Well hi everybody here begins the third book of princess diaries in Michaels pov this chapter is called cold blood because number 1 mia spits out blood on the ice rink and number 2 mia does not know Michael likes her so she doesn't give the same warmth that Michael gives her (or so he thinks) this is my first fan fic I wanted to start from chapter 3 cause I find it lucky so I hope this is good (fingers crossed). Good, bad ugly please review

I would also like to add that the princes diaries series belongs to meg cabot and i am just a fan so miss cabot please dont sue me

Cold blood

Saturday, December 5th

Well today I went with Judith to the ice skating rink, she had heard lilly talking on the phone with Boris about it so she wanted to tag along it was a good change from the ahum... steamy things that were happening in my room.

Well when Judith and I were putting on our skates I actually thought mia was actually unhappy that I got Judith along. And that when I heard mia and lilly talking about me their conversation went like this

Mia: I didn't know your brother and Judith are going out

And that she said very casually as if nothing is going on

Lilly: Please. They're not. She was just over at our place, working with Michael on some project for the stupid computer club. They heard we were all going skating, and Judith said she wanted to come to.

Mia: well, that sounds like they are going out to me.

At that point me and Judith were walking up to them and mia was like

Mia: oh hi, you guys. Michael, i didn't know that you knew how to ice-skate

Well there are a lot of things you don't know about me

Me: "I used to be in a hockey team."

Lilly: "Yeah, Pee Wee Hockey. That was before he decided that team sports were a waste of time because the success of the team was dictated by the performance of all the players as a whole, as opposed to sports determined by individual performance such as tennis and golf."

Me: Lilly, don't you ever shut up?"

And an imminent argument was stopped by Judith by saying

Judith: "I love ice-skating! "Although I 'm not very good at it."

Well I was unhappy that she bought Kenny along. But then the skating turned out to be such a bad idea. Judith can't skate so I had to skate backwards holding her no romantic feelings at that point. but then think Kenny (I hate him he has mia) was either jealous of us, thinking we were a couple and because he is such a dork and an idiot he decided to imitate us, so he skated backwards holding mia as she skated which turned out to be such a bad idea as mia can skate while Kenny cannot even skate forward backward comes after a long long time, so Kenny fell and along fell mia with him she dint fall actually to rephrase she crashed into Kenny's knee and bit her tongue and spat all this blood out. And all these tourists who were there at that moment started taking pictures of her.

Luckily Lars skated towards her gave her his handkerchief and told hereto apply pressure on her wound and took her away not until miss know it all so tell it all out number 2 (the first ones lilly) told her to go to a general practitioner because she could need stitches. Calm down miss fruit fly I know you know it all.