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Warnings: mature themes throughout the story, ableist language unfortunately, and cursing.

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"Get the hell off me, you prat!" The boy under me kicked his feet, glaring angrily. He obviously didn't care what everyone else thought, because they were all staring at us with wide eyes.

I could imagine the topic of discussion; What is Arthur Pendragon doing? What did that kid do to deserve being tackled by Arthur Pendragon? they all thought. Being in the hot spotlight wasn't new for me, but negative light was never good and never something I craved.

"Say sorry then, you fucking idiot!" I hissed.

"Oh, so you can shove other people around whenever you want? I don't think so." The dark haired brat scoffed.

He must be new around here, that was the only explanation. It was all this kid's fault, of course. I was pushing some freshman around, I don't know his name. I just know he's not one of US, so he doesn't deserve the respect of a rat. Then this bitch – obviously new to the grounds – tries to fucking tell me off. Me. How rude.

"You idiot, I can do whatever I want around here. " I leaned close to his face. The kid was about to snap back at me, but I cut him off. "That's how it is. I'm Arthur Pendragon. Let me repeat; I can do whatever I want. Whenever. I want." I expected him to act surprised. Scared, even better.

Instead, he spat in my face.

"Fuck—!" I let go of him on reaction, wiping my face with a sleeve. Disgusting.

"Exactly, you prat. Fuck you. Your last name doesn't exactly mean anything to me," he said with a triumphant yet snarky grin. The kid shoved me off of him, scrambling clumsily to his feet- he turned quickly to leave, but Percy grabbed him from behind before he could escape. He didn't look happy about it, but did so all the same.

I turned to face the pale, dark haired kid, my eyes daggers. The boy stared back with defiant ones, probably angrier than mine looked. He struggled against Percival's steel hold, never breaking eye contact- what is this kid's issue?

I actually respected him for that. Most students would have the brains to stay out of my way, or at least show me some respect. If they ever got involved, I would always be right. Not this one, though. It was the first day of senior year, and this one had already picked a fight with the wrong person. What's more, he wasn't backing down.

Taking my time to study him for the first time, I noticed how young he looked for a senior, or at least that's what I assumed the year he was. He wore a dark blue hoodie, jeans, nothing too special; his hair looked like he'd hoped for something to work with, but had given up halfway through and left it sit how it wanted. He looked as if he'd hoped to make a good first impression. Too late for that.

I contemplated whether to punch him, kick him, or simply get a teacher to give this kid a month worth of detentions. Weigh my options. None of them seemed quite interesting, honestly.

"You've made quite a first impression, you know that?" I mused, my eyes never leaving his.

"Arthur? I don't want to wait forever here." Percy grumbled, still holding the boy tightly. I ignored him, and focused my attention on my fascinating new plaything.

"What's your name?" I asked.

"It certainly isn't 'Prat-who-acts-like-a-spoiled-blonde-princess'," He snarled, yanking his arm to no avail. And despite his situation, he still smiled, though it was obviously meant to get a rile out of me if anything.

"You certainly like to call names," I murmured. "Look, I'm trying to be nice here. You're the one who told me to 'shove my attitude up my ass'." I said calmly. I had the upper hand now, no need to rush.



"Merlin, my name's Merlin, come on, now let me go," he said, softly. He looked like he was finally out of juice.

"So, Mer-lin." I drew out his name, which seemed to annoy him. "Have anything else to say?"

"Percival, would you please release the new student?" A deep voice said behind me.

Oh, no...

Merlin pulled sharply away from Percy, who backed off. He didn't look surprised. Neither did Merlin; they must have seen him coming.

"Mister Emrys? Arthur? Will you please join me in my office." The principal looked us over with deadpan eyes. He was always hard to read… except when he was angry, no, furious.

"Um, yes, Headmaster." Merlin glanced at me with frustrated eyes. Because of our combined efforts (his being that he was an idiot, mine being self-defence), we'd both gotten into trouble on the first day of school.

