So I'm doing something a bit different, I'm going to be doing these writing dump type of things, and the initial plans were to do something like drabble arcs, but that didn't happen, so this will be a story comprised of all different bits of pieces of varying length and styles and styles, a dump story of sorts. This is starting off pre-series.

I don't own anything pertaining to the Roswell/Roswell High universe.


163 words~ Not Unusual

Max had grown accustomed to Michael climbing through his bedroom window at ungodly hours. He pretended to despise the interruptions to his sleep, but in reality, when Michael was curled up on the floor next to him, Max knew he was okay. When Michael hadn't come over in a week, Max became rather concerned. He hid it better than Isabel, whose tone had become decidedly whiney as she begged their mother one morning to try calling Hank again. Max had tried to tell her that it wasn't like it was unusual for Michael to skip classes, but she wouldn't listen. Max didn't exactly blame her, but in the end, he knew that it was probably better for Michael if they didn't raise Hank's ire more than it perpetually was. Michael had said his presence did that enough on its own. Their mother apparently figured that one too as she refused to let Isabel go to Michael's house to demand to see their friend.