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Okay, I know I have other stories that I haven't touched in a while, but I'm trying this out and seeing how people respond to it. This will be dark, and sad, but there is hope. Mai is always targeted, but gets away with barely anything happening to her, so, I'm, in my own way, making it more tragic.

Go away if you don't like. This is continuing on from after Naru goes back to England. Right now, i don't know where this is going, so people are going to have to somehow deal with me and my rambling. Thank you and enjoy. Please excuse any spelling or grammar mistakes. I haven't really gone over this yet.

Till The Bell Tolls

Ears Are Ringing

It wrapped around my body like a second skin and tugged me down even further than before. My head was unable to comprehend which way was which and I could feel my lips sealed as tightly as possible. My eyes stung from the intruding object as I tried to make out my blurry surroundings and I struggled, moving sluggishly through the pitch black area. My lungs began to ache and as I struggled even more, I could feel them starting to burn. Fear was gripping at my body and making me think un-comprehendible things.

Am I really going to die like this?

My hands grasped at my shirt, finding my chest, and with desperation, I actually clawed at it, trying to get the burning of my lungs to go away. Then, my lips unsealed themselves and I breathed. I had been expecting sweet fresh air, but instead, water rushed into my mouth and sped down my throat, like starving animals finally being introduced to food. As a reflex, I started to cough, but in the end, I sucked in more water, which rushed up my nose and followed the rest down.

I could feel the light fading from my body as I sank further and further down into the body of water, reaching for some sort of surface with my extended hand.

Abruptly, I sat up in my bed screaming my heart out, clutching at my chest and trying to breathe as tears sprung up in my vision and spilled over. Finally, with one long gasp and relief rushing through my lungs, I curled up into a ball and started sobbing my eyes out.

It had been like this for the past three months since Naru and Lin had left for England with Gene's body. Every night had been the same. I would relive that same person's death over and over again, no matter how many times I woke up and went back to sleep. I've tried herbs in lots of different teas. I've tried sleeping medicines and exercising to tire myself out, yet, nothing ever worked. It didn't help that Gene had moved on and I was left with nothing but myself when I ended up in those dreams.

Taking a deep breath, I flinched as my chest stung and leaning over to my bedside table, I flicked the lamp on. Pulling my t-shirt down, I gasped at the jagged fingernail gashes that still seeped blood from them. They started from my collarbone and went across my chest in a diagonal state.

More tears welled up and I harshly wiped them away, knowing it wasn't going to get me anywhere. My eyes then glanced over my phone before I sighed and my shoulders slumped. I needed the gashes cleaned and patched up. This was the first time I had actually hurt myself outside of the dream.

The phone started to ring once I had dialed the right number and a sleepy voice answered from the other side.

"Mai?" Ayako questioned as rustling could be heard over the phone. I took a deep breath and sighed through my nose before I closed my eyes.

"Can you please come over and…also bring a medical kit with you."

"What! Mai, what happened?" she cried on the other side of the line.

"I'll… explain when you get here…"

I was met with the line going dead and I blinked. She had hung up on me. With another sigh, I pushed myself out of bed, wincing from the gashes, and made my way to the kitchen to make myself a hot cup of tea.

"I'm so tired!" I whined out while sitting down and putting my head on the counter, waiting for the water to boil. This dream started exactly after my heart had been broken after spilling out my feelings to Naru. Exactly the same night they had left.

Large tears welled up in my eyes and I scrubbed at them, trying to tell myself to forget it. Naru was probably right, I didn't love him, but his twin. My heart wrenched as I thought that and I clenched my jaw. It's true, it's true.

My apartment door slammed open then, giving me a perfect view of a worried Ayako, who was stuffing my extra apartment key into her pocketbook. She then shut the door, locked it, and hurried over to me with wide eyes at my horrible state.

"Mai." She murmured while taking in my heart wrenching gaze and large watery tears sitting in the corners of my eyes.

"I'm alright." I simply stated, giving her a watery smile before my mask finally caved and I stared sobbing my heart out once again.

