tried, if we get too far away from the den or Fenrir we will suffocate from the collar…" He whispered against the light brown hair. "But you must do what you're told, Remus… please promise me you will do whatever Fenrir orders – if you do you won't get hurt, if you listen to him or the Omega… promise me, Remus, you must promise me." Sirius pleaded with tears glistening in his eyes.
"I promise, Sirius…" Remus whispered.