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Chapter6-The accident and the guest.

As Oscar and Athenodora entered on an empty room and Athenodora closed the door behind them,Oscar turned to her with a question look on her face.

-You are kidding aren't you?!

–I am really sorry Oscar,but if I had let you to speak you would have hurt Antoinette and I am not kidding. He is really back!Fersen is back Oscar!-Athenodora said in an angry look.

–But has Antoinette seen him?!-Oscar said almost shouting.

–I don't know!- Athenodora said and Oscar raised an eyebrow.

- Look Oscar,when I was entering to her room I saw her crying and with her eyes on the sky she said his name. Those were tears of happiness Oscar,not sadness! Now that she might have seen Fersen here ,there is no way to stop her from doing this craziness!-Oscar didn't say anything,just nodded. She could understand Antoinette very well this time.

–Thanks for understanding Oscar.

–Never mind,now let's go and find André.I think that he must have prepared the horse by now,-they both left the room heading to the stables.

–Ah, by the way is there something wrong with André? We saw him after he left you and he didn't look well,-Oscar froze,so there really was something wrong with André ,as other people had also noticed it.

-I don't know,-Oscar answered honestly,-he didn't want to tell me anything.

-Do you know Oscar you worry very much for André he were your little brother.

-Actually he is one year older than me but yes he is like my brother. We've been friends since we were childrens. And what about you? How is Chelsea?

-She is fine. She doesn't seem to have any bruise,-she replied quitely.

-And how are you?-Oscar continued.

-To be honest Oscar. I don't know how I am. From my health I could say just fine but…-she didn't like to continue so Oscar didn't push her. They finally found André taking care of a beautiful white horse.

-Wow,- Athenodora commented,-what a horse André.

-Oh good morning Athenodora. How is Chelsea?

-She is fine.

–André we have to get the horse prepared! Her Majesty is ready for her lessons,-Oscar informed in a soft voice.

–Yes Oscar. -Athenodora noticed André didn't dare to look Oscar on her eyes and he said her name in a strange almost painful way but she didn't spoke. Their problems were none of her business, she took her black, dark horses and went to the place where Antoinette's lessons were going to take place with André and Oscar behind her. She was on the middle of the way when a view caused her to change way. She saw "him" but didn't say anything, only turned her back to it and continued her path.

–Athenodora what's the problem? Why did you…-then Oscar saw it too. There was Markus, sittin on a bench with that girl again, but this time she had placed her head in his shoulder and had closed her eyes. As if it was the most comfortable place in the world. He froze when he saw them and especially Athenodora. From the look that his face took he seemed as he was waiting a reaction from her but she didn't do anything .Only left. Oscar and André changed their way too. After some moments when they had lost Marcus' sight Oscar approached Athenodora.

–Are you alright?-she asked.

–Yes, I am fine Oscar don't worry,-she said but Oscar didn't believe her.

–You deserve better,-Oscar said not able to handle herself anymore. Athenodora only smiled and raised her head.

–I will say something Oscar but please never forget this. There are two types of love. The first one send you in joy and happiness,-there was a pause and then she continued again,-The second one,is what we are experiencing. It can only sent you in a deep pain and agony. God has decided what he think we deserve, and we can do nothing for this. Am I right Oscar?

-Why..why do you ask me?- Athenodora gave her a smile.

–Because you know it better than me,-Oscar's eyes wide open. And then she laughed sadly.

–Why do you laugh?!-Athenodora said surprised by her reaction.

–Because I am beginning to think that you might be a mind reader,-Oscar answered sincerely.

–No I just..I just see very much,-she said blushing. Oscar had never seen her blush before,-maybe more than is need for me to see. I am sorry if I said something wrong Oscar but I couldn't stop myself form asking you. You seem so cold outside but inside you have feelings too. After all nobody is made of stone. I am sorry if I am bothering you Oscar ,I didn't mean to,-she said still blushing.

–No you aren't bothering me, but you have a very strange mind do you know that.

–What?-she asked surprised.

–Your judgement for what you see is so deep. I think you have a very good view for the world.

–Thank you Oscar. You are a real good friend someone could have,-Athenodora said smiling.

–Yes, yes but we better hurry up before Antoinette loose her temper,-Oscar commanded her horse to go faster. After her, André and Athenodora did the same,not even knowing what they would have to pass through.

