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Chapter 5: Jasmine, World Champion

Ever since i was with Jet when i acquired Arkozilon, not one trainer has managed to land a hit on it. I had shifted strategies from waiting until i had one Pokemon left before letting the opponent have it to just decimating them on the first one. Eventually i got the attention of the World Champion, Red. He challenged me to a full battle, and in a surprising twist he decided to put his title on the line. I walked into the main stadium for the battle and already i could tell it was a packed house. Looking around the crowd i noticed Jet, in an Indianapolis Colts cap this time, in the front row on my side of the field. On the other side was Red.

"So, Jasmine, you keep going on about how no one's been able to defeat this new Pokemon you've got. Well, i think it's all talk. There's no way you'll be able to beat me this time."

"We'll see, Red." That's when the official for the match stepped into the box on one side of the field's median point.

"The following is a six-on-six full battle for the Pokemon World Championship between the challenger, Jasmine Taylor of Olivine City, and the defending champion, Red of Pallet Town. Both trainers are allowed to substitute Pokemon at will, and the battle will be over once all Pokemon on one side are unable to continue. Ready? BEGIN!"

"Blastoise, you're up." Red yelled, throwing a Poke Ball. Out popped the water-type turtle. I activated my scouter to get the Pokemon's readings.

"Okay, level 84, 257 hit points, knows Hydro Cannon, Blizzard, Bite, and Surf." i read off my scouter. Then i threw the Master Ball containing Arkozilon with my left hand - normally i'm a righty but apparantly Jet's worn off on me as he's left-handed.

"Arkozilon, stand by for battle!" i yelled, using one of Jet's lines as i threw the Ball. Out came my Shiny Arceus. Needless to say, in five minutes time i had knocked Red down to just his level 88 Pikachu, while Arkozilon was still going strong. One single Earthquake attack was more than enough to knock Pikachu out, considering i used "Combination Twenty-Six".

"Pikachu is unable to continue. Arceus wins. Therefore the winner, and NEW World Champion, is Jasmine!" The referee announced to the packed house. My first motion after that announcement was moving my left hand, index finger out, to my chest, then my forehead, followed by my right shoulder, and then extended the pinkie as well as i aimed it skyward, head tilted slightly to the right; one of Jet's signature poses. After that the crowd spilled out onto the field, Jet in the lead. However i never noticed Morty barreling for me from behind. Jet did, nailing him in the tummy with his shoulder; his XK507 partner Edge's finisher, the Spear. As Morty got up i turned around and saw him, with Jet standing in between me and him, protecting me.

"So, you thought you could sneak up on Jasmine when her guard was down. You're not foolin' me. I know Skyla set ya up to this for somethin' in return. Consider yourself lucky it was me here and not Crimson; she'd probably appear out of nowhere in a blast of pink fire to stop ya. Leave Jasmine alone if ya know what's good for ya, otherwise i might set Crimson and two of her buddies on ya to stop ya cold. Just hope that if i do that it's three on one as the two buddies i have in mind can combine with her to create one super warrior." With this, Morty paled, then ran for it.

"Thanks, Jet. By the way, who's Crimson?"

"You ever heard of the Zenon Force?"

"Weren't they the ones who took down the Darth Hunters three months ago in another system's version of Hoenn?"

"Yeah. Crimson is part of the group, and a rape specialist. Her rape detection abilities are quite good; she once halted an attempt before it started in a different system's version of Sinnoh during a rescue mission. One Darth Hunter commander, Lightning, was revealed via your GX counterpart, Olive - that's her codename - as being Alpha of Team Vexus. Alpha's since been emotionally broken. As for the two buddies with combining abilities concerning Crimson, they're Azure, the GX version of the would-be victim during that rescue mission, and Fuschia, who you've already met thanks to Ellie. When those three combine into one they become XQ's ultimate weapon, Zelikarin. First fused to confront a then-seven menber Team Vexus - this was before Theta joined in - and Fuschia had just had her Final Trigger broken then. The three of 'em were the first three to experience that effect, though Azure had hers occur in the second, intimate persona she acquired thanks to Alpha's schemes. Ten currently have been subjected to that effect; i'm the most recent of 'em, which Alpha states was unintended thanks to Fuschia."

"Wasn't Alpha formerly of Cipher?"