"Yes, father." I said, nearly inaudibly. You might assume I had an advantage.


We sat in chairs, avoiding each other's eyes, facing my father – our headmaster. He glared at me especially, marking me as the cause of his misfortune. But I wasn't. Not really. I was taking my "attitude" lessons from a certain someone: I was acting like he always was, at any rate. Stubborn, stuck-up. There. I said it- well, thought it. I had been acting like a shit. I steamed inside, but tried not to show it; the same thing happened every time I was in this damn office.

"Merlin, I'm sorry for you to experience that behavior so early in your school year here." He started, lacing his fingers together with a tight grimace. "I assure you the school isn't normally that inhospitable."

Lie. And you never do anything to stop it, either.

"As principal, I will make sure your life here will be an enjoyable as well as an educational one."

That's what you always say.

"Thank you, sir," Merlin said with a small smile. He glanced over to see me glaring. I wasn't angry at him, though, I don't know if Merlin knew.

"In order to make sure you stay in good shape here, I will be assigning an escort to show you around. To make sure you know where to go, and in case you need any help," Uther continued.

"Oh, really? Who?" this sparked Merlin's interest and he broke our staring contest to look quickly at my father.

"Arthur will be your escort." I stiffened, recognizing my name. Then I remembered that there were many "Arthur"s in the school, obviously. It could be anyone. It certainly wasn't me.

"Uh?" Merlin looked nervous. Not him! his expression screamed.

"Arthur Mellis, of course." I cut in hastily. "He's not a senior, he's a grade below."

Father scowled at me.

"No. Arthur Pendragon. He's the one sitting next to you, Mr. Emrys, if you haven't yet been properly introduced," Uther hissed. He ground his fists into the desk, at the end of his rope with me it seemed- and I flinched involuntarily. It's only the first day.

"Uh, are you sure, sir? I'd rather not—" Merlin started to ask nervously.

Bam. Uther hammered one fist on the desk, not too loud but intimidating enough to cause the boy to stop on his tracks.

"You question my authority, Mr. Emrys? I said you were to be escorted by Arthur." His voice was sickeningly calm. Merlin looked shocked, kind of scared; it pained me a bit. I felt bad for him, but then I remembered he was pretty much the one who had landed me in this office.

I snickered softly. Tsk tsk, Merlin. Rule one, don't question the headmaster.

"U-yes, sir. I'm sorry, sir." Merlin said, his voice losing no confidence on the outside, but was visibly confused.

"Good. Now get out, both of you." Uther sighed.

We shuffled out of our chairs, wincing at the groans of the wooden floor.

I felt my father's stare on my back as we exited.


I slammed the door hard behind us, muttering.

"Stupid… cunt…" I kicked the row of lockers to my left- ow- Merlin watched with amusement as I hopped on one foot slightly, immediately regretting my action but to proud to admit it.

"Calling your father a cunt. Real mature."

I only groaned in response, pain ebbing through my right foot.

"So, you're my escort." Merlin raised his eyebrows, unfazed by the occurrence in the office. "You, of all people."

"Don't you bitch about it, I should be the one." I snapped angrily, leaning on the old lockers to rub my toes through my shoes with a hand. Merlin sighed, content with my frustration.

"I guess this is your punishment, then. Having to be friends with a 'bitch' like me." He seemed almost happy stating that comment.

"Look, idiot- you got us into the mess." I said stonily. Merlin held back a laugh. I limped along, the kid walking slowly with me to our first class of senior year.


The first week was rough with Merlin tagging around. On a usual day, I would have gotten rid of the kid by now. But father had started peeking into our classes, making sure I kept through my punishment- or maybe it was something special about Merlin; maybe he was from some wealthy rich family, and needed a good experience here for reputation. I don't know why he was here, then- but I wasn't exactly able to get out of my situation.

