Beautiful Heart

WARNING: OOC just ahead!

"RAAAAAAAAAGH!" Avan growled in frustration. He still can't get over about Alicia giving free bread to Alexis.

"Ooh! Calm down, Avan. Alexis only has two while you ate, like, ten." Cosette puff her cheeks. She took a bite of her share when she thought of something.

"Wait, whut? Where did the other three breads come from?" Doing the math, the blond girl realized that there's three additional breads that neither came from her nor Alexis.

"Saw Pete on my way back. I told him he can have one but he wanted candy instead." The redhead told her, shrugging.

"And you're still hung up oh how Alexis got free bread?"

"Hey, you said it yourself, 'free bread'. Neither of mine is free and that's definitely something to hung up about." The two of them continued to argue. Alexis just want to eat his share in peace. "Oh boy..."

The bread really is good. Alicia Gunther is a formidable baker. He'll compliment on her more the next time he comes by.

Out of the corner of his eye, Alexis caught a glimpse of a familiar face. He decided to call her out.


The young woman tensed up when he called her, as if being caught in the act of doing something. She looked around and spotted Alexis, together with Avan and Cosette. 'What an odd combination,' she thought.

Although Avan and Cosette is part of a trio—with Zero, Mister gloomy and doomy—Alexis replacing the male Darcsen's place is a bit odd. She rarely sees Alexis hang out with someone besides Class G's Armored Tech Unit, Helmut Bourdais, Noel Willoch, and herself. He was a not of, what's that work she was looking for? 'Lone Wolf'?

Smiling, she walked up to them and greeted them politely in her proper ladylike manner.

"Thank you for lending me your notes. Shall I bring it to your room later? Before curfew, of course."

"Oh my, you don't need to go and do that. You can simply hand it to me tomorrow in class."

Alexis frowned and added, "I've heard from the other class that they had a test yesterday. So, us having a test tomorrow is highly likely.

I don't want you to fall behind the class because I have your notes."

"Oh dear, we certainly don't want that. Very well, please bring it to my room later. And thank you for being such a darling, Alexis." Saying her thanks, she playfully pinched his arm.

"Wait, we got a test? Tomorrow?" Avan asked dumbly. "Oh man, what subject is that?" He looked like the world was about to end.

Cosette have been staring at them all this time. The way they talked to each other was just so... classy.

She talked to Marion before, the dark-haired beauty was always on talking about 'Good day' and her 'Darlings', whatever those are.

"Well then, I'll be on my way. Good day to all of you." Bowing her head, Marion bid her farewell. She told them that she has something important to do in her room. Cosette thought there was something wrong but she didn't really pay much attention to it.

"I guess I'll be heading back as well." Avan climbed his feet. "So, can you help us out next week again, Alexis? If there's no mission, that is."

Alexis doesn't mind 'helping' out, the free bread is very tempting. From the corner of his eye, he could see Cosette staring at him intently, as if anticipating for his answer.

"Sure." He saw her sigh in relief.

"Thanks, man." Avan gave him a thumbs up before going to the path Marion took.

"Strange..." Alexis whispered but the blond girl hears him.


"The dorms is that way." He pointed to his left. And he's right. So, where is Marion heading and why did Avan followed her?

They're heading north. What's so special there? Cosette can't think of any significant place, except for the R&D Building.

The silence between them was back, with less awkwardness, though. Cosette was enjoying her bread while Alexis was happy to finally eat in peace.

They finished at the same time, although, Alexis had another one; untouched. He couldn't finish it on his own and doubts that eating it later will have the same warm fluffy goodness. Thinking on whether he should eat it now or save it for later, his thoughts were interrupted by a loud growl.

He looks at the girl sitting besides him, she's holding her stomach. He tried his best not to—PFFT!

"S-stop laughing, please! Gosh, this is so embarrassing." Cosette buried her face into her hands. Everything was fine just a few minutes ago until her stomach growled rather loudly. To make things worse, Alexis was there and he heard it. She just wanted to crawl into a hole and stay there for an eternity.

Alexis laughed so hard, his sides hurt. "Geez, stop already!" Cosette punch his arm in a desperate attempt to save little of her dignity.

"Sorry, I... you just... oh boy..." the young man panted between words. After calming down a few minutes and Cosette's face can rival a tomato, Alexis finally made a decision on what to do with his extra Cinnamon bread.

"Here... take it, Cosette." He said, thrusting the paper bag into her arms.

Standing up to brush the crumbs off his slacks, he was about to walk away when he was suddenly and forcefully pulled back. "Wha—"

"No way!" He blinked. He was sitting on the bench again, with Cosette's arms around his. The paper bag was neatly place on the blond girl's lap.

Alexis thought he's on the same position he was in earlier this afternoon. However, this time its a little more... intense.

With the blond girl's arms wrapped around his, her body flushed to his side, she's so close to him—dangerously close. He can feel her breath on his face. Her cheeks still red from embarrassment. Her lips, oh, her lips were so luscious that he could just—"There's no way that would happen."

He stared at her dumbly. Was she able to read his fantasies just now? There's no way, right? Unless she's a mind reader... because mind reader can, totally like, read minds.

"I can't take it. Alicia gave it to you, so..." she handed him the paper bag.

She's talking about the bread...

Oh. Ohhhhhhhhhh!

Alexis slaps himself inwardly. Cosette, a mind reader? PSHAWWWWW! He tried to clear his mind of everything.

When he finally relaxed, he was able to speak in a mild-manner again, "Its alright, Cosette. I'm not really that hungry, honestly, you can have it."

He sighed when she shook her head. The bakery was on the other side of the campus and the chefs and cooks in the mess hall are probably still preparing. With the blond girl's stomach's lively performance, Alexis doubts they'll make it in time. 'What a stubborn girl.' He thought.

"Hey, how about we split it?" He told her, hoping she'll accept his proposal. He grinned when she nodded her head.

He took the fresh bread from the paper bag and equally splits it in half. He handed one to her and took a note from the other, urging her to eat with him. They talked while eating.

By the time they finished, the sun was about to set, it was almost curfew. He remembered he was supposed to return something to Marion, hopefully, she's back at the dorms now.

"See you next week?" Cosette asked him with her big blue eyes. He can lose himself to those blue orbs.

"See you next week." She smiled.

Alexis decided to jog all the way to the dorms. Pumping his legs; a certain blue eyed, blond girl in his mind.


Yes, I am very aware of Alexis' real gender.