aren't i sweet? i post up a third part of the other two, but this time i'll be nice, when Leo fights he turns into his angel form! 8D

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Mikey sneaked through the lair and peaked into his eldest brothers room, no one inside! The youngest turtle slipped inside and left a few papper arks on the neatly fixed bed and left carefully and the speeded to the TV.

He got in the sofa just as the door to the Dojo opened and his two older brothers stumbled out, both out of breath and cover in sweat, Raph fell on his knees and Leo got in one of the armchairs and tried to find his breaths.

"Hard work out?" Mikey asked and smiled his goofy smile, Lep opened his eyes a little and looked at his happy little brother but wasn't abel to anwser, so Mikey decided to help Raph get to one of the sofas since he was still on the floor, the red masked turtle had managed to get his breathing back and was now on his shell in the sofa, Mikey sat down on the other one.

"You two look terrible"

Donnie came from out of no where and sat down beside Mikey "And I'm handsome!" The youngest joked and got a playful hit in the back head "Give me...One reason...Why I should let go through...What we had to do" Leo gasped in short breaths and now looked fully at his younger brothers, Mikey smiled and shaked his head.

"I'll pass and you look like you're about to melt!" Leo shrugged and looked at Raph "You go first?" Raph waved his hand towards Leo, showing that he still needed some time to get his lungs working again, Leo got up and disappeared for a few minuets, Raph looked after him and turned to Mikey "Did I give you enough time to do it?"Yup, I got done with the last one and then left it in his room" Mieky said and streatched his back as much as he could and then it looked like the air left him like a balloon.

"Good, man...splinter sure knows how to make me lost breath for...What now?"About seven minutes, and boy did that help me alst night"

"What?""Another nightmare...But then, I thought about Leo and his fight with Karai, when he was a dragon! I sleeped like a baby and think I yelled for Leo to fry her! I just can't forget it! Karai is gone and...Okay maybe not Shredder, since that guy never gives up!"

Raph shrugged and knew that Mikey had a point, that walking can opener did have some nerv shoingup every time they took him down adn that slightly made Leo nuts, he had fighted Shredder so many times that his brothers was starting to lose count, Donnie turned on the TV and the news had just started...

With news they didn't want to hear!:

Today it was a great joy and surprise to see the city's hero ,Oroku Saki, returning to New York after been visiting his home land and has now declared to stay! but it is also a great loss of Miss Karai Saki, who has passed from a accident in Japan, the poilcce there tries to find the cause of the helicopter accident.

More news about this at 10 am (A/N: or PM, i don't know that thing yet xD)

The three turtles sat with their eyes big as plates and their jaws could have reached the undergroung city at that point, Saki was back in New York? If Leo heard about it he would explode and go after the villian him self.

"Not a word to Leo...Got it?" Mikey said and his two stunned brothers nodded, he quickly switched channel and thanks God that he had when he heard Leo "Shower's yours Raph! And If I don't get dinner soon, I'm gonna faint!"

"On it!" Mikey said and ran towards the kitchen while Leo went to his room adn found the sketches Mikey had done, they were all of him as angel, dragon or him self, Leo smiled at the thought that Mikey must have been thinking so much about it that he didn't have any nightmares that kept him from sleeping, the fights must have been from Mikey's point of view.

Leo wiped some tears and found three notes that looked to come from a dairy, he wasn't sure if he should read it but then he saw that it was about him, he bit his lip hard and made a note to him self to let raph beat the shell out of him in the evening practise.

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*runs the shell away from readers holding bazookas, missle launchers, land mines, heyfroks and tourches*