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Jane lay on her side, tied up. Blood ran freely from a cut on her upper arm. Her breathing was choppy, frightened.

Maura stood on the other side of the room, trapped behind a glass panel. She watched as a man, his face shadowed, stepped toward Jane.

Every muscle in her body humming with fear, she slammed her fist on the glass, trying to shatter it, trying to draw the man's attention. He looked up, and she stared into the face of Charles Hoyt.

"Don't worry, you'll have your turn." He spread his hands, revealing a scalpel in one hand. "Everyone's a winner here, Doctor Isles." He turned back to Jane.

"Don't touch her!" She screamed it. Screamed it again, as though her voice could reach through the wall and stop him, but he did it anyway. Ran his hand along her thigh, up along Jane's side. Gripped her arm, hard. Jane jerked, crying out in pain.

Her eyes met Maura's, trying to communicate something through the fear. Maura sobbed, desperately trying to read what Jane wanted to tell her. Then the scalpel dug in, and Jane's head jerked back.

"Stop it!" She spoke aloud, thrashing the sheets, sobbing as she tried to get free, to rip the bastard's heart out.

Hands grabbed her shoulders, shook her. She lashed out, still caught in the dream. Jane cried out and she opened her eyes.


She felt warm arms come around her, hold tight. Relaxed inch by inch as Jane's mouth found hers once, twice, three times.

"What, you slug out other girls at three in the morning?" Jane rasped into her ear.

She half laughed, half-sobbed. "Only you."

She felt Jane reach over her to flick on the light, and saw she was touching her cheek, gingerly. "Yeah, well, ow, for the record."

Body still thrumming from the need to do something, she moved Jane's hand aside, peered at the red mark on her cheek. "You'll live." She pressed her lips together, registering her choice of words. "I mean, it's just a superficial wound, so if we put some ice on it-"

"-Maur." Sharp dark eyes studied her through the tangled curls. A hand covered hers, gently. And Jane waited her out.

She held on, tight. "You were being attacked. And I couldn't save you."

She sensed, rather than saw, Jane's sudden impatience. "Maur, every cop's wife-"

"-No, Jane." Rather than pull away, she gripped tighter, needing to feel warm skin under her fingers. "Don't you patronize me. You know I know better than anyone what death does." She studied the pulse point of Jane's wrist. "Don't you dare think that I haven't considered what I'll need to do when it's you."

Jane shifted uncomfortably. "I'm not going to-" She broke off when Maura raised a gentle hand to the mark she'd made.

"Every cop's wife knows the statistics."

Jane raised a brow. "Well, what happens if it's you? For an ME you have a real bad habit of getting yourself into life-and-death situations."

She stiffened. "This isn't a competition."

"You're damn right it's not." Jane tangled a hand in her hair, yanked her into a hug.

Maura closed her eyes. Felt Jane's hear beat against her own.

"We can't do this to ourselves, Maur."

"We're already doing this." She whispered into Jane's hair.

Jane hugged her tighter. "Stop being a know-it-all."

Maura huffed a laugh. "Stop telling me what to."

Jane drew back, and everything inside of her stilled at the curious look in Jane's eyes. "Okay. How about we make it legal?"

She blinked. "What?"

Jane rubbed the back of her neck. "Well, that'd help, right? If something - God forbid - if something happened to one of us, then at least if we're legally covered that might take some of the worry away? If we were married, that is?"

Her brain had frozen. "I refer to my original question."

Jane cleared her throat. "Well, uh. This might not be the right time, but I've been thinking for a while that – Jesus, I knew I'd screw this up."

Maura forced the words out past the sudden lump in her throat. "Are you asking me to marry you?"

Jane rolled her eyes. "What do you think I'm doing, Maur, ordering a pizza? Stay there."

Orders given, she eased back to rummage through the side drawer, pulled out a sock, thrust it at Maura. "Here."

Maura stared at it, then directed an amused smirk at Jane. "Just what I've always wanted."

Muttering several uncomplimentary things under her breath, Jane yanked it back, captured her hand, and tipped the sock up.

A silver band set with a green stone dropped into her hand. "I- for me?"

Jane laughed. "Yes, doofus." Her face fell. "Unless you don't want it – which is completely fine. I mean I'll have to go to your parents and take back the whole asking-for-your-hand thing, but that's okay-"

Maura cut her off, kissing her hard. Jane smiled against her lips, then drew back slightly, taking the ring from her palm and sliding it on to Maura's finger.

"It's jade. It stands for courage and wisdom, and hope. I figure we already stand for those so it'll be a help when one or all of them packs it in temporarily."

Maura laughed, and Jane smiled, unshed tears glittering in her eyes.

"You're mine, Maura Isles. I want to argue over whether we have pizza or salad for dinner and fold laundry together and fight the bad guys and root for the good guys. I want to have freak out moments with you in the middle of the night. I want to..." She held up their joined hands. "I want this, Maur, for the rest of our lives and when it's all done, I don't want anyone to be able to say that everything I have isn't yours. Because everything I am already is."

She didn't know she was crying until Jane unclasped their hands, ran her thumbs under her eyes. "You know, you can say yes or no anytime now."

She tried to glare and failed miserably. "You haven't actually asked me a question."

Jane exhaled. "Maura Isles, I swear to god-"

"-But it doesn't matter, because, I think we're on the same page." She reached for her glasses case, unzipped the compartment inside. Presented Jane with a small pouch. "Open it."

Jane pulled out a silver ring with an onyx setting, similar to her own. She laughed, tears spilling over, unheeded. "You went shopping with Ma, too?"

She nodded. "I was leaning towards another setting, but she convinced me this would be right. I never suspected she'd already seen my ring."

Jane stared at her ring. "It's beautiful."

"So are you." She tugged at Jane's hand, placed the ring on her finger. "I have never known anyone who can hurt me as much as you can, Jane Rizzoli."

Jane frowned at her. "This is not starting well, Maur."

She kissed the ring on Jane's finger. "Wait. I was always my own person, but always within the lines, within the rules of other people's expectations. You taught me that I am not set in stone – I don't think you'll ever know how much of a gift that is. You made me - God, you make me laugh, and you get under my skin and you make fun of my shoes. You love me for who I am, and you protect, fiercely, who I am. It would be an honour to marry you, Jane Rizzoli." She batted her lashes, teasing. "Will you marry me?"

'Yes." Jane barely got the word out before she kissed her, drew back laughing, wiping her eyes. "God, I'm a mess. The boys at the station can not hear about this."

Maura lay down, smiled saucily. "What will you give me if I don't tell them?"

Jane eyed her, then traced a hand down her side, making her squirm. "So help me Maur, I'll -"

"-You'll what?" She breathed, tracing her gaze down Jane's face.

"I'll spend a lot of time making sure you're thinking of other things." Jane kissed her, deep and slow.

Maura pulled back, breathless. "I'll always keep you safe." She tangled her hands in Jane's hair, sank into her warmth, and Jane let her have the lie, her hands tracing soothing circles along Maura's spine. She could feel the path Jane's ring made along her skin.

"I know you will."

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