Ayako, who had become my mother figure, suddenly pulled my head into her chest, murmuring soothing words to me as she tried to calm me down.

"I- don't-know-what-to-do-anymore!" I sobbed out in pauses, trying to make sure she heard everything clearly. "I-can't-sleep-because-of-that-dream! I'm….I'm tired, and stressed, and my heart hurts!"

I could feel Ayako's, and my own shock as I was finally having a mental breakdown.

"You had that dream again…" Ayako simply stated, already knowing that I had it no matter what I did. Even a nap would bring this dream on. I pulled away from Ayako a bit after the mental breakdown and tugged my shirt off, revealing a tank top.

It was Ayako's gasp and her turning the light on brighter, that made me look down at my chest to see the gashes. There were four altogether, each taking on four of my fingers, leaving my thumb out. It went from my left collarbone and right down to the start of my right breast. They were deep and I could already see the sad look in Ayako's eyes.

"It's going to scar." I simply stated, already knowing that look she was giving me. I could see her flinch from the way my hollow voice broke from my lips. I was always bubbly and happy, but after what has been happening and being rejected by the one I apparently didn't love, just took too much out of me.

"Mai…Mai!" Ayako's voice snapped me to the present. "We need to go to the hospital. These need a really good cleaning and stitches, something I can't just do without worrying for infection."

I sighed as I got up and gathered my winter items, deciding I was already staying in my long pajama pants with the pattern of fluffy clouds. I pulled on warm socks, snow boots, a winter jacket, and finally, my teddy-bear scarf that Bou-san gave to me.

The drive to the hospital at three in the morning was horrible. I was tired and cranky and I just wanted to sleep, but I couldn't, not with what always awaits me on the other side. Finally, we pulled into the parking lot and hurried into the emergency room. After talking to one of the ladies that sat at the front desk, I was taken to a room and then quickly sat down as they began to look at the gashes. Ayako sat in a chair next to the bed I was on and the Nurse looked over the gashes with worry. I watched as she pulled out cleaning solutions and winced when she started to use them, causing pain.

I hissed and the nurse apologized before continuing.

"You'll probably need at least fifty stitched in all. These are really bad and deep on such a thin area."

It was when she was finishing up on stitching the gashes, that I looked down at my right hand. My nails and fingertips were covered in flaking, dry blood.

My stomach felt queasy and I looked away, locking eyes with Ayako. By the time we finally got out of the hospital, it was six in the morning and Ayako was looking dead tired.

"Mai… do you want to visit Bou-san?" she questioned and I slightly brightened, my horrible mood lightening a bit.

"Hai!" I cried out. I haven't seen monk in about a month. Ayako smiled slightly and I looked away, hoping that I wasn't worrying her too much.

Even though I was still in my clothing for bed, I didn't seem to care as we pulled up to a nice place that looked warm and welcoming. Hopping out of the car, I smiled toward Ayako with my bubbly smile.

"Come on, we don't want to keep Bou-san waiting!" I cried cheerily. Ayako seemed to huff and roll her eyes before climbing out of the car.

"It's only six thirty in the morning. It's not like he's going to already be up…"

That statement went right over my head as I happily bounded up the stairs and to the large door. My hand turned into a small fist and I gave three sharp knocks. I could feel excitement climbing up my spine and as soon as the door started to open, I caught sight of Monk looking like I had just woke him up.

"Bou-san!" I cried, pushing the door wide open and attaching myself to his waist. I could hear Ayako laughing and Bou-san crying out in surprise at me even being there so early in the morning.

"Jou-chan!" Monk cried while hugging me even tighter, causing me to wince, but grip him even tighter. Ayako walked up the stairs and smiled at the sight as I buried my face, reveling in something warm and happy, unlike most of my life.

"Takigawa, I…no," Ayako began and both Monk and I turned to look at her. "Both Mai and I need to speak with you." I felt myself stiffen and then tears pricked at my eyes while I looked down, causing my bangs to hide my eyes. Monk gestured for us to come in and once we were seated with tea and some light snacks, Ayako cleared her throat, looking slightly uncomfortable about this whole thing.

