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Warnings: Rape, Language, Sex, Yaoi, Male/Male, OOCness

Pairings: Tykan, Arekan, LaviLena

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He just couldn't fight anymore. Not when his every kick just went through the other's body.

The bastard had taken off his coat…his shirt too. Now he was on top of him, gently placing kisses on his collar bone, down to his navel. He shuddered feeling something wet slid across his stomach. His whole body felt flushed and he was a little sick to his stomach that this was happening. He…he didn't want this. But he couldn't say that, not with the gag effectively silencing him. He couldn't even move with his arms bound to the headboard. His only consolation was the fact that the fabric in his mouth silenced any moan that dared to escape his throat.

At least he could keep that part of his pride intact.

The black haired teen squeezed his eyes shut further, feeling his pants and boxers being gently slid down his thighs, only to be discarded onto the floor. If he could just pretend it wasn't happening…if he didn't watch, then maybe it wouldn't happen.

He didn't want to feel his breath pick up in anticipation, or the cool air upon his length. He bit down on the gag, feeling nimble fingers sliding down his hardening cock, stroking him. This shouldn't be happening. He was supposed to have absolute control of his body. Why was it betraying him like this?

Kanda jerked his head to the side when he felt another gray hand slowly make its way up to his pony-tail, before pulling out the hair tie. He shivered, feeling the strands of black falling down to his shoulders, sticking to his sweaty skin.

"Ne," Tyki smirked, "Your body is very…stimulating, Kanda-kun," He whispered, squeezing Kanda's manhood. The samurai bit down on the gag, eyes opening wide. Damn it…why did it have to feel so good? He squirmed underneath Tyki, struggling to get away, but there was nothing they could do. Not with gray skinned man pinning him down to the bed. The gold eyes smoldered above him as the hand continued to stroke his erection. "Hmm, you know, I could make this much more…pleasurable for the both of us," Tyki said, pulling the gag away from Kanda. He started to place his lips next to the black haired teen's, but stopped when the head turned away from him.

"Fuck you," Kanda would not give up what remained of his pride to let the Noah kiss him. He shuddered feeling warm lips latch onto his neck. Kanda closed his eyes again, trying to focus on how many breaths he was taking; trying to ignore the hand on his manhood, the teeth grazing the skin on his neck, the warmth of the other man's body on his.

Kanda wished he was dead, rather than to have to feel this shame.

He felt relieved when the Noah pulled away from him. Maybe he had decided to stop.

Kanda's hope was short lived, when he felt Tyki grab his legs, slowly spreading him apart. He shook his head in denial. This wasn't happening. This wasn't fucking happening. This was some hellish drea-

He gasped, feeling a single finger slip inside his entrance. He squirmed. It was uncomfortable, but not painful. Not yet at least. He bit his lip, feeling the digit squirm around inside of him. He bit his lip, trying hard not make any more noises. His pride couldn't take another bit of shame.

"Relax, Kanda-kun," He Tyki whispered to the raven haired man. "It will only hurt if you don't." He sneered at Kanda, roughly pushing in the second digit.

The iron taste of blood filled his mouth when Tyki pushed the second finger in and he had to blink away tears of absolute shame. It hurt and Kanda knew he should relax as Tyki said. But he couldn't. Not when he was being fucking raped. This wasn't supposed to happen. This sort of thing only happened to weak people. He was Kanda Yu, he wasn't supposed to be weak. Why him, goddamn it?

He exhaled shakily as the fingers withdrawn. He didn't want this. He didn't want Tyki to touch him anymore. He winced, feeling a heat ghost over his entrance. He wanted to plead and beg for Tyki to stop.

But he couldn't.

He couldn't admit he was hopelessly at the other man's mercy. He couldn't do that. "Fuck you," He hissed at Tyki once more.

Tyki smirked, smoothing Kanda's hair back from his face. "Such a pretty face," He crooned softly, before he roughly thrust into the Japanese male, fully sheathing himself.

Kanda choked at the sudden and violent intrusion. He thrashed beneath Tyki, tears threatening to spill over his eyes. He pulled at the ropes. It hurt damn it. More than the fingers had, definitely. More than a lot of things he'd felt.

But it was more than painful. It was…shameful, to be so weak.

Tyki smirked at Kanda, placing a hand on the teen's face as he gradually calmed down. He was kind enough to let the younger teen beneath him adjust to his size. "Relax, Kanda-kun," He snickered. "You might enjoy this if you do." He added. Kanda shook his head back in forth. He didn't want to enjoy this.

Tyki sighed. One could only lead a horse to water, he supposed. He started to move, starting off at a rough pace, occasionally forcing out a pained scream from the samurai beneath him. Kanda flushed feeling something wet sliding down his face as Tyki continued to pound into him mercilessly. He recognized them as tears and felt even more ashamed of himself.

His nails dug into his palms as he clenched his fists, drawing bright crescents of red.

He continued to squirm beneath the Portuguese man. Sudden he went limp, letting the tears run down his face. What was the point? Tyki was just going to keep going after all. He just wished it didn't' have to hurt so damn much.

Kanda's eyes suddenly opened wide and his back arched in pleasure as Tyki hit something. He whimpered, his hips bucking forward in an attempt to feel more of the delicious feeling.

Tyki grunted, smirking down Kanda. Seeing the other man writhing in pleasure was rather…erotic.

Tyki's thrusts slowly became more erratic as he neared his end. He moaned, using one hand to steady himself before bringing his other hand to Kanda's manhood. He stroked slowly Kanda, a smirk gracing his face when the younger man moaned in pleasure.

He gave the length a hard squeeze as he gave one last thrust inside Kanda before he cummed into the younger man's ass. Kanda let out his own whimper as he came felt his cock twitch, semen coating both of their chests.

The two of them both lay there panting for a moment, before Kanda pulled out, smirking. "We'll be doing this again, Kanda-kun," He promised as he started to pull on his pants. He looked at Kanda and chuckled. "Not bad for your first time."

"Fuck you," Kanda rasped, feeling humiliated.

"I certainly did," Tyki chuckled as he left the room, leaving the shamed samurai to his own thoughts.

"What do you mean Komui-san?" Lenalee asked her brother in horror. This wasn't true. How could a member of her family be dead?

Lavi was silent, staring down at the ground. His friend…was dead? Sure, the man could be an ass, but he didn't deserve to die.

Komui slowly adjusted his glasses, looking at the three exorcists in the room. He had thought it best to inform Kanda's friends first – before he informed Tiedoll and Marie. He knew that the three had all been close to Kanda…

…well, as close as one could get to the man.

"I mean," He said, looking at Lenalee, "One of the Noah captured him on his last mission. The likelihood he is alive is extremely unlikely…." He explained to his sister, tenderly.

It was Allen who spoke next, "But you didn't find a body?" He checked.

Komui shook his head, "Yes, but the likelihood –"

"But there is still a chance!" Allen pressed.

Komui nodded reluctantly. He didn't want to give anybody false hope, "Yes, there is an extremely slim," He tried to enforce the idea, "Chance."

Allen looked at him with determination.

A chance was all he needed.

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