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After a night of many of Sam's favorite scary movies, Dean woke up with a confusion that he had never had before.

Sam-his younger, no memory what-so-ever, brother-had kissed him full on the lips! Then, after that, had proceeded to act like the whole thing hadn't even happened, leaving Dean in such a state that he could no longer pay any attention to the movies.

Sam had fallen asleep on the couch, curled up in a tight ball with his hair covering a good amount of his eyes.

Dean had just sat there for a bit, staring at his younger brother, watching his chest rise and fall in sleep, his lips curling in a smile making Dean wonder what his baby brother was dreaming about…if it could possibly be him.

After a while of watching, Dean finally got up and went to his room where he didn't fall asleep, but looked up at the ceiling. He could still feel Sam's lips on his.

It was like no kiss he had ever had before. Whenever he thought about it, his heart fluttered and he got a tingling sensation in the pit of his stomach.

In all reality, he thought the feelings were all a bit girly, but still…he couldn't get the image out of his head: Sam up on his knees, one hand in between the gap in Dean's legs, his puppy dog eyes boring into his own, and then finally, the kiss.

Dean tossed and turned. Every time he thought about the kiss, he felt incredibly restless.

About an hour after getting in his bed, he finally fell asleep; a nice, dreamless sleep.

When he woke up, he was just as confused and restless as he was after the kiss.

Dean walked out of his room and to the kitchen. Before entering the kitchen, though, he glanced at the couch to see if Sam was still sleeping on it.

He was.

Sam was stretched out, his long legs just barely short enough to not hang over the side. He had on arm slung over the back side of the couch and the other over his head.

Dean couldn't help but admire how utterly attractive his younger brother was.

As Dean continued to stare, Sam's eyes opened, as if he could feel Dean's eyes on him.

He smiled sleepily, "Morning, Dean." He said before yawning and stretching his whole body.

Dean shook his head and looked away, "Uh…morning, Sammy." He said awkwardly. His brother was yet again acting like they had not kissed.

Sam didn't sit up; he just stayed lying down with a content look on his face, "You making breakfast?" he asked, noticing Dean had walked into the kitchen and to the counter.

Dean chuckled, "Well if you consider pouring a bowl of cereal making breakfast, then yeah, I'm cooking up a storm." He smirked.

Dean heard Sam snort from his place on the couch. He smiled to himself and opened a cabinet, pulling a box of Cheerios out.

"You want anything?" he asked Sam, one hand on the cabinet door as he waited for the answer.

"Well now that you mention it, I've kind of been craving Lucky Charms, believe it or not." He called back.

Dean could practically feel the blush he knew his brother had. He couldn't blame his younger brother; it would be strange to be told everything about you by a seemingly complete stranger and then find out they are completely, 100% true.

Dean snorted and smirked as he grabbed the box of Lucky Charms that was in the cabinet, "Trust me, baby bro, I can believe it."

Dean got the milk out of the fridge, then two bowls and finally two spoons before he poured his and Sam's cereal.

When all the contents were in, he took the two now filled bowls to the kitchen table and set them down. He took a seat and was soon joined by Sam.

Sam devoured the Lucky Charms in what seemed like seconds while Dean stared in complete awe. He knew Sam liked Lucky Charms, but he had never seen his younger brother finish them off as fast as he just had.

After Sam gulped down the remaining milk from the bowl, he set the bowl down with a clank and wiped off his milk stash with the back of his hand.

Then, and only then, did Dean have a spoonful of his cereal.

There was a long time of awkward silence before Sam spoke. Dean noticed that Sam was the one who kept breaking the awkward silences they always seemed to be getting. It was getting annoying.

"Are you always this quiet?" Sam said, the corners of his lips twitching into a playful smile.

Dean pursed his lips, "No." he said roughly, then mentally slapped himself. Where was the snarky remarks he always seemed to have? Dean Winchester was not one for just plain out answering a question. There was always more to it.

Sam nodded like he didn't believe it, "Oh yeah, I can tell. So is that why you barely said anything yesterday and haven't said almost a thing this morning?"

Something in the way Sam spoke made Dean seriously want to punch him. It wasn't until a little later that he realized that "thing" was cockiness.

Dean shrugged, "Well I guess I'm not really in the chatty mood, Sammy. I mean, I don't exactly know what I can talk to you about seeing as you don't remember all the things we do-or quite frankly, don't-have in common." He answered through a mouthful of Cheerios.

"Huh." Sam replied back simply.

There he went again with that stupid "Huh!" It almost threw Dean over the edge. Almost.

And then there was once more the awkward silence that Dean still hadn't gotten used to.

