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Chapter 5: Getting to know them. Again.

Olivia's POV:

I insisted on going back to school. Just because I apparently had amnesia, doesn't mean my love for learning has faded one bit. I was escorted home by Wen, where I met my guardian. I used to call her, Gram. Then I set off for school (again with Wen by my side, which I was totally fine with, by the way.) "Hey. Liv?" Wen looked at me.

"Yeah?" I cocked my head to one side and looked at him questioningly.

"I'm sorry that I didn't manage to stop Scott from hurting you an-"he was cut off by a sound of a car honking at us. We looked over at the car. The window rolled down and Stella's head popped out. "Hey guys! Want a ride? Ray's driving us." She yelled. Once again, I was totally lost. "Who's Ray?" I whispered to Wen. "Someone that you shouldn't trust." Wen said, his voice cold and hard. I believed Wen. If he thought that this Ray guy shouldn't be trusted, he shouldn't be trusted. I was about to reject Stella's invitation when Wen nodded towards her, accepting the offer. I reluctantly squeezed into the car with Wen, realising that Charlie and Mo were already inside. I heard from Wen that they were now a couple and that Mo had left some guy named Scott for Charlie. Scott to got angry. He tried to hit Charlie. I, being one of Charlie's best friends, took the blow for him and that's how I got amnesia. I didn't know Scott yet, but I could clearly see why Scott wasn't invited. We made small talk and although I was still getting to know them (with the exception of Wen), I knew why I was best friends with them before. They all had unique and interesting personalities. Mo was kind of a nerd with a overprotective father, but still knows how to have fun. She is caring and easily worried. Friendship means the world to her. Charlie is mostly oblivious to almost everything, but if you get to know him, he's really deep and knowing. He cares a lot about Mo and the band. He'll do almost anything to protect those two things. He has always lived in the shadow of his brother and forced by his parents to do things against his will, but ever since his brother picked him up from that holding cell (I still can't believe we got arrested! Just heard about it.), their bond strengthened and they're closer. His brother, the favourite of his parents, convinced them to allow Charlie to be in the band, which allowed Charlie to forgive him. Stella is an outgoing rebellious girl whose parents had high expectations for her. She had two younger brothers who were super smart and tech geeks. Her parents always worked and never made time for her. All she wanted was to be a hard-core rocker and to make a difference. Ray was apparently the pain in our neck the past year, but changed when he started dating Stella. Well, at least is trying to change. Keyword: TRYING. He's still kinda mean… And Wen, well, he's still the same. Sweet, caring, protective, trustworthy, cute, funny, talented… And SO much more! He's so perfect. *dreamy sigh* Snap out of it, Olivia! Finally, we reached the school. Hmm… Mesa High sounds familiar… Suddenly I felt a sharp pain in my head. Flashes of parts of the school and my friends and I laughing and goofing around in detention whirled in my mind. I groaned in pain and screamed as the throbbing sharp pain in my head increased to a point of being unbearable. "Liv?" I heard voices calling to me. Then the pain stopped. I opened my eyes to find Wen holding me up and my friends staring at me with worry etched on their faces. Yes, even Ray. "You okay?" Wen asked, his voice literally trembling with concern. I nodded slowly, trying to fight the urge to shake my head. The headache that took over the pain was just as sharp and disorientating. "Maybe…you should rest at home." Stella said gently and hesitantly. This time, I was too weak to protest. I let myself be carried to the office and sent home. As I lay on my bed, I pushed my face into a pillow and screamed, letting tears of frustration roll down my cheeks. The blurred images that filled my head were memories, I realised. Faded memories of the past. I should feel happy that I could remember something, but the new memories cluttered my head and confused me. I looked over my pillow for just a second and saw a photograph on my dresser. It showed myself, Wen, Stella, Mo, Charlie and someone whom I think is Scott. This was the last thing I saw before I finally gave in to sleep.

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