The Winx's Kitsune 1


Super Naruto




''Normal Speech''

Inner Thoughts, Dialogue, or reading passages from books and scrolls

(Quick Notes and Messages or Echoes…Songs you go to Youtube and play. )

(Dark over lapping echoes)

''Boss Summons, Demons, Dark beings speaking, Demonic/Angry characters Speaking as well as extremely Dark spells and Magic.''


Story Start


Two people stood in the park as the sky's canvas was painted with the colors of sunsetting yellow and evening orange. It was a quite afternoon that would soon give birth to night as the only sounds that echoed were a young woman's shallow breathing and a young man's quite and apt focus as his weighted foot steps moved across the grass.

Breath in...breathe out. The mantra went through the young woman's mind as she tried to focus on her task.. Her long waist length red was parted slightly at her back as the man held his hand inches from it.

''You're doing good...'' The young man said slightly as he adjusted his coal black T-shirt. ''Just keep breathing in and out.'' He said smoothing out his faded blue jeans and checked his ocean blue hi-tops. The young man favored casual and plain clothes for their comfortably. ''Channel the chi and command it. Make it an extension of your being.'' He said as he circled around the young girl. Her outfit was that of a blue and yellow midriff shirt, blue jeans and yellow wedge sandals. ''Want to know what I got you for your birthday?'' He asked as the girl's eyes popped open. ''Fail!''

''Aah!'' She let out a cute little huff. ''That is so not fair! You distracted me.''

''You're going to have to deal with all sorts of unsavory elements trying to distract you. Have to stay focus Bloom...' He said as he brought his face inches from hers. ''...or you'll find yourself caught off guard. '' He said as he attempted to steal a kiss only to be grabbed by the shirt and flipped unto his back. Said girl then did a backflip and landed on his gut straddling it.

''What's that about staying focus?'' She asked for a cheeky grin only to let out a cry as the person under her disappeared in a puff of smoke.

''More like not letting your guard down.'' The voice said from behind her. Turning Bloom zeroed in on the man who was standing against the tree.

''I thought we agreed no ninja tricks Naruto.'' She said with a pout as the man walked over to her and extended a hand. Taking his hand the Cyan eyed girl was hoisted up and fell into his arms.

''Yeah well never believe everything a shinobi tell you. We lie!"'

''Oh! So then how do I know everything you told me hasn't been a lie if that's the case?''She said taking a step back and placing her hands on her hips. ''Maybe I shouldn't trust you anymore.''

''Nah...we both you won't because you find me too interesting.'' The blond said with a grin as his mirthful cerulean orbs met with her determined Cyan as the staring contest began. Her pale skin seemed to have this glow in the sunlight that really brought out her looks. Bloom must have caught on to the blond staring as her lips began to crack as she tried to stp herself from smiling.

''Oh so about my birthday present?'' She asked, changing the subject as the began stroking his chin.

''You'll see tomorrow.''

''Hey! I thought you were going to tell me.''

''I never said that.''

''You're so evil you know that!'' She exclaimed as the blond nodded.

''Yeah I get that a lot. Anyway, it's getting pretty late and I hate to get you in trouble with the folks. Sixteen... I bet you're excited.''

''You know it and there's something I really want for my birthday.'' She said batting her eyes at him and grabbing his hand.

''Wait...sixteen is legal here?'' He asked as his companion gasped and swatted his arm.

''You pervert!''

''Hey you gave me the set up, but yeah like I said I already got you something and I know you'll like it. And no mind reading to find out.'' He joked with her as Bloom rested her head on his shoulder. It was a little joke shared between them as the girl seemed to have an empathic like ability to see people's inner nature. Regardless tomorrow was the red-head's birthday and she was looking forward to it.


Chapter End


Sorry for my lack of new stories and updates. I had to babysit today which was complete bullshit, but hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to start churning more stuff out.