"Yeah. She was using a Shadow Squirtle as her secret weapon but she was armed with a device that could let her know when i got close; Fuschia broke that device allowing me to undergo the transformation that the breaking of an XZ Saiyan's Final Trigger activates. I got a soft spot for Squirtles,which is why i experienced that when i saw the state of Alpha's secret weapon. Azure was the only one Alpha wasn't directly involved with when triggering the effect; she was the second to undergo that transformation, and the first to reach the newly discovered stage beyond it. She also holds the record for most stages jumped in one shot with six - went from a Super Saiyan 3 to the Ultimate form; Fuschia had her Final Trigger broken as a Super Saiyan 6, giving her a five-stage jump."

"Wow. I'm surprised you didn't break Morty in half with that Spear ya nailed him with considering you have THAT much power."

"Never used more than half a percent of it doing that."

"What does that equate to? If what i've heard is correct, that would equate to somewhere 1.75 something with a three-and-a-half trillion power level."

"I was only reading in as a 9000 DBZ scale."

"250 then. That's nowhere near half a percentage point of your power."

"Didn't want to overdo it."

"Well, since you defended me from Morty trying to rape me - i take it Skyla had to resort back to her original plan after failing to come up with a suitable alternate - maybe we could go to my place and have a little fun. Oughta get my friends from here to stop going bananas about the fact i haven't done it yet."

"If this it you mentioned is what i think it is, it oughta be my third experience with it; Fuschia requested i do her after her buddies did it with help from Alpha, now in that area that focuses on it a lot, and then i did a different counterpart of Azure capable of turning boys who rape her into girls for a week. Made sure she was willing to do it, but i added the stipulation that afterwards the bracelet with that power bring the twin sister i wanted, Janelle, into the world without changing me into her first." Wait, there was a seventh Brazie sibling brought into the world since the last time i saw Jet? Odds are he might have gone the safe way with his activations. "Well, just so ya know i used protective measuers when doing Fuschia on her request - if i hadn't she'd be pregnant right now, she was in what Crimson calls the 'Danger Zone' - and the counterpart of Azure was on the pill so i didn't have to worry about it then. Now we just gotta find a way to escape this massive crowd. Chaos -"

"Don't try that, Jet. Who knows WHERE we might end up cause of that faulty Locator System. Let me try it - this is my first time using it so i might miss the target. CHAOS CONTROL!" With that me and Jet had disappeared, warping directly into my room - right where i was aiming for. Twenty minutes later we were exhausted - Jet's assumption was correct, though i suggested no protection be used despite me not having the benefit the Azure counterpart responsible for bringing Janelle, Jet's twin sister of his own design, into the world did; i told him about the odds of protection failing. One hour later we were facing off in Need For Speed Carbon in a best of seven - tied at one after two races. Jet eventually won it in the full seven rounds, which he followed by losing in five during a best of seven in the road rage mode of Burnout 3. Then he won against me in a first-to-ten Mario Kart DS showdown, ten to nine - i would've won if he hadn't activated that triple shell when he did. Following that was a five-on-five DBZ:BT3 match, won by Jet on his last character. We were doing a video game challenge to see who would win in seven different games first; Jet won it in the maximum thirteen. Once that was done, before he left i had a surprise for him, which turned out to be a steel-colored version of the heels he wore when i first met him, customized with a Mineral Badge on them for identification of the giver. He then left in a flash of light with two fingers from one hand on his forehead; the only move he doesn't have to worry about something going wrong with.


Two months after Jet's departure i bumped into my friends along with Skyla and Ellie. Skyla looked down. Whitney told me that Ellie had been telling Skyla off for trying to have Morty rape me only for Jet to stop it cold.

"So, Jasmine, still a virgin?"

"Not anymore. Had some fun that way with Jet after he defended me from Morty. I was outside what Crimson of the Zenon Force calls the 'Danger Zone' so i didn't have to worry about lack of protection due to the failure risk. It was Jet's third experience - did ya know he pulled one off with the intent of bringing the twin sister he designed himself into the world?"

"No way. I thought he had no experience himself. Wait, he designed his own twin sister?"

"Yeah. Her name's Janelle. The girl he did that time had a bracelet capable of turning someone who raped her into a girl for a week. Those who want their female form created without becoming it first by making sure she wants to do it can add that stipulation to the pool, and Jet did just that. That's how Janelle entered."


"Anyway, i don't know when the next challenger for the World title might come up, so i gotta get to training. make sure the rest of my team is ready in case they're needed." With that, i left and went to training. I ended up holding the World title for fifteen years before i fianlly decided to retire, handing it to the next hopeful trainer, a girl named Touko. Thanks to Jet's help, i went undefeated for the last sixteen years due to Arkozilon. Who knows, i might just get a chance to battle him and his Alpha Squad with Arkozilon someday.