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Omigosh! I'm so so so sorry I haven't updated in a long time… I was having a major exam and my parents took away my computer… Haiz… Worst still, I accidentally deleted Chapter 9!

Ok, so this is just an Author's Note to tell you that: No, I'm not dead and yes, I'm gonna continue writing 'Remember Me'.I hope you guys haven't cheated on me with other authors… *thinking face*…. Nah, just kidding!

Thanks so much for supporting and voting for Marlie or Scohini! I've counted the votes and Scohini won by two votes! But don't worry, I'm planning on creating an OC later in the story for Charlie! He won't be lonely!

So, please keep reviewing and those reviewers that always supported me from the beginning, please come back to me! Hahs… Ok, so I'll try to put up Chapter 9 soon! Thank you so much for anticipating this and YAY! Support this fic again! I miss your encouragement!