Two long nights had passed and there Remus and Sirius sat curled up together a corner of the small, dim cell. Sirius wasn't going to let anything happen to the boy he loved. He couldn't let anything happen to him. He had managed to stay away the entire time currently they had been locked up. As the sun began to set for the third night, he couldn't keep his eyes from drooping. Dark bags had formed under his eyes and he looked ill.

"Sirius, you need to rest…" Remus said in a worried tone.
"I-I can't… I need to keep you safe." He whispered though afterwards he yawned.
"I'll be fine. Please, rest. Please? For me?" Remus whispered, stroking the cold cheek of his lover. "I'll be fine." He promised.
Sirius leaned into him, his eyes finally closing and staying that way. "Will you wake me if you need me?" He asked.
"I promise, Sirius," Remus smiled.

Sirius gave a small caring smile before his head fell into Remus' lap in exhaustion. Remus watched as the boy's chest began to slow down and his breathing became shallow and even as he fell into his slumber. Remus ran his fingers through the thick black locks. He began to ponder over their situation; how could he have been so stupid? He should've known it was a trap. It was Fenrir Greyback! The man didn't know how to keep his part of any deal, nor was he one to be fair. But of course, he didn't think it through. Fenrir didn't give him the chance to, Fenrir and Remus both knew he couldn't just ignore the letter. He had Sirius. The boy whom Remus had cared about for so many years, ever since that first September only a few years ago. Sirius was the one who kept Remus going, kept him together. Sirius was his best friend, the one he shared his first kiss with. He was everything to Remus.

Remus' head shot up from staring down at Sirius when he heard footsteps on the wet cobblestone floor coming closer. He glanced down at the sleeping Sirius and a whimper escaped from his trembling lips. "S-sirius, wake up. Sirius…" He whispered, shaking the boy gentle; though it did not good, the boy was in a comatose state. The sound of metal clashing together became louder until at the door of the cell stood none other than Fenrir Greyback and a female companion. Remus' eyes ran over the unknown girl: She was tall with a slim figure, her eyes green as emeralds and her hair raven black. To top it off, she had a pale complexion and dark red lips.

Remus gulped as he felt himself cower further into the corner. His eyes briefly met with his alpha's. "Wh-what do you want, G-greyback?" He asked in a stammer, his thoughts returning to wishing Sirius was awake.
Fenrir smirked devilishly at the boy's reaction. "Now, now, Lupin. My mate just wants to see our new pet mutt." He chuckled as he pulled the cell door open and stepped inside. "And since this one is sleeping, it's the perfect chance to…" He said, his amber eyes flashing at the sleeping boy as he grabbed Remus by the enchanted leather collar, dragging his weak small body away from the sleeping Sirius. "You're coming with me, mutt!" He hissed.
"N-no! Please, no!" Sirius begged groggily at the scene he had awoken to. "Take me instead! Leave Remus alone!" The boy pleaded sadly, staring at Remus who was shaking with fear. "Leave him, Greyback. Take me instead…" But Sirius' pleas fell upon deaf ears.

Snickers came from Fenrir's mate, it was an obvious sign something was going to happen to Remus. Sirius' grey eyes filled with sorrow as he stared at his boyfriend. Remus looked so helpless in Fenrir's hands. "Hey, babe." Fenrir called to his mate, gesturing to Remus. "I think I'm going ot have some fun with this pathetic mutt," He hissed as he pulled the sandy brown haired boy up. He smirked and with that, Remus was handed off to Fenrir's mate. "Get the mutt ready for me," He winked before turning to Sirius and smirking wickedly. He locked the Black up alone and Fenrir began to walk behind his mate out of the basement.

Sirius got up and rushed over to the rusty cell door, trying his best to see where they were taking Remus, though he could hardly see down the dim lit hallway. "Remus! Remember what you promised!" He called out as he slid to his knees down the door, tears staining his pale cheeks. Nothing was left to do but wait and pray that what he thought was going to happen wouldn't.

Remus had been moved to a small room with only a bed and a chest that sat at it's foot. His amber eyes gazed around and spotted a window. He ran over to it, pushing the black curtains out of the way which covered said window to find it boarded. A sigh escaped his lips and he moved away from the window, crawling into the nearest corner and pulling his legs to his chest. Only one thing came to his mind: Rape. Why else would he have been placed in here? He eyed the chest and swallowed the lump in his throat that had formed. What was in there? Why did he have the fear of knowing what was inside it resting in his chest?

He took a deep breath and made his way over to the chest, he knew it was there for a reason and his mind came to the conclusion that whatever was in the trunk was what this night would lead to. He eyed the oak furnish once more before he lifted the large led. Laid in the chest were many things that even Sirius and he had never tried- and they had their share of experimenting. Sex toys, bondage equipment. Remus couldn't help but whimper before the door opened and there stood Fenrir's mate. He dropped the lid and turned towards her, backing into the trunk and whimpering once more.

"Well, look who found the stash." She smirked, closing and warding the door behind her. "Why don't you look under the chains and ropes. Go on," She ushered him. Remus knew better than to ignore her request and he found himself turning back to the trunk and opening it, lifting up a few of the chains to see what was hidden under them. Sat under said chains and ropes was a leather jacket and tight looking matching shorts. "Put them on. Fenrir wants you to look your best when he gets in here." She ordered.
Remus gulped and he glanced over his shoulder so amber met emerald. His fear began to rise. No, he would not wear this stuff. Never. "No… I'm not wearing that." He spat. "You can't make me." He said as he grabbed the clothing and threw them at her rather weakly.
"Bad decision." Fenrir snarled as he opened the door and glared down at the sixteen year old. "You will obey my mate, mutt! Just like you would obey me." Fenrir growled as he crossed the room, leaving the door wide open. He slashed the boy's face and Remus' scream echoed down the hall and into the basement where the cells were.

The sound of the scream caused Sirius to whimper. He was shaking with fear for his friend, for his lover who was obviously being tortured. He was worried now. What if Remus hadn't listened to him? What if he broke their promise? He sat in the cell for an hour, listening to the constant screams of Remus; it did not use to cover his ears. Tears streamed down his face, almost feeling the pain himself.

Finally they came to an end and only silence remained. Sirius whimpered when he heard the footsteps coming closer along with snickers of both Fenrir and his mate. They came into sight and behind them Remus' naked abused body was being drug. "N-no…" Sirius stammered as he scrambled back away from the door. "Wh-what did you do to him?" Sirius cried out as now in the light he saw the bruises and blood.
"Taught him to do as he is told, like we did to you two weeks ago." Fenrir smirked and opened the cell, tossing the boy inside. "You better hope next time he behaves… that is if you two want to be fed." The alpha hissed as he stared down at the weak motionless boy on the floor.
Sirius nodded and crawled over to Remus. "I-I will, sir…" He whispered obediently, glancing up at the pair. He gulped, before leaning forward as the two walked away and waited until they were out of the basement. "Why didn't you listen to me?" Sirius asked as he turned his attentions back to Remus. "You promised. Why didn't you keep your promise?" He whispered, moving the blood matted hair. "L-look at you… you're a bloody mess… I need to get you cleaned up…"
Remus whimpered and glanced up with blood-shot eyes, his amber irises down faded to a pale yellow. "I-I'm sorry…" He whispered as he tried to move closer to his lover for warmth. "I'm sorry…" He repeated.