When they arrive at the meeting place Antoinette was already there extremely happy.

–Finally Oscar you are here. Let's begin now.

–Yes Your Majesty,-She made a sight to André to bring the horse. Antoinette's face lighted up with joy when she saw her beautiful horse,-Now be careful Your Majesty,-Oscar said handing a hand to Antoinette so she could get on the horse. Everybody thought Madame Noaillese was going to faint when she saw the young queen on the horse. On the other hand Antoinette look like she was going to scream from happiness in every moment.

–Now please Your Majesty don't let go of the reins,-André said.

–Yes André,-she replied.

–But neither pull them to tight your Highness ,-Athenodora adviced.

–Thank you Athendora. Hahaha, this is so funny,-Antoinette said. Suddenly the horse begun to move a little,- Hahaha, look Oscar she moved. Everybody look so small from here.

Nobody could have guessed what would happen next. Without the smallest warning the horse begun to move fast and to jump from his place. Oscar, André and Athenodora tried to keep him calm but failed.

–AAAAHHH, -Atoinette cried holding the horse's neck.

–André the reins, the reins,-Oscar shouted when the reins of the horse ripped and she started running freely. Andrè managed to catch one piece of them but he wasn't enough heavy to pull the horse back. It started draggling him on the ground.

–Oscar on the horse,- Athenodora said when Antoinette's horse started running away. Both woman got on their horses and went after the queen. Immediately Oscar saw where the horse was heading for. He had taken the way that sent to the palace lakes.

–Oh no. Athenodora if they continue running they will end up in the lake.

–Oscar look,- Athenodora said signing at André,-if he continue like that he will die. Andrè let go of the reins,- Athenodora shouted but André didn't seem to listen. At that moment Oscar speed up the horse and went beside Her Majesty. With a fast movement she pulled her sword and cut the reins causing André to roll back. Athenodora didn't expect her action and already balked on André's body. She had to stop to regain her balance. The girl got off her horse to see if André was alright but Oscar as made sure that André was still alive continued her running.

–Oscar, please help me,-Antoinette cried. Oscar didn't think twice but got ready to jump.

–Your Majesty please move away your head from the horse's neck.

–What? I can't do that Oscar ,I'll fall.

–Please your highness trust me and do as I said ,please we have no time left,- scared to death Antoinette did as she was told. Oscar jumped from her horse doing a free fall, during her fall she caught Antoinette and they both rolled on the ground. Oscar protected Antoinette with her own body so she wouldn't get hurt. Finally when they stopped rolling Oscar managed to get up but a strong pain on her left arm stopped her. During their fall a piece of wood had spited on her arm causing a lot of blood to flow from it. But Oscar didn't gave up. Seeing the young queen unconscious in the ground gave her force. She stood up, took Antoinette on her arms avoiding the pain and headed to Versailles. When the pain begun to be unbearable Oscar fell on her knees. Fortunately when she thought she was going to faint a black horse appeared. Oscar recognized it immediately ,it was Athenodora's horse.

–Oscar,-she called when she saw her on the ground,- Oscar, what happened? Oh my god! What happened to you?

-I will explain everything later, now we should take Antoinette to a doctor ,she has faint.

–Yes,- Athenodora said and helped Oscar up. Then finally she recognized the wound. It was bleeding badly,-Oscar ,you are hurt.

She took Oscar's arm in her hand and examined it.

–Oscar it is bleeding badly, we should medicate it immediately.

–Now the most important thing is that Her Majesty go safe at the palace. I can deal with it later .-Athenodora got ready to argue but Oscar didn't let her to continue,- I can survive until we reach the palace but I am not sure if Antoinette can!

–Okay then. Give Antoinette to me and get on the horse immediately,-she held her hands out to Oscar.


-You heard me. I can handle Antoinette myself, but you can't. Otherwise we would have to deal with your wound here,- Athenodora said.

–Alright then,-Oscar handed Antoinette to Athenodora and got on the horse.

In a short time they reached the palace. Everybody crowed around them. Oscar and Athenodora tried to avoid them and headed to queen's bedroom. Suddenly Girodelle cut their way.

–Oscar,Oscar ,-he was calling loudly.