"Mai had a dream and I ended up bringing her to the hospital today, at three in the morning. "

"What!" Monk cried out, being sent a glare by Ayako as he interrupted her.

"Takigawa!, Let me finish. As I was saying, Mai had a dream, but this dream… was the first ever to have actually caused herself to bring harm to her being."

I watched through watery eyes and Monks head whipped in my direction, asking with his eyes what I had done. Lifting up my t-shirt, I pulled the large bandage back, showing him the large four gashes that were bright red against my pale skin. Stitches littered the gashes, keeping it tightly together in hopes of healing.

"How?" Takigawa started only to stop and ponder over this.

"I don't know, but this is not good." Ayako stated while looking at me worriedly.

"I'll be fine." I stated with a smile, having both of them stiffen and then glare at me through narrowed eyes. Ayako sighed and then looked at Takigawa.

"Mai, know that both of us are there for you no matter what."

Monk agreed and ruffled my already messy hair while my heart felt like its spirit had been lifted slightly.

A week had passed since I had harmed myself, yet I still had that dream, constantly waking up in tears and sometimes, it was so intense, that I would wake up, unable to breathe and start clawing at my throat with my fingertips. Luckily it was winter and I could wear my scarf in school to hide the claw marks that just barely showed up on my skin.

I dug through my pocket for my key and with a sigh, I opened my door, looking into the dark and unwelcoming home that never seemed warm like other people's homes. Throwing my backpack to the ground, I shivered at the temperature, already knowing that I couldn't turn it up or I wouldn't be able to pay the heating bill. Getting into warmer clothes, I started to boil water when I heard a creaking noise.

Looking up with a start, I glanced around me, finding it odd that I heard that all of a sudden. Suddenly, my dream flashed before my eyes, and with a cry of fear, not being able to see anything for my sight went black, I stumbled, hitting something hard. It was then that I was plunged into coldness and felt the water around me wrap around my figure like a second skin.

I woke just as quickly, letting my eyes adjust and find myself passed out on my kitchen floor. The water was boiling, causing the kettle to whistle, and with hesitant moves, I got up to shut the stove off. For once, I just wanted to sleep without having the fear of drowning at night in my dreams.

Once my tea was set, I sat down at my counter and stared across my kitchen and to my small living room area.

"Why Naru… why did my dream suddenly start as soon as you broke my heart and left?" I choked out while tears leaked past my eyes and down my cheeks. With a sniff, I took a sip of the warm tea, relishing in the fact that it seemed to warm up my frozen body.

I was running, for some reason, I needed to hurry and get somewhere really fast. I don't know why, but I needed to find something, or someone. With each foot fall, I drew closer and closer to where I needed to go, yet, at the last second, I lost my footing and went plunging into ice cold water.

My limbs fell numb, struggling to keep me above the icy waters surface. As my head slipped under the water, I lost sight of the hole in the ice and with fear, I banged on the solid ice above my head. It was then that I sunk lower in the water from the numbness in my limbs. Fear engulfed me as bubbles escaped my nose and my vision blurred from the water. I was searching for a way out, the surface! Where was it!

The icy cold water wrapped around me like a second skin as I was tugged even further down into its depths. My head was unable to comprehend which way was which and I could feel that my lips were sealed as tightly as possible. My eyes stung from the intruding object as I tried to make out my blurry surroundings and I struggled, moving sluggishly through the pitch black area that was so cold. My lungs began to ache and as I struggled even more, I could feel them starting to burn. Fear was gripping at my body and making me think un-comprehendible things.

Am I really going to die like this?

It was then, that I was shoved out of the drowning body and when I looked back down upon the now dead person, my breath caught in my throat as a scream tried to work its way from my lips.

"It's me…I'm the dead body…" I whispered in horror as I stared back into my own lifeless eyes.