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Extra: A loving Brother knows no Bounds Chapter 21

My brows furrowed slightly at the sound of something breaking from the kitchen and worry for Mai surged forward. Turning around the corner and into the kitchen, I found her with her back facing me, coffee spread out on the table and dripping over the edge and onto the floor. The air was thick with the power seeping out of her body and I couldn't help but feel worried. She was wound up, her powers literally on the surface of her skin, ready to strike if need be.

"Mai?" I called out. It was the sight of ceramic pieces flying from the table that caused me to pull back, not wanting the sharp sections to pierce my skin. They shattered upon the wall and I locked eyes with Mai as she whipped around. I looked at her questioningly and found my hands fisting at my sides before I relaxed them.

"Are you…alright?" I questioned, slowly making my way up behind her and twining one of my hands into her hair, running it through slowly. She had me wondering if something was wrong and needed help.

"I'm not alright." Mai replied to me and I stiffened, not liking the fact that she wasn't doing well. She then stood up and pulled away from my ministrations, quickly cleaning up the mess.

With a sigh, I helped her clean the cut on her hand and bandaged it, frowning as my fingers ghosted over her skin and picked up on the winding powers that she had managed to gain over time.

"Naru…I…something is wrong." She murmured as she locked eyes with me once again. Stepping forward, I lifted a hand and slowly brushed it over her cheek, watching her flush in embarrassment. My stomach fluttered and with a slight movement, I lifted her chin and captured her lips with mine. I could feel my heart beating loudly within my ears and I pulled away after a couple of seconds.

"You should call Matsuzaki-san and ask her about it." I murmured while pulling back. "Both Matsuzaki-san and Takigawa-san, for they helped you when you needed it…" before sighing. My heart panged at that statement and I had to look away in guilt. I hadn't even said goodbye to her before I left with Gene's body. I had been stupid, just like my brother had always said.

I left Mai alone after that, watching her head to her room to get ready for the day. She had already informed me that she needed to leave for a bit.

The day passed by slowly and I found myself glancing at the clock, wondering when Mai would be back from her errands. With a sigh, I flipped another page to the file I was reading, mind not really into it, seeing that there wasn't anything that stood out. With a snap, I had the file close, rubbing my forehead in frustration. My eyes flickered towards the large window within the flat and I scowled at the darkening sky. Mai should have been back by now.

Gathering the file in one hand, I stood up from the couch and stretched. My shoulders were cramping up from sitting and reading through plenty of files for the day and I winced at the stiff muscles. As I walked down the hallway, I barely passed the mirror on the wall when it shattered. My arms flew up to protect my face as the file slipped from my grasp, scattering everywhere as the mirror fell to pieces upon the floor. I froze as I stared at it before my eyes widened.


My breath caught within my throat and I could feel my muscles stiffen in surprise.

"Gene?" I murmured in surprise, falling to my knees, the thought of glass not even registering within my mind as it lie, scattered around my form. My hands shook as I managed to grasp at the largest piece of mirror and bringing it up, I felt my throat constrict as my eyes stung from tears pricking at them. I hadn't spoken to Gene, my twin, in quite a while and it hurt.

Gazing down within the mirror, I found my own reflection, the only difference was that Gene had worry and fear situated upon his face.

"Noll, you need to get to the Park, now! Mai, she's been hit by a car and she's running from her assailant."

My breath stalled within my lungs and my mind scrambled to grasp at what Gene had just said. Glass dug into my skin, drawing blood before I came to my feet, already heading for the door. I had barely just grabbed my jacket before I threw open the door and stormed out, heading for Lin's apartment.

My fist connected with the door and not even waiting for a reply, I hurriedly opened it, cursing when the chain link lock became taut, keeping me from entering.

"Lin, open up!" I called out, limbs shaking as I tried not to let myself bolt for the park.

There came a crash and some cursing before Lin appeared in the slight opening of his doorway.