–What's the matter Girodelle,-Oscar said tired,-please get out of the way. We have to sent the queen to a doctor immediately.

–Oscar they have arrested André!

(Oscar's POV)

It took me awhile to figure out his words and in the end they hit me like a bullet. I didn't think anymore but caught Girodelle from his uniform and shouted to him.

–What are you saying?-I screamed.

–Yes, after the accident André was called to King's salon and all the fault has fell in him. Oscar I am not sure but I think he is going to be executed,-Oscar's heart tore apart in those words.

"No, no I can't let André die."

-Oscar,- Athenodora finally spoke,-go there. I'll send the queen to a doctor and then I will join you too.

I nodded and then run to the salon.

"No André I won't let you die. I won't let them execute you." I passed all the corridor that looked like would never end. Finally I reached the salon and stopped behind the door to catch some breath. Inside I could hear the king's voice.

–Even if it was an accident you won't escape death. Take him!-the king's voice echoed in the room. I didn't wait anymore but entered the room.

–Wait,-I said opening the doors. Everybody's head turned to me. I walked in the room almost running in it, I saw André's face seeing me with wide opened eyes. I smiled when I passed near him.

"Don't worry André, I'll save you" I thought."I remember all those times when you were there for me, all those times when you got in trouble from my stubbornness. Today is my turn to do something for you."

When I finally was in front of the King I bowed.

–Please ,please Your Majesty wait,-I said but the king didn't seem to listen to me. I decided to try something else.

-Your Highness,-I directed to the prince,-count Mercy, Madame Noaillese and all the others. You all saw it. It really was a big mistake but it wasn't André's fault. Otherwise…-at those words I pulled my sword in front of my face. Two guards got ready to stop me.

How foolish! Did they really thought I was going to hurt anyone here?!

-Otherwise,-I continued putting the sword in front of my face,-as André's master his responsibility is also mine. If he is to be executed than so am I. So please take my life now firstly.

–Oscar no,-I heard André saying but I didn't pay any attention on his words. I put my sword on the ground in front of me ready for every decision that will be taken. At the moment when I begun to think that there were no hopes for us the doors opened again. Athenodora entered on the room quietly and bowed in front of the king.

–Your highness,-she said as she entered the room,-I came here to inform you that Her Majesty has already awaked and that is in great health.

–Very good, you can return to your duties now,-His Majesty ordered.

–No your highness, I came here also to try to stop this big madness. Your Majesty André nearly died trying to stop the horse and Oscar is already wounded in her left arm. I think that those actions prove that they are heroes and not culprits -The king's eyes wide opened. Even I couldn't believe my ears,- but if André and Oscar are to be executed than I am too. If they are responsible for what happened I am as well. I was in charge to protect Her Majesty as well but I wasn't able to. In this case,-she said taking her sword of too and placing it to the ground near Oscar's,-I ask you to execute me too.

After she spoke she lowered her head and stood silent.

"Athenodora! If we ever get out from this alive,I will own you a lot. Do you see André, I said that I will not let them execute you." The king wasn't speaking a single word. In this moment somebody, who I didn't recognized stepped out from the crowd.

–Your Majesty,-he spoke in a loud voice.

"No, impossible! That voice, can it be? Athenodora was telling the truth?!"I turned my head slowly to see the man's face. My blood froze on my veins. It was impossible! Fersen, Fersan is here! But how?! My eyes turned to Athenodora ,who was smiling slightly.

-Your Majesty I think you should listen before taking your action!-he said bowing beside me.

I was able to hear ladies gasping from the fear they had for him. Suddenly before he spoke again, he turned his head to me and smiled.

"Oh, how had I missed his smile!" After some moments I understood that I was smiling to him myself. Immediately I turned my head away remembering the place where we were. In a flash second I caught Athenodora's look. I could have said that if we weren't in this situation, she could have burst into laughing at that moment but she helped herself only smiling again. Than at that moment something hit me again. A pain, a big pain on my arm.

"Oh not, again."I bit my lips to not scream. The pain had begun to be unbearable."I have to bear,I have to bear to save André!"

