AN: A new Naruto fanfic! In this Naruto universe, Kyuubi attacks Konoha... Kyuubi gets trapped by Yondaime... Kyuubi gets sealed in Naruto... Except the Kyuubi gets destroyed during the process of sealing somehow and Naruto is just a normal boy, except he is an orphan and everyone still pretty much hates him. This is basically a GOD Naruto fic, but I also wish to convey certain sentiments I hold for the story.

Naruto has always been more of an emotional story, and taking away the attempts at comedy and inserting a darker take on the world seemed interesting to me.

Enough philosophizing, see you after the jump!

Perhaps the most painful thing in the world to experience is loneliness. The idea that one is alone, with no one to care whether you live or die, is more frightening than facing the most fearsome adversary in combat. The feeling of loneliness, of forced isolation, eats away at a person's core, warping his way of thinking in the most fundamental of ways. Yes, to be alone, with nothing to call your own, with no one to call your friend, is a veritable nightmare...

Naruto trudged home through the snow, shivering and alone in the face of the elements. I'm alone. always alone...

His feet were numb... heck every fibre in his body was numb to the core, and he had lost all sense of feeling. He had nowhere to go, no one to take care of him. He was but a child, but yet none spared him even a look of pity. It was always those eyes filled with anger and fear, but perhaps more fear than anger. He never knew why... he thought it might be because of his strange blue eyes, or perhaps his unique blond hair only the Yamanaka clan shared. Then again you never saw the Yamanaka's being thrown hostile glares.

Naruto could feel the cold taking a toll on his body, but he paid it no heed. His face was a mask of determination, and he had every intention to survive. He was no stranger to abuse, something the villagers doled out to him in large amounts, but seeing those faces contorted in rage at his existence... he wanted to spite them by surviving no matter what. He wanted to live and become the strongest in the world.

For all his iron-willed determination, Naruto's body could no longer endure the elements. just a week before he had been kicked out of the orphanage for no reason whatsoever, and he hardly ate anything since then. His thin body was experiencing the debilitating effects of starvation, and though he willed with all his might to continue moving through the forest, his body did not respond. Even collapsing, he did not give up. His determination was all he had anyway; giving that up would be quite dumb. Lying face-first in the snow, Naruto raised his chin above the ground and looked at his surroundings. The snow blinded him, although his body had lost so much feeling that he no longer felt the sting of cold.

Scanning the surroundings with drooping eyes, he caught sight of a small hole under a tree not two meters from him. The hole was small, but the equally small, malnourished body of the child could very well fit inside. 'If my body can't fit, I'm dead anyway' Naruto mused. Dragging himself toward the hole by using his chin, Naruto mustered his last reserves of strength. Just as he curled himself into a ball and fitted himself snugly into the hole, he lost consciousness, and finally despairing, Naruto knew he would never wake again.

AN: This is only a prologue, so chapters do get longer later!