"So when solving for the sine of C…"

I yawned, unable to pay attention to the professor. We were in fourth period at this point, it's not like anyone was- no one cared, actually, no matter the period, because we didn't have to. Uther had the power to change the scores in the school to his liking, it wasn't as if we were too bad anyways, and no one would even think of questioning him. My father's reputation… where could I start. Instead, I'll leave it blank. Whatever he did in his spare time to get people to fear him like that, I wasn't sure I wanted to know.

Looking over to Merlin, he obviously hadn't gotten the memo. He was biting the top of his eraser, face filled with concentration. I blinked, resisting the urge to whisper "you actually want to listen to this?" in his ear. I refrained, instead studying his face.

Wow. He's actually kind of cute.

How long had I been staring?

Who cares…

His cheek bones were fairly high set, giving his face an angled, yet youthful look. His eyes were dark blue, and made a perfect combination coupled with dark hair and pale skin.

That kid was sucking on his No. 2 like his life depended on it.

Holy shit, he's probably really good at blowjobs...

It sure as hell looked like it. But I wanted to know for myself.

"Mr. Pendragon, care to explain this answer to the class?"


What? What question? I scanned the messy whiteboard quickly, trying to make some sense of the situation.

"Um…which one?" I admitted to asking. The professor made a face, pointing halfheartedly to a problem written in green pen.

I still had no fucking idea.


"Uh… 0.88?" I tried.

"Correct?" the professor looked dumbfounded. "And… why is it four square root three?" he pressed on.

"Tan is sin squared plus cosine squared," Merlin whispered.

The teacher didn't notice because the boy was leaning back in his chair, acting like he was stretching. I blushed, but shook it off.

"The sine squared plus the cosine squared is the tangent. Simple." I repeated swiftly, with a smug grin. The teacher nodded eagerly.

"Good. Very good, Pendragon." He turned back to the board to continue. "Like Arthur said, and using that answer we can find this variable..."

Most everyone spaced out again—exception of a dark haired student, maybe a couple others—within the next minute. His eyes were still trained on the teacher, but he wasn't writing anything. He looked just as bored as everyone else, really.

"Thanks for, uh…" I started, trying to get Merlin's attention. I received very little. Well that's fucking annoying. "…helping me, Merlin."

"Don't mention it." He mumbled, his tongue flicking out across the pencil top. He had to be doing that on purpose. God, he had to be. A smirk formed at the left side of my mouth.

"Can you, ah…" put that mouth to good use?

Though whatever I thought to myself in the space of my own mind, Merlin only heard the first part, and looked at me quizzically for the rest.

"Uh… "I thought hard, trying to think of an ending to my sentence. "…can you tutor me? After school? I mean, you actually know the stuff, and I'm supposed to be your escort anyways, so." Good enough.

"Are you seriously asking me to tutor you?" Merlin suppressed a snort. "Have you already forgotten Monday morning, dollophead?"

Pfft. That was days ago. I had already gone from not knowing Merlin, to hating him, to wanting his mouth around my cock. Change subject, change subject, change…

"At least I know 'dollophead' isn't a real word." I said softly, as to not call attention to us, rudely chatting in the safety of the back of the classroom. "Are you going to help me or not?"

"Fine." He whispered, smiling. "Does this mean-"

"No." I scoffed, raising my eyebrows. I wasn't exactly sure what he was going to ask, but 'no' seemed the appropriate answer, to couple with such a snide looking smile. Who knew, he could have been asking if I liked head, if I wanted some in the washroom after school- that would have been such a big mistake to turn down, if that was the case.


Just. Stop.


"Of cooourse." Merlin whispered, rolling his eyes. "But I won't be one of your playthings. I'm not that stupid." He smirked.

I bit my lip, giving him a look. Trying to put on an amused exp person, rather than embarrassed.

He frowned suddenly, eyes going wide as a blush spread over his cheeks.

"I-I didn't mean like that, of course!" he choked out, a little too loud.