Sam opened his mouth to say something, but there was no way Dean was going to let him be the one to break it again. Not this time.

"You were way too freaked last night, Sammy boy!" Dean chuckled as he remembered how scared his brother had been at all the scary movies they had watched, "Thought you could handle those kinds of things."

Sam's cocky look melted away and was replaced by what looked like embarrassment, "Well the movies were pretty scary," he defended, although his voice was small and half-hearted, "Especially that werewolf! That was just…" he shuddered.

Dean smirked, "No way, man, werewolves are awesome!" he shot back.

Sam giggled a little, "Leave it to you to like werewolves. I should have known."

Dean was taken aback. Now what would lead Sam to think that he liked werewolves so much? Sure Dean had mentioned it a few times before, his love for werewolves, but that was way back before Sam lost his memory. There was no way Sam could remember that little detail about Dean without it.

"Why do you say that?" Dean asked, squinting his eyes.

Sam stopped giggling, "Uhhhh, I don't know, I guess you just seem like the type to like werewolves, I guess." He shrugged and started playing with his spoon, not looking Dean in the eyes.

Dean tapped his foot, "That's a pretty bold assessment, Sammy." He replied.

Once again, Sam shrugged.

Dean decided to shake it off. It wasn't like his brother had gotten his memory back and wasn't telling him or anything. That would be crazy, and, not to mention, extremely low.

"Well," Dean continued, "you acted pretty much like a girl last night." He chuckled once again.

Sam suddenly got a very defensive look on his face, crossed his arms, and said "You said you weren't going to call me that anymore," and, if Dean hadn't imagined it-which he was positive he hadn't-at the end of that sentence, he had heard, "Jerk."

Dean slammed down his fist and leaned in over the table, staring Sam directly in the eyes.

Sam shifted uncomfortably in his seat, "What?" he whined.

"How in fuck's sakes could you possibly know that I said I wouldn't call you a girl anymore? And how did you know to call me a jerk? I let it slide the first time, but this is too damn coincidental!" he fought.

Sam shrugged, "I-I don't know, I guess I just assumed-"

Dean started laughing hysterically, "That's a bold statement-no, actually, that's an impossible statement; in your case, anyways. There is no way you could have known!"

Sam opened his mouth and shook his head in disbelief for a few moments before shutting his mouth and letting out a sigh.

"Okay, you caught me. Remember last night during one of those movies when I said I had to go to the bathroom?" Dean nodded. "Well I guess I went into the wrong room 'cause I ended up in a bedroom. With a laptop. I assumed it was my room because you said that I was a, er, computer geek, or something, so I went to the laptop. I saw it was opened to a Word's page and I read it. In it, it said you had promised to stop calling me a girl or something along those lines. I didn't want to tell you because; well because I'm pretty sure it's my journal. I couldn't tell you about that, could I?" he finished.

Dean let out a sharp laugh, "Ha! It didn't say anything about me promising that!"

He didn't realize that he had just revealed that he had in fact read Sam's journal until it was too late. He clamped a hand over his mouth, but it wouldn't help.

Sam looked pissed.

"Yes it did! And how would you know what it said and didn't say in the first place, Dean?" he shot.

Dean spoke fast, "I said it wasn't in there because I didn't think you had a journal 'cause it's kind of lame. I guess I was wrong. Sorry, Sammy." He lied.

Sam shrugged and stood up with empty bowl in hand, "Whatever," he said, "Let's just forget this conversation ever happened, okay?"

Dean sighed with relief, "Yeah, agreed."

Sam nodded and put his bowl in the sink. Dean could have sworn he heard Sam muttering something under his breath along the lines of "Not lame".

Sam walked over to the couch, sat down and turned the television on to some gray and white cartoon.

Dean sat at the table in silence, yet thoughts were swirling around in his brain.

Maybe, in fact, Sam had written something about Dean promising to stop calling Sam a girl. It was very possible that Dean could have missed it.

And maybe, Sam just called Dean a jerk because Dean was acting like a jerk.

"Not that I am." He thought to himself with a grunt.

He was acting dumb. Of course Sam didn't have his memory back. If he did, he would have run straight to Dean to tell him, right? Right.

Dean relaxed a bit.

Everything was starting to make sense. He was just being irrational.

In fact, he thought, it was probably because of that stupid little cocky kiss that bitch gave me.

He sighed and stood up, not even bothering to pick up his dirty dish. He walked straight to the bathroom, undressed, and hopped into the shower where he closed his eyes and tried to relax.

And he absolutely had no thoughts of Sam joining him in the shower, pushing him against the wall, and giving him another one of those fabulous kisses.

Not at all.

Because that was way to girly and Dean Winchester was in no way girly.

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