"Naru?" he questioned, confusion evident with his brows furrowed.

"Lin, we need to go! Gene, Gene was able to contact me and he said Mai was in trouble!"

Lin disappeared from the doorway and shutting said door, I could hear the bolt unlocking and Lin quickly came out, pulling his jacket on.

I quickly turned on my heel as he placed his cell against his ear, starting to murmur into the receptor as we hurried out of the building.

The park was about three blocks away, but that didn't stop me from taking off with Lin as soon as we were out the doors. Feet pounded the sidewalk, my heart racing a mile a minute as I felt worry for Mai starting to cave in on me.

She had somehow become an important person to me, someone precious, and I would not lose her. Not like Gene. I wouldn't let her go.

The sight of the car wreck had my mouth going dry and I bit my tongue as I found my gaze lingering on the front. It looked like it slammed into a wall, most likely one of Mai's spiritual barriers that she was getting better at. Though, it had already registered in my mind that even if she had thrown up a barrier, it wouldn't have held through the whole attack.

Blood dotted the ground and Lin quickly grasped my arm, tugging me through the Park entrance. We needed to get to Mai as soon as possible.

The trail wasn't hard to follow and I cursed as it started to snow out. I didn't need something else slowing me down.

There were a couple of spots that I found myself skidding, catching myself at the last second and continuing on. It was hard to maneuver through a forest with ankle deep snow. I couldn't see any of the tree roots that seemed to be tripping the two of us.

Bursting out of the forest, my breath caught in my throat as a frozen lake came into view and my stomach dropped. Had I lost Mai already, to the depths of this lake? Would I have to wait to find her, for the ice to thaw?

It was the figure at the edge of the water that had my body stiffening. He turned when Lin called out to him and my eyes darted towards the middle of the lake. I sharply sucked in air as I spotted Mai, who was struggling in the water, unable to pull herself out. Our eyes locked and I found my mind warring with my body as I looked at her and the ice.

"Lin-san! Naru!" her cry reached me and I took a step closer to the ice, fear for her and the possibility of going under as well keeping me at bay.

Mai slipped under once more, the ice having broke underneath her weight and I jerked forward, watching her starting to disappear underneath the surface.

"Mai! Mai, no!"

Lin's shout had me glancing at him and I frowned at the purple aura surrounding the male teen that had engaged with Lin. He was being possessed, but what had prompted the ghost into attacking Mai in the first place?

All my attention was back on the ice, searching for Mai and I felt the panic and anxiety starting to rise. She wasn't there. Mai wasn't above the water. She was going to suffocate, and here I was, on the bank, unable to help her. If I were to fall in with her as well, I could easily drown the both of us by a simple mistake.

My heart clenched painfully in my chest as I fisted my hands and fought back the sickening feeling entering my system.

I needed to get her to safety.

It was her breaking the surface of the water that had relief shooting through my body. I could feel the emotions rolling underneath my skin and the need to cry was getting stronger and stronger as I watched the girl I had fallen for, struggle to stay alive.

"Naru! Naru, y-you need to, n-need to get me o-out!" she managed to stutter out and I felt my breath hitch as I stared at her with wide eyes. I need to get to her.

Lin's whistle for his Shiki was enough to tell me that he was keeping the possessed teen at bay and with high wired nerves, I started making my way across the ice, slowly but surely getting closer with determination.

My eyes flickered to Mai's blue lips and pale face, her beat red fingers that were clawing at the ice to keep her up and I knew that she would either drown or freeze to death if she wasn't helped soon.

"No! No, go back, go b-back!" she pleaded, warm brown eyes boring into my own eyes. I wanted to curse the girl for thinking I'd just leave her here and put my safety above hers.

"I'm not going back Mai, not without you!" I got out, gaze not leaving her shivering form. Her hair, which was soaking wet, was quickly freezing in this cold weather and I found myself questioning if I should get closer. It wouldn't do, though. If I were to get too close, it would cause the already breaking ice to cave under my weight.

