Yullen~ chapter 1

Allen woke with a fright, drenched in sweat. " Oh, just another nightmare.. " Allen said as he turned to look at the clock. Allen got nightmares often. He quickly got dressed for school and left his apartment. Today was Allen's fist day of high school. He was exited but nervous because he didn't know how kids would react when they saw his arm. People didn't really seem to mind his scar on his face, but they thought it was a tatoo. While he was walking, Allen met up with his friend Lavi , a red head, who went to school with him before. After lots of catching up they arived at The Black Order High School. Right when Allen saw it he knew it would be a long year..

Allen walked in with Lavi and they went to go get there schedules. They had 2 classes together at the end of the day (math and gym). They said farewell and went to there first classes. Except Allen got lost on the way though this big school. After asking, Allen found his science class and walked in late. Allen's face flushed when he walked in. Everybody was staring at him. He didn't know what to do so he just smiled and walked up to the teacher. " Class this is our new student Allen Walker. Please be kind to him." said the teacher. Allen noticed that when (yes hes the teacher XD) said the last part of his sentence he looked at a guy with long dark blue hair with black highlights who was sitting in the front. " Che" said the teen simply while looking away. Allen face flushed again when he noticed he had been staring. He herd giggles from the girls in the back. looked at Allen and then said to the class " everyone introduce your selves to Allen by the end of the day, got that? " Allen quickly walked to the seat that told him to go to earlier. After ALL that torture it was finally lunch.

Allen sat with Lavi and his, and soon to be Allen's, friend Lenalee. Lenalee had short dark green hair was very popular amongst the boys. The trio chatted away and soon people started to stare at Allen while people came up to him and introduced them selves. Allen couldn't help but blush and as soon as it was them three again Lavi teased " boy, Allen looks like your getting popular already!" Allen smiled and looked down. " that's everyone in my class bu-" Allen was cut of by " Che. The names Kanda and IM also in your class, baka moyashi" teased the guy from earlier. " The names Allen! And I know your in my class I was going-" Allen was cut off again " save it, Moyashi" said Kanda as he smirked and walked away. Allen look like someone just ate his dongos. " Woahh, chill Allen" Lavi said as Lenalee giggled. Allen just whipped his head around and continued eating. Allen stopped for a second. " What does ' moyashi' mean anyway?" he questioned his two friends. They started laughing. " It means Beansprout" Lenalee giggled. Now not just Allen, but Lavi and Lenalee knew to that it would be a long year.

Allen met up with Lavi as they walked to there last two classes together. Allen stopped when he saw Kanda staring at him from the opposite hall. Kanda che'd and turned around but Allen saw that the evil samurai had blushed a little. Allen flushed and kept walking with his head down to math class. Lavi noticed and smirked "got a crush yet, all?" Lavi whispered. Allen shuck his head but he knew he felt something for Kanda. After they finished math they went to get changed for gym. Allen was a bit nervous because he would have to take off his gloves and put on a short sleeve instead of his usual long. Allen got changed and got used to he stares on his left arm. He even saw Lavi and KANDA stare. Allen flushed again for the millionth time today and started running the track with Lavi. "How come your arm looks like that? All?" Lavi asked curiously. Allen explained how it was a curse and now he's and exorcist and yada yada yada. Lavi smirked and said "so your not so scrawny after all". Allen whipped his head towards his friend and pushed him a tad. "Hahahaha I'm just kidding!" Lavi teased. Allen sighed. Then said to Lavi "well I guess this is why no girl likes me". " Aw, cheer up bud. One day you'll have someone special!" Lavi said with a thumbs up.

Turns out that Kanda has science, drama and gym with Allen. 'How nice' Allen thought.

As Allen was walking home alone ( Lavi had a date with Lenalee) he decided while he was out he would go shopping. Allen love to read so he went to the book store. He stopped as he saw something. Or someone right in front of him.

- Yayyyy ok so this is my first fanfic EVER! I hope you guys like and sorry if I spelt something. Wrong. I'm not good with spelling XD som um ya :3 plz review! Oh and just to let you know this IS a yullen :3 haha as I was re-reading this I almost said I wonder what happens next as if it wasn't mine XD Natalie out~ :)