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So I seemed to have upset a few people again, with my little issue riddled Rachel. I swear it will all make sense in the end. Rachel and Quinn will be together forever in their hearts, and give Santana a break ..Rachel's a lot to lose.


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"Pretty cool huh?" Puck laughed as he uncrated another scooter. "There are five of them according to the paperwork their Suzuki Skywaves 400."

"Berry why is there five custom bike/scooters being shipped to your house?" Santana demanded with her hands on her hips.

"I have no idea Santana, but I kinda like it." Rachel said leaning heavily on Brittany.

"Oi what's wrong with you Berry?" Santana rushed over to her as she was now swaying back and fourth.

"She took some medication that's going to make her woozy, We should take her inside. We'll have to have a quiet day inside." Puck said uncrating the last Suzuki and placing all the packing back inside.

The four of them got Rachel back inside the house, in front of the TV. The three girls looked at Puck for guidance. Brittany spoke first. "Is she going to be okay, I've never seen her like this before."

"Yeah she's going to be okay, I've already spoken to a medical professional, and they told me that she was going be a little off." He sat down next to Rachel and turned on TV, open

"Okay how about a reality TV marathon, who's in?" Quinn asked snatching up the remote.

3 months Later

Quinn put her Suzuki in park outside the Berry's house. She looked around the neighborhood, shaking her head at the signs up and down the street on people's lawns. "Vote for Sue! Equality for all!"

She took off her helmet set on the seat and walked to Rachel's front door. It opened before she knocked. "Hey Quinn, Rachel I'll see you the tomorrow." Brittany hugged them both and launch herself off the porch heading to her own Suzuki in the driveway, before taking off her self.

"Did you and Britt have a good time, what did you end watching?"

"We watched Mulan this week. Santana and Puck left about an hour ago. They had to do some bro thing that is code for smoke pot and check out chicks." Rachel pulled her in for a kiss. "Where are we going tonight?" Rachel asked she closed the door behind Quinn.

"We've officially been exclusively dating one another for three months so it's a surprise and I'm not telling." Quinn tapped her on the nose. "You'll just have to wait and see."

"You know I hate surprises." Rachel pouted.

"Oh you'll be fine stop pouting." Quinn laughed and shook her head in amusement.

"You're terrible. Not even a little hints, a clue, nugget of information?" Rachel pulled on Quinn shirt pulling her closer. "I have my ways of getting information Quinn, you might want to think of that, before I have to resort to that type of behavior."

"Rachel, we both know that won't work for me anymore." Quinn stepped back two inches. "Your pouts, your foot stomps, your storm outs, nothing, nothing works on me anymore Rachel."

"Forgot one thing Quinn." Rachel singsonged as she stalked Quinn, she took away the space in between them crowding Quinn up against the wall.

"W-W-What is that?" Quinn quivered trapped between Rachel and the wall.

"That I can still make you feel this way." Rachel whispered into her ear. "Whenever." She kissed her ear. "Wherever." She dragged her hands through Quinn's hair. "I want." She kissed her passionately fusing their bodies together, loving Quinn with her lips and her fingertips.

"You're fighting dirty Rachel." Quinn gasped when they pulled away for air.

"All's fair in love and war." Rachel kiss her one final time, pulled Quinn off the door opened it and they both left to head out to their date.

Rachel woke up with a start her breathing erratic, panting she pulled in large deep breaths.

"Rachel? Are you okay?" Quinn soft voice shattered the silence in the dark room, she felt the caress of Quinn's hand on her arm.

"Yeah I'm okay… It was just a bad dream." she said the darkness, looking around the room to make sure that she was where she was, and that what she was thinking had been real had just been a bad dream.

"Rachel you're shaking are you sure you're okay?" Quinn turned on the light next to the bed and flooded the room with the brightness.

"Really I'm okay… Really… it was….it was just so real" Rachel let out a breath looking around the room. "Quinn you do love me right?"

"More than anything." Quinn promised placing her lips on Rachel's forehead.

"Even if I was crazy? Even if I lost myself, I had trouble remembering who I was. If I lost the piece of me that remembers what's right and what's wrong could you love me even then."

"Of course I would Rachel. What's this all about, after all we've been through how could you doubt that I would love you unconditionally forever."

"Just a bad dream, a really bad dream. I don't think I could live without you Quinn." Rachel pulled Quinn into her arms holding her tightly. "I love you with all that I am, and all that I'll ever be."

"Rachel you're scaring me." Quinn pulled way to look at her face. "Should I call your dad's, or the doctor, or Puck I could even call Santana or Brittany."

"No I'm fine. Just a bad dream, a really vivid bad dream." Rachel ran her hands up and down Quinn's back. "I'm sorry I'm so sorry that I let so much come between us for so long. If I hadn't been so stubborn, we'd have had so much more time."

"It's wasn't just your fault Rachel. We have time, we have the rest of our lives to be together and be happy. We have our whole futures in front of us. We'll have college, Broadway, I'll be professor of literature, kids, gray hair brittle bones. But most of all we'll have love, a never ending unconditional love."

Tears rolled down Rachel's face. She took Quinn's hands to her own. "I need for you to know that it's always been you Quinn. Since the first time I saw you, you were the only one who's ever made me feel anything. That first day of kindergarten, I knew I knew you would be my one weakness. I held back for as long as I could until freshman year, when I had to push you as far as possible. Because you've always been the one person who could see me, and break me. I'm so sorry for pushing you away for so long. Because I was a coward." Rachel smiled through her tears.

"I've been so afraid of myself, what I'm capable of, but so much more of what I can't do." She paused cried harder trying to get herself under control. "What I can't do is so much. There's just so much I can't do. Of what I can't control. But I can't not love you anymore, or ever again . I love you so much more than I thought was possible. And I will love you forever. Nothing can stop my love for you, nothing."

"I love you too, I promise to love you forever." Quinn whispered softly as she kissed Rachel while wiping the brunette's tears. "You and me against the world."

Those were the last words spoken between the two. The following morning Rachel was gone. Gone from the world forever. Leaving a black hole in her wake. The world lost their golden star.

The tiny star that burned to bright, it always had. But it took too long for everyone to notice. Too long for them to realize that in a years time she had fixed them all. Everyone in her live, had been touched, and changed for the better, for good.

The only thing that she had wanted, to provide, to prove…. Her dying wish for them was to find love, honesty and understanding.

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