"P-please Naru, call the cops! Please!" she managed to get out through her frozen from.

"Mai." I called out to her, finally stopping. I knew Lin had already called them, but when they would get here, was the question. "Mai, they are on their way here. Calm down and lighten your weight upon the ice."

I watched her do as I said and I held her gaze, listening to Lin control his Shiki. As I crouched down, keeping my weight equally balanced, I couldn't help but let my emotions swim within my eyes and begin to cover my face. This was too much. Having Gene die on me and having experienced it was traumatizing, but actually watching someone suffer before you without being able to really help, made me feel useless.

"Mai. Just keep hanging on." I murmured, loud enough for her to hear me. I watched the shiver wrack her frame and I clenched my jaw, wanting to proceed forward and drag her into my arms. It was the sight of her eyes drooping that had my heart lurching in fear.

"Mai, look at me Mai. Don't you dare fall asleep on me now." I called out, frowning as she jerked from the interruption.

"I'm so tired Naru." She replied and I internally cursed as her eyes looked around, unable to focus clearly.

"No, Mai, you're not tired. Listen to me Mai, you have to stay awake or you might not wake up. You could slip back under as well." I managed to get out, voice quivering and not as strong and toneless as it usually was. This pressure was a lot different than going up against Ghost's like we usually do. Not with Mai on the cusp of losing her life if she didn't fight.

A shout from the bank had me turning to look at Lin and it was the cracking sound that pierced the air that had me spinning around. Mai shrieked as she slipped and my eyes widened in fear.

"Mai!" I shouted, jerking forward but pulling back as the ice groaned underneath me. I was beyond worried, I feared that I would lose her, even if I happened to be right there with her.

The barking and lights from the bank drew my attention and I quickly rose, relief suddenly flooding me as I realized our rescuers were here.

I called out to them, demanding that they help Mai as soon as possible. A cop had me coming back to shore and I cast my gaze towards Mai more than once as I retreated back. It wouldn't do if I fell in and caused more danger for all of us.

When Mai had been dragged out and carried towards the ambulance, my already pounding heart felt like it collapsed in relief as she was swiftly transported. Jumping into the ambulance with her, I leaned over her head, her brown eyes focusing on me as I brushed her frozen bangs out of her face before she lost consciousness.

When we arrived at the hospital, Mai was swiftly taken away, hypothermia very well noticeable with her shaking frame and blue lips and pale limbs.

Lin and I sat in the waiting room and I found myself sitting rigidly within the chair, unable to rest at ease when I knew Mai could still possibly die in her current situation.

"Naru…" Lin murmured and I glanced at him out of the corner of my eye. "I was able to exorcise the Ghost… Though, he had an obvious connection with Mai. I'll speak to John about that."

I frowned and looked away, not at all liking the thought of the ghost having some kind of connection with the girl I adored.

The hours ticked by and I flinched at my stiff limbs, refusing to go further than needed, for I wanted to be present when the doctor came out to inform us on how she was doing.

Lin had already called the crew and as a group, they came in as well, sitting in the waiting room with us, worry evident upon their face. Ayako was nervously fiddling with her purse and I stared at her hands, digging and kneading at the straps.

It was the only thing I could do without making myself go crazy with concern.

When the doctor finally came out after five hours of us just sitting there, I found myself instantly standing, fearing the worst as he looked at us all.

"Are you Kazuya Shibuya?" he questioned and I quickly nodded my head. "Do you know where I can find her relatives or guardians?" the doctor questioned and I found disbelief suddenly sprouting up. Would he not let me know of her condition, seeing that I wasn't related?

"She's an orphan. We are as close as it gets to family."

The doctor frowned and looked at all of us. With a sigh, he locked eyes with me and shook his head.

"I'm sorry, but we can not disclose-"

"Can't disclose any information my ass!" Ayako suddenly blurted and I backed away as she stormed up to the doctor. "We've been here for five hours and you have the audacity to tell us that you can not disclose information about her wellbeing?"