"Stop talking," the professor interrupted sternly, but was careful not to shout, without turning away from the whiteboard he was stationed at.

Merlin and I exchanged nervous glances, as the rest of the class began to wonder who that kid sitting next to Arthur Pendragon was. Merlin paid no attention, a little smirk playing over his features.

I returned the grin, pointing at the professor and making a face. My new friend chuckled softly, finally turning his attention back to the teacher.

Good start.


The rest of the day, I ignored my friends, who asked who the hell this boy was. Only Lance knew that I had to escort Merlin around, because of this morning. And even Lance didn't know my impending crush on the weak kid. So I had to avoid conversation with everyone, with at most a "not right now, I'll explain later".

Merlin seemed to be quite the clever one. But in a decent way, not too obnoxious or overconfident about it all. He knew the answers, but didn't raise his hand and shout "Me! I know! Me!". He told me he wanted to be a doctor, so he had to be smart. Had to get the right answers, had to receive the best grades to get into a medical school. I'd commented that doctors stayed in school for years after college, constantly taking exams way longer after most people stopped. Merlin didn't mind school much, but in turn wasn't keen on staying in school for twenty more years. He said he'd figure out a way.

I liked that kind of answer.

I still didn't know what I wanted to be. That made me self-conscious. Merlin really made me feel different than I had ever felt before, to put it into simple terms. It was weird, but not necessarily a bad feeling.

And soon, it was the end of the day. I was supposed to go to football practice, where I finally had to answer to my friends. It was only a matter of time, I knew.

"Merlin," I said tentatively to the boy who had followed me to my locker. "Do you know where your locker is?" He blushed in embarrassment, shaking his head "no".

"I don't think they gave me one." He replied, shuffling his feet.

I sighed, opening my locker wider as a suggestion.

Why not?

"You can use mine." Merlin opened his mouth to protest. "No, really, it's fine. Uther would be furious if I didn't help you out." I said with a small smile. I reached into my binder, ripping out a corner of some paper. Quickly scribbling down the numbers, the combination and the locker number, I handed it to Merlin. "Don't lose this."

He nodded, taking the scrap, slipping it gingerly into his jacket pocket.

I stepped aside, allowing Merlin to place his books in the bottom half of the locker. He got on his knees, delicately arranging his supplies.

He's seriously beautiful.

I could see him on those skinny knees in front of me.

I mussed his hair absently, making him look up curiously. I leaned against locker a closed locker, smiling. Merlin let out a huff of air, raising an eyebrow. He turned back to his supplies.

He is just. Kind of. Wow.

I might've already fallen for him.

I cleared my thoughts, remembering something I had been meaning to ask.

"I didn't hurt you, did I? That morning." I said suddenly. Merlin frowned, thinking back to the incident.

"No, I'm good. It's… I'm fine."

"Not that I care. I don't care." I added quickly, scratching the back of my head. Merlin laughed, standing up.

"Of course." He shut my locker, turning back to me again. "Are you doing anything after school?" he asked, stuffing his hands in his pockets. I flushed, looking away.

"Why?" I shoved my hands in my pockets too. Ew, gum.

Merlin raised an eyebrow, confused by my reddened cheeks. "I'm tutoring you, remember?"

"Oh, yeah. I have football practice today… maybe Wednesday?" I said, guiltily. Had he stuck around for me?

"I can stick around for you." Merlin said on cue, giving a shy smile. "I don't have anything."

"Oh, no, you don't need to, that would be rude on my part!" I laughed nervously.

"No, really, it's okay." He didn't seem like he would let up, so I relented.

"Well, thanks. But watch out." I said as I started down the hall towards the gymnasium locker rooms. "There will only be girls in the stands, fighting for my attention…" I looked up thoughtfully. "Actually, never mind. You'll fit right in." Merlin punched me in the arm, met with my laughter.

Maybe this wouldn't turn out so bad.