"Penny Lane. Please report to Special Agent Lane's Office Immediately." The overhead speaker system announced throughout the whole MI6 Headquarters.

Penny Lane was sitting down in the change rooms, having just finished her karate training, a necessity to every newly recruited agent. She dabbed her face with her white sweat towel before chucking it into her locker.

'What does he want now?' she wondered as she changed into a white collared shirt and high waisted black skirt, that reached to just above her knees. She brushed her brunette waves and put them into a high ponytail before touching up her makeup.

When she was done, she exited the change room and walked through numerous lengthy corridors until she came upon the office that her father currently occupied. She took in a nervous breath and then knocked on the door.

"Come in." A voice called from inside. Penny opened the door to see her father writing away furiously at pages and pages of documents. He looked up from his desk and smiled lovingly at the girl in front of him. "Hello sweetie. Could you shut the door behind you?"

Penny did as she was told and sat down opposite her father. "You needed to see me?"

Simon Lane placed down his pen, "Yes I did."

Penny looked questionably at her father.

"Penny," he began, "I need you to take on this mission." He handed her a package.

She looked through the package containing images of a teenager, about 17 or 18 years old. "What do you need me to do?"

"This boy, he goes by the name of 'The Victor'. Weird name to choose, but anyway… Apparently he plans to 'Destroy music', well as he says anyway. From what we know, he plans to brainwash people into destroying anyone who will stop him from being the top."

"You mean he's just some crazy teen who is so desperate to be a star, he's willing to destroy the competition to get there?"

"Pretty much. But he seems pretty dangerous. And you may need some help."

"Why? This sounds like something I should be able to handle."

"Well he says he won't stop until the group that destroyed his dream is killed off."

"What group?"

"You know them."

"I know lots of music groups dad. That doesn't really narrow it down for me."

"Ok then. I have three words for you. Big Time Rush."