-Your highness,-through all that pain I could still hear Fersen talk,-I count Hans Axel von Fersen would also like to make a request. Your Majesty, I have only two days that I've returned to France but I was given a chance to see today's accident, even though only a few people noticed me. The prince himself could confirm my presence.-The prince only nodded once,-The only thing I could say from what I saw is that there was no one's fault. It was an accident. Oscar and André are both my friends and I know that they better die than see their princess hurt. Also the young solider there,-this time he turned his eyes to Athenodora,- gave us reasonable proves that said that all what happened was an accident. But if Your Majesty insists please take my life as well. I would better die than see innocent people that are my friends get execute for nothing. –

-NO! Your Majesty wait,-A girl's voice cried. All of us raise our head to see Antoinette healthy and horrified ,fall in her knees near the king crying.

-Please, please your highness don't blame anyone. What happened was all my fault, all what happened was due to my selfishness. Now I am alright ,not a single bruise. There is no need to blame anyone. Please your highness, please,-The young queen continued to cry and beg to let us live.

"Oh Antoinette. Thank you, thank you with all of my heart .I promise you my queen that I will serve you for as long as I live. I will never forget what you are you doing for us, never." Then I saw the king nodding.

–Alright then. If Marie Antoinette say me so I will let you go. Andrè you are lucky to have such a good master and such good friends,-the king left and I saw André's eyes filled with tears. I turned my head to thank Athenodora and Fersen but the pain stopped me.

"Oh no!" I released myself falling on the floor. Blood started flowing from my left arm .I could sense everybody screaming to call a doctor. Then the night fell on me and the last think I saw was ,his face.

(Andre's POV)

She fell on the floor, blood started flowing from her arm. Everybody approached her. I released myself running to her, taking her in my arms before everybody else, calling her name and begging her to wake up but her eyes were still close. I hardy could hear her breathe.

"NO, NO,-I said to myself,-she could not die,I won't let her to die." I saw Fersen approaching us too and calling out her name. Athenodora was the only one who remained calm.

–We must call a doctor,-I said and Fersen nodded.

–No, we don't have time,-said Athenodora examining Oscar's arm.

–What?-I and Fersen said in the same time. But Athenodora didn't seem to pay any attention to us.

–Your Highness,-she said to Her Majesty who was now crying again from fear,-Please may we use a room here in the palace to lay Oscar? It is very dangerous to move her far.

–Of course, follow me,-she said.

–André, take Oscar on your arms and hold her very carefully. Fersen hold her left arm away from her clothes,-Without even knowing why we were doing this we obeyed her "orders". I took Oscar in my arms holding her close to my chest trying to protect her while Fersen kept her arm. The feeling of her face, of her body so close to mine already drove me crazy. I wanted to protect her even if it coasted my life. We sent Oscar to that room and after some moments later Athenodora arrived there with a box on her hand. As we lied Oscar to the bed she took some things from her box and placed them to a small table. I recognized there some bandages, some clean pieces of rope, a bottle of a greenish liquid and another brown bottle. She took a small groove and filled it with the liquid from the brown box.

–What is it?-I found myself asking. She didn't answer and approached Oscar. This time was Fersen the one who asked the question.

–May we please know what are you going to give to her?-he asked a little irritate.

–Oh my god. Can you please stay quite? I am not trying to poison her. In Austria I have studied medicine for more than three years. I know what I am doing. This here,-she raised the groove,-is a painkiller. Can one of you please raise her head so I can give it to her?!-I did as she said, because Fersen had froze on his legs. She gave the liquid to Oscar and went to take some bandages.

–Count Frsen, André. Can you please leave the room. I have to undress her. Your Majesty you could stay if you want but it won't be pleasant.

–I am staying,- Atoinette said.

–Come on,-I pulled Fersen out of the room and when we were finally out he spoke.

HER?!-he said when we were finally alone.

–What?-I asked surprised glaring at Fersen like he was crazy.

-Oscar…Oscar is a woman?-he asked with a surprised face. My eyes wide opened. Even an idiont would have understood that, althought Oscar would't like herself to be recognized as a woman.

–Oscar could be a woman but she is raised as a man, she has lived as one for her whole life and so she is going to live in the future,-I said and for some moments we didn't spoke anymore but finally another question came to Fersen's mind.

–Then why did that young solider stayed with her?

-Oh,-now I was surprised .How could a person be so blind?!-But didn't you recognized?! Athenodora is a woman too.


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