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332 words~ Hormones?

Michael had been off all through breakfast. Even Michael wouldn't have been able to come up with a better word for the strange sensation. He pushed around the scrambled eggs Diane put in front of him.

"Michael?" Max querried between bites of cereal as Diane stared on, eyes shining with a ridiculous amount of motherly concern. Michael snatched the bottle of tabasco quickly drowning the eggs with it and immediately shoved a bite in his mouth, anything to make them stop staring at him as if he had escaped from some zoo. He regretted the action as soon as the food passed his lips though, the general malaise from earlier exploded into a full body revolt as he dropped his fork and bolted for the bathroom.

If Isabel had been put out when Michael locked the bathroom door and hoarsely told her to go away, she was even more so when her mother refused to let her stay home with him. It had actually lead to a full blown temper tantrum complete with a door slam followed by a frustrated scream.

Max had shrugged and offered up "Hormones?" as a suggestion to his mother's look at him, as though he was supposed to understand what went on in his sister's head at all times. Her outbursts had been happening more frequently, and that was normally a pretty good answer. Max didn't want to leave either, and by the time Isabel stormed back down the stairs ready for round two, Diane was ready to field off both of them.

"What that boy needs is mindless cartoons, tea, and plenty of rest." She informed them, "Max, you should pick up his books and assignments, and Issy, I promise he will be here when you get home, but if you even think about skipping school, I'll make sure you don't leave this house either for a long time young lady." Her tone left little room for argument and finally they both got onto the bus.