The man stood, flabbergasted as the woman bit his head off and I couldn't help but let satisfaction course through my body. He most definitely deserved it. I needed to know how Mai was faring.

He opened and closed his mouth before scowling.

"I can not-"

"She's my girlfriend, are you going to deny me the right to know how my girlfriend is coping?" I finally snapped, voice going cold and my indifferent look suddenly causing the guy to shrink. A bit of my powers suddenly seeped forward and Lin jerked forward, clamping his hand around my shoulder, squeezing it in warning.

The man finally sighed and rubbed his forehead. "Alright, alright… Taniyama-san has hypothermia… a pretty bad concussion, and is recovering quite well. She hasn't woken up since she arrived and we do not know if she will wake up, for her concussion was quite terrible… But, we do have hope for her yet."

My breath stalled and I felt fear creep up my spine at the slim chance of Mai not waking up. I could feel my hope being smothered ever so slightly and dread blossoming within my heart.

Ayako was caught by Bou-san as her knees went weak and I barely registered Masako crying out as John pulled her form to his. Yasuhara was silent, a frown pulling his lips down from his seat and Lin's hand tightened on my shoulder.

"You can go see her if you wish. In room 326 on the third floor."

I was the first to move, shrugging off Lin's hand and stalking towards the elevator. I needed to see her, I needed to see for myself how she was doing. Having known Mai for quite a while, I also found my resolve strengthening to a certain point, knowing that Mai would never give up.

When I first laid eyes on Mai, I felt myself falter, my throat aching as pressure built up behind my eyes.

She looked dead, just lying there in the bed, I.V's and body hooked up to machines. Her brown hair was still slightly wet and hung within her face as an electric heating blanket was thrown over her with even more blankets. Hesitantly I stepped forward and bringing my hand up, I brushed her bangs out of her face once more.

She would make it, I was sure of it.

The first day passed and I refused to budge from Mai's side. Ayako had resorted to bringing meals to me and I only scowled at the hospital food. It didn't look too good.

I couldn't sleep that night and as I waited for Mai to wake up, I found that I couldn't even focus on files of possible Ghost Hunt's. I was too worried. Too afraid that Mai would be like this for the rest of her life.

The second day, when Ayako left the room with Masako, I scrubbed furiously at my face, trying to force the salty tears away. My heart panged and I buried my face into my palms, breathing deeply to calm myself down. I couldn't let myself break down, I needed to stay strong for Mai. I had to keep a level head in this kind of situation. It was hard, though. Just like Gene, I started to cave in on myself and pull away from the outside world. If Mai was gone, then I knew no one would be able to get through like she had.

I fell asleep at some point that night, and as I dreamed, something shifted, causing my eyes to flutter open and focus. The light within the room suggested Midday on the third day and as my eyes drifted towards Mai, I found myself jolting up in surprise.

Raw emotions cascaded through my body and I found myself off the couch and pulling Mai into an embrace, trying and failing to keep some tears at bay. Her body shook with her own sobs and I tightened my hold.

"I'm not allowing you near frozen water ever again." I murmured into her messy hair, listening to her chocked up laugh.

"Of course." She murmured, flushing as I drew the back of my fingers along her jaw, loving the feel of her soft skin.

"I mean it Mai. When Gene informed me of you being hit by a car and chased into the park, I feared for the worst." I replied as I held her gaze. Her face was blotchy red from crying, but I didn't care. She was everything to me and no matter what, that wouldn't change Mai.

All I could feel was relief, utter relief that she was still here, awake, and within my arms. I couldn't help but feel like Gene had done everything within his power to keep this wonderful girl in my life. Even from beyond the grave, my brother, my twin, was still helping me and trying to keep me happy.

Those two were my most precious people. Gene and Mai. No matter what happens, they would always remain that way.

I owed my brother so much. More